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 Tablet PC   Rating   Release   OS   inch   Resolution   ppi   CPU   GHz   Storage   RAM   Bat/h   lbs   kg   Cam. 
Asus ZenPad C 7.04.02015-06Android 5.07.01024 x 600169MTK MT8382V?8,
Microsoft Surface 34.02015-05Win 8.110.81920 x 1280213Intel Atom Z87001.6064,1282.009.01.370.628.0
Nokia N10.02015-03Android 5.07.91536 x 2048324Intel Z35802.30322.000.00.680.318.0
Asus Transformer T100 Chi3.82015-02Win 8.110.11920 x 1200224Intel Atom Z37751.4664,1282.
Asus Transformer T90 Chi0.02015-02Win 8.18.91280 x 800170Intel Atom Z37751.4632,644.009.00.880.405.0
Apple iPad Mini 34.72014-11iOS87.92048 x 1536326Apple A71.3016,64,1280.0012.00.730.335.0
Google/HTC Nexus 93.92014-11Android 5.08.92048 x 1536299Tegra K12.3016,322.000.00.930.428.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 10"4.72014-11Android 4.410.01920 x 1200226Intel Atom Z37451.20162.000.01.360.628.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 8"4.72014-11Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Intel Atom Z37451.20162.0010.00.920.418.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro3.92014-11Android 4.413.32560 x 1440220Intel Atom Z37451.20322.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6"4.42014-10Fire OS 4.06.01280 x 800252Quad Core1.58,
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"4.42014-10Fire OS 4.07.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.2016,321.0010.00.740.342.0
Apple iPad Air 24.62014-10iOS8.19.72048 x 1536264Apple AX81.3016,64,1281.000.00.960.448.0
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact4.82014-10Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Snapdragon 8012.3163.000.00.590.278.1
Nvidia Shield Portable4.52014-07Android 4.45.0720 x 1280294Nvidia Tegra 4?
Nvidia Shield Tablet4.12014-07Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Nvidia Tegra K12.2016,322.000.00.850.395.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.54.62014-07Android 4.410.52560 x 1600287Exynos 51.9016,323.0012.51.020.468.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.44.42014-07Android 4.48.42560 x 1600359Exynos 51.9016,322.0012.50.650.298.0
Asus Transformer Pad TF1033.92014-06Android 4.410.11280 x 800149Intel Atom Z37451.338,
Microsoft Surface Pro 34.22014-05Win 8.1 Pro12.02160 x 1440216Core i3,i5,i71.9064,128,2564.007.01.760.805.0
Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+4.32014-04Android 4.310.11920 x 1200224Snapdragon 4001.60322.000.01.350.628.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.14.52014-04Android 4.410.11280 x 800149Snapdragon S51.20161.509.01.120.513.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.04.52014-04Android 4.47.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.2081.506.50.660.303.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.04.72014-04Android 4.48.01280 x 800189Snapdragon 4001.20161.509.00.700.323.0
Acer Iconia A1-8304.22014-03Android 4.27.91024 x 786162Intel Atom Z25601.60161.007.50.840.385.0
Lenovo ThinkPad 83.72014-03Win 8.18.31920 x 1200273Intel Bay Trail2.4032,64,1282.007.00.950.438.0
Sony Xperia Z24.22014-03Android 4.410.11920 x 1200224Snapdragon 8012.3163.000.00.960.448.1
Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.24.42014-02Android 4.412.22560 x 1600247Exynos 54201.9032,643.0010.01.660.758.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite4.42014-02Android 4.27.01024 x 600169Marvell PXA9861.2081.000.00.680.312.0
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.14.32014-02Android 4.410.12560 x 1600299Exynos 54201.9016,322.
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.44.22014-02Android 4.48.42560 x 1600359Snapdragon 8002.3016,322.007.00.730.338.0
Asus VivoTab Note 84.02014-01Win 8.18.01280 x 800189Intel Bay Trail1.3332,642.006.50.840.385.0
Acer Iconia W43.82013-12Win 8.18.11280 x 800186Intel Bay Trail1.8032,642.0010.00.910.415.0
HP Slate 7 Extreme4.32013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Nvidia Tegra 41.80161.000.00.710.325.0
HP Slate 7 HD 4G4.02013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Marvell PXA9861.20161.000.00.720.335.0
HP Slate 7 Plus3.92013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Nvidia Tegra 31.3081.000.00.750.345.0
HP Slate 8 Pro4.22013-12Android 4.28.01600 x 1200250Nvidia Tegra 41.80161.
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"4.32013-11Fire OS 3.08.92560 x 1600339Snapdragon 82.2016,32,642.0012.00.820.378.0
Apple iPad Air4.62013-11iOS79.72048 x 1536264Apple A71.4016,32,64,1281.0013.51.000.475.0
Apple iPad Mini 24.62013-11iOS77.92048 x 1536326Apple A71.3016,32,64,1280.0012.00.730.335.0
Asus MeMo Pad 83.92013-11Android 4.28.01280 x 800189Cortex A91.60161.008.00.770.355.0
Asus Transformer Pad TF7013.72013-11Android 4.210.12560 x 1600299Nvidia Tegra 41.9032,642.0011.51.290.585.0
Dell Venue 74.22013-11Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Intel Atom1.60162.007.00.520.233.0
Dell Venue 84.12013-11Android 4.28.01280 x 800189Intel Atom1.6016,322.007.00.640.295.0
HP Omni 103.42013-11Win 8.110.11920 x 1200224Intel Bay Trail1.46322.000.01.400.638.0
LG G Pad 8.34.32013-11Android 4.28.31920 x 1200273Snapdragon 6001.70162.007.50.740.345.0
Nokia Lumia 25203.62013-11Win 8.1 RT10.11920 x 1080218Snapdragon 8002.20322.0013.51.360.626.7
Toshiba Encore3.52013-11Win 8.18.01280 x 800188Intel Bay Trail1.8032,642.
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7"4.32013-10Fire OS 3.07.01920 x 1200323Snapdragon 82.2016,32,642.0011.00.670.300.0
Asus Transformer Book T1003.92013-10Win 8.110.11366 x 768190Intel Bay Trail1.3332,642.0010.51.210.550.0
Dell Venue 8 Pro3.82013-10Win 8.18.01280 x 800189Intel Bay Trail1.8032,642.007.50.880.405.0
Lenovo Miix 2 8"3.72013-10Win 8.18.01280 x 800189Intel Bay Trail1.8032,64,1282.007.50.770.355.0
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 104.32013-10Android 4.210.11280 x 800149MediaTek 81251.2016,321.0010.01.330.605.0
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 84.22013-10Android 4.28.01280 x 800189MediaTek 81251.20161.0010.00.880.405.0
Microsoft Surface 23.92013-10Win 8.1 RT10.61920 x 1080208Nvidia Tegra 41.7032,642.0014.01.490.675.0
Microsoft Surface Pro 24.12013-10Win 8.110.61920 x 1080208Intel i5 Haswell1.7064,1284.007.01.990.900.9
Nvidia Tegra Note 70.02013-10Android 4.27.01280 x 800215Nvidia Tegra 41.80161.0010.00.710.325.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 II4.22013-10Android 4.310.12560 x 1600299Exynos 54201.9016,32,643.
Sony Vaio Tap 113.02013-10Win 8.011.61920 x 1080190Intel Pentium1.20128,256,5124.005.01.700.858.0
Asus MeMoPad FHD 104.22013-09Android 4.210.11920 x 1080218Intel Atom1.6016,322.
Asus MeMo Pad HD 73.92013-08Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Mediatek1.20161.0010.00.660.305.0
HP SlateBook x23.32013-08Android 4.210.11920 x 1200224Nvidia Tegra 41.80642.009.51.340.610.9
Google/Asus Nexus 7 II4.22013-07Android 4.37.01920 x 1200323Snapdragon S41.5016,322.0010.00.640.295.0
Lenovo Miix 103.52013-07Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.80642.0010.51.270.570.0
Acer Aspire P33.72013-06Win 8.011.61366 x 768135Intel Core i3,i51.4060,1282.004.51.470.795.0
Acer Iconia A1-8104.22013-06Android 4.27.91024 x 786162Mediatek1.208,
Acer Iconia W33.12013-06Win 8.08.11280 x 800186Intel Atom1.5032,642.
Hisense Sero 7 LT3.82013-06Android 4.17.01024 x 600170Dual Core1.6041.000.00.730.330.0
Hisense Sero 7 Pro0.02013-06Android 4.27.01280 × 800216Nvidia Tegra 31.3081.008.50.790.365.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.14.32013-06Android 4.210.11280 x 800149Intel Atom1.6016,321.
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.04.52013-06Android 4.28.01280 x 800189Exynos 41.50161.507.00.660.305.0
Toshiba Excite Pro2.92013-06Android 4.210.12560 x 1600299Nvidia Tegra 41.6016,322.006.51.390.638.0
Toshiba Excite Write3.52013-06Android 4.210.12560 x 1600299Nvidia Tegra 41.6016,322.008.01.390.638.0
Vizio MT11X-A10.02013-06Win 8.011.61920 x 1080190AMD Z601.00642.000.01.800.820.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.04.12013-05Android 4.17.01024 x 600169Marvell PXA9861.208,
Sony Xperia Tablet Z4.22013-05Android 4.110.11920 x 1200224Snapdragon S41.5032,642.
Asus MeMo Pad4.02013-04Android 4.17.01024 x 600170Via WM89501.00161.000.00.790.360.0
HP Slate 74.02013-04Android 4.17.01024 x 600170ARM A91.6081.008.00.810.373.0
Razer Edge3.72013-04Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Core i51.70644.
Razer Edge Pro3.72013-04Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Core i71.90128,2568.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.04.52013-04Android 4.18.01280 x 800189Exynos 41.7016,322.007.00.730.335.0
Asus MeMO Pad Smart3.82013-02Android 4.110.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 31.20161.000.01.300.595.0
Asus Vivo Tab Smart3.62012-12Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.80642.
Kobo Arc3.02012-12Android 4.07.01280 x 800215TI OMAP 44701.5016,32,641.000.00.800.360.0

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What is tablet PC

Tablet is portable computer whose primary input device is touch screen. Other characteristics are tablet shape and size, wireless connection to Internet and local area networks. They are powered by variety of operating systems. Some are proprietary ones like Apple iPad iOS, Amazon FireOS or HP webOS, but majority of tablets are running on various Windows 8 editions and Android operating system.

History of tablets

Tablet pc computers are derivate of many different technologies and ideas from the past. A digitizer or graphic tablet with handwriting text recognition was presented back in 1956 as a replacement for keyboard. The concept of tablet pc is also related to pen computing, where pen or stylus is used as a user interface instead of mouse or keyboard.

One of tablet predecessors was PDA device, a handheld personal computer used for taking notes and storing data like phone numbers. These devices date into 1980 when Psion launched its first PDA model. The idea was taken by Apple with its Newton and by US Robotics with Palm Pilot. Revolutionary idea and products were way ahead its time and they sank into history almost unperceived.

Next major step was introduction of special Microsoft XP windows OS named Windows XP Tablet PC edition in 2001. This edition incorporated support for pen-sensitive screen and handwriting. Microsoft's contribution is also the name "Tablet PC" as this was the first time it was used. Various attempts from different companies were made since then. But final breakthrough came again from part of Apple in form of iPad in 2010. Comparison of tablet PC computers in 2011 shows that iPad and iPad2 had the biggest market share among tablets. It is expected that Apple will hold its leading position with The New iPad in 2012 as wel.


It is estimated that tablet pc share will grow and soon surpass a popular netbooks. Forrester Research is predicting that over 20 millions of units will be sold in 2015. This means more then 40% growth per year and thus most rapidly growing market among personal computers devices.

Forms of tablet pc

We can find different types of tablet PCs on the market. Tablet pc comparison can be done according to their form. These are standard forms of tablet computers:

  • Slate tablet pc - A classical tablet pc form of pad with one touch screen and without keyboard.
  • Convertible tablet pc - Basically a notebook with touch screen capability. They come in form of base and a screen that can be rotated around swivel for 180 degrees.
  • Hybrid tablet pc - Convertible tablets with detachable keyboard
  • Booklets - A dual screen tablets that can be folded like a book.
  • Rugged tablet pc - Tablet pc resistant and adapted to hard atmospherically conditions. Used as a platform for using pc on terrain.


Hardware especially screen is prone to damage as they are carried around and used in various situations and environments. Compared to other personal computers as notebooks and PC's they have weaker capabilities. Especially video with its low resolution is a draw back comparing it to its big brothers. Minimalist ergonomic can be a trade off regarding typing experience. Traditional keyboard with wrist rest is much more comfortable.


Advantages of tablets pc compared to notebooks are their size and weight. Due to their portability, they are very practical and can be used while sitting in sofa, lying in bed or walking around. With a size of a book and special ereader application they can replace this traditional reading source.


Since the iPad first launch in 2010, tablets are going very strong. They found their place between mobile phones and laptop computers. As prices are dropping and number of applications for tablets is growing these gadgets have a bright future in years to come.