Microsoft Tablets Compared

Microsoft Tablets Timeline

For many years Microsoft seemed to be sleepwalking, releasing a bunch of weak, tonedeaf products, with only a few successes here and there.

Their attempts to reinvent themselves were sometimes embarrassing, and the contrast with the vibrant, game-changing efforts from Apple and Samsung was stark. But slowly, almost imperceptably, the lumbering giant turned things around, so that by the end of 2015 Microsoft was once again a thought leader and other companies were scrambling to keep up.

Nowhere was this rebirth more noticeable than in the tablet PC sector, where the Surface range blazed trails.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Improvements in almost all areas make this the best Surface ever and one of the best tablets money can buy. Critics call it a ‘laptop killer’, an ‘iPad killer’, among other superlatives. Check our review on this link.

Microsoft Surface 3

Critics loved the premium feel of this device and praised its storage capacity. The balance between cost and functionality was spot on. Users seeking a complete laptop replacement needed a Pro model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The tablet PC that made everyone sit up and take notice. This device was one of the most influential since the original iPad – think of all the tablets that were announced after the Pro 3 and consider which features were inspired by the Microsoft’s vision.

Microsoft Surface 2

By this point, great hardware was expected from the range and there was more focus on software. Hence, criticisms of the Surface 2 focused on the poor range of Apps in the Windows Store and lack of support for traditional Windows software.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

A huge step forward in quality, the Surface Pro 2 fixed flaws such as battery life, RAM, and storage while keeping everything that was good about the original Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro

A light tablet giving most of the power of a full Windows 8 laptop (Flash? Yes. Photoshop? Yes.), the Pro was criticised for its abysmal battery life. Most reviewers understood that comprimises had been made and were forgiving – what was included in the package was actually pretty impressive.

Microsoft Surface RT

This ran Windows RT, a modified version of Windows 8. Sales were below expectations and reviews were mixed. Some reviewers raved over the hardware while others said it paled in comparison to the iPad.