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Tablets with Great Battery Life – Because longer is better.

Top Dual OS Tablets – So you can switch it up whenever you want.

What is the Best Tablet with a USB Port? – Because 3.0 is the new black.

Best Tablet for College – Every tablet in this list has more processing power than existed in all the computers in the world in 1970. Some on the list eliminate the need for laptops altogether, some act as complements.

Best Tablet for Gaming – We compare the best tablets for gamers that are currently on the market.

Best Tablet for Seniors – The perfect article for seniors trying to choose a tablet PC, or for people shopping for an elderly relative. A crazy amount of research went into the article.

Best Tablet for Home Use – We try to find the best general-purpose tablet computer.

Best Tablet for Note-Taking – Taking notes in college; handwritten notes; whatever you need to take notes for, these are the best options!

Best Tablet for Kids – Charts! Recommendations! Technical comparisons! And one of the most complete timelines of all the major tablets for children.

Best Tablet for Architects – Sketching, editing PDFs, staying in touch with clients – now possible on a tablet computer!

Best Tablet for Lawyers – Why tablets are perfect for lawyers, plus recommendations of the best ones, with a comparison table.

Best Tablet for Artists – This article compares 6 drawing tablets at a range of price points

Best Tablet for Lightroom and Photoshop – A guide to some of the reasons pro photographers use tablets