Microsoft Surface Pro (2021) Review

Last Updated on December 20, 2020

For all those who expected Microsoft to release the Surface Pro 5, I’m here to disappoint. Due to just a few changes to its internal hardware, everyone’s calling it the Microsoft Surface 2017, as it is a slightly better Surface 4.

But let’s see if this 2-in-1 tablet can meet all the needs that a laptop user has (and even more!).

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Layout and Looks

This new Surface Pro is a lot like its predecessor, you can’t really tell the two apart. The main difference is that this tablet has vents.

However, it is well designed, minimalistic and sleek, with rounded corners and exhaust vents that are less visible.

The power and volume buttons are located along the top and are easily accessible. It also comes with a kickstand that offers support to the tablet at 165 degrees.

It is an overall light tablet, weighing less than its Surface Pro 4 predecessor.

Surface Pro 2017 Review

Horsepower, Storage & Display

The Surface Pro 2017 has a 12.3 inch PixelSense display with 2763×1824 resolution at 267 ppi. As more and more machines are adopting a 3:2 format, the new Surface Pro does as well.

The display’s contrast is the best one in the field, with accurate colors.

It is powered by the Intel i7-7660U Kaby Lake CPU with 16 GB of built in dual-channel RAM with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB, surpassing the Surface Pro 4 by far.

The tablet has a built-in SSD, and the storage options are those of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and even 1TB on the most expensive model.

It’s 12.3-inch display offers unique colors and individually calibrated panels, with 10 multi-touch points and extremely responsive.

OS, UI and Included Software

Like the Surface Pro 4, the new Surface Pro comes with a built-in Windows 10.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 is completely redesigned, making it look more like a computer than ever.

There are two different modes in which you can use this tablet: the desktop mode and the tablet one. Connecting a keyboard to the Surface will make the tablet run exactly like a Windows 10 powered PC. In tablet mode, all the start menu and apps will run in full screen, and are hidden from the taskbar revealing a back button.

To close the app, you can simply swipe left. Swiping left will bring up the Task View, while swiping right brings up the Action Center.

It offers support for any application that you might have on your laptop or PC, like the mail, people, camera, calendar, Microsoft Edge, Xbox app, OneNote, and other common applications such as these.

The great thing about the Surface Pro is that it has an Office suite, but it will require a subscription for editing documents.


2017 Microsoft Surface Pro Review

Networking and Peripherals

Unlike other tablets, the Surface Pro has a 3.0 USB port, making connectivity a lot easier. It also comes with a mini display port that allows you to connect to a bigger screen.

Another feature that you won’t find on other tablets is the card reader located under the kickstand.

You can connect a number of devices to the new Surface Pro, such as a keyboard, a pen and the surface dial.

Performance in the Field

This tablet can be easily compared with a laptop. It has longer battery life, lasting up to 8 hours, with drastically less fan noise.

Performance is increased thanks to the i7 processor, and applications that require more juice to run will work smoothly. It can support image rendering easily, and also games or similar tasks, unlike other tablets.

The i5 model will not necessarily meet your needs if you’re searching for a tablet to do intensive photo or video editing however.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The 8mb camera will offer stunning photos with Full HD video support. It also comes with a 4G LTE variation.

Cons: Limited ports – no support for Type-C USB. The pen is no longer included in the package, costing extra. Is slightly expensive and can be considered a heavy investment.

The Ideal Buyer

This tablet is perfect for any usage. Whether you’re a busy person and need it to carry around for work purposes, or if you enjoy having a powerful tool all around to meet your every needs, this is the most suitable product for you. Gamers will also love it, offering them the possibility to play their favorite titles anywhere they want.

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