Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

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The Surface Studio2 is a real treasure for creative professionals and artists. It can do incredible things and it is packed with amazing features. If you have previously owned a similar model, from a previous generation of all-in-ones, you will simply love it. Design-wise, there are no big changes to be analysed. Its physical shape has remained the same, so this model can easily be confused for the previous version. The wireless peripherals have remained the same, as well as its size and looks. What changed is the Display Port that has been replaced with a USB-C.

The keyboard and mouse inputs are included in the box and are quite inspiring. The keyboard feels really nice to touch, it is comfortable to use and is very similar to an Apple keyboard. The mouse has a new curvature, making it more comfortable to work with. The Gravity Hinge works as expected, just like the previous model, so there are no changes here either. All major components are hidden in the base, so you don’t have to struggle with organizing them in a suitable manner.

Display and Audio

Microsoft called touch-screen display a ” zero gravity “; It is assisted by a spring and has a dual hinge that allows you to adjust the screen easily. Thanks to this, you can use it as a traditional desktop or you can move it downwards, so that you can use it with the stylus and touch screen. This is incredibly useful for creative activities such as drawing, sketching or writing. When in this position, the display can be used just like a drafting table. This is one of the features that users of the previous Surface Studio adored. When set in a desktop position, its angle and height can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

This model’s display has a 10-point multitouch support. The quality of the image is spectacular, being able to reproduce 167 percent of the sRGB color gamut in vivid mode. Those who are passionate about all-in-one products know that the iMac offers exactly the same. Although the viewing experience is great overall, we are wondering why Microsoft chose to decrease the percent of the color gamut under the same settings from 181 to 167, compared to the previous Studio.

Other than that, the display is one to enjoy fully. It offers the highest accuracy on the market, having a Delta-E rating of 0.13. In this area, the Studio 2 is better than last year’s Studio model, turning into a strong competitor for Apple’s all-in-one.
The Audio system is impressive, too. This model comes with eight speakers built in to the display and two in the base. It delivers Dolby Audio Premium sound, which sounds extremely well with or without headphones. The channel separation is great and the sound is crisp clear.

Performance and battery life

Form meets function in Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2. If the design is the same and no major changes can be seen, from a technical perspective, things have changed a lot. Thanks to its powerful components and features, this model differentiates itself from all other similar products on the market. Although it doesn’t have 4K capabilities and it will not drive some video games at native resolution, it is better at 3D graphics than older models. Another advantage of the Studio 2, compared to the first model, is that it is equipped with a more powerful processor, a better SSD and more advanced GPU options. Its Core i7 processor ensures that it runs smoothly when doing complex tasks, as well as multitasking. Whether you are a creative professional or a person who works with huge Excel files, this computer will not let you down.

Where this model excels is at video and photo processing and editing, graphics and AAA games. It is snappy and responsive, so you will not regret paying for its price. In the audio area, the Studio 2 works best with external speaker, although its integrated Dolby Audio Premium system is quite decent. The sound is high-quality and has clear channel separation. It has eight speakers positioned inside the display and two into the base.

Should you buy the Microsoft Surface Studio 2?

The Surface Studio 2 does the job it was built for excellently. It isn’t an all-in-one that satisfies everyone’s needs, but it is the best option for the market for creatives who like to work at a desk, with a big screen in front of them. Comparing to the previous Surface Studio version, it is faster, its screen is capable of rendering more vibrant colors and it is brighter. It comes at a high price, which is why it is recommended for users who will use it for business purposes. Investing this amount of money into an all-in-one definitely pays off, but if you don’t work in a creative industry, it might leave you with empty-pockets. There are other similar models that can be bought at more affordable prices, such as the Apple iMac Pro, but it doesn’t offer the same quality. Microsoft might not be the market’s favorite right now, but it has done an excellent job with the Surface Studio 2.