The 10 Top Tablets Compared

On this page we compare the best tablets currently on the market. By default, the following table is ordered by release date because newer models are more likely to meet your needs. But all the models earned a ‘buy’ rating from our independent reviewers.

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Top Tablets Compared

The Best Tablets for Home Use

“Who has the best tablet?” That tends to be the question parents ask in electronics shops. Is it Apple? Samsung? Sony? It’s also the question kids ask each other. Who has the best tablet, Jack or Dave?

The answer depends on how you plan to use your tablet around the home. Is it to surf the internet before going to bed? Reading Twitter for live reactions to TV shows? Facetime or Skype? Or is it to play Angry Birds? We’ve gathered a list of some of the top tablets that will suit almost any situation in the home.

The iPad Air 2

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The iPad Air 2 is a beautiful device that has great features – it’s fast, light, has a wonderful screen and has an unbeatable range of apps. It’s got a fingerprint scanner, good camera, and is light enough to hold for hours.

The drawbacks aren’t with the device itself, but with the price (you pay the Apple premium) and the fact that you have to join the Apple ecosystem. What does that mean? It means that it’s hard to move from an Apple tablet to a different brand in the future, since it will have all your photos, apps, passwords etc stored on it or in the iCloud.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

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There’s one thing that people always talk about when they mention the Galaxy Tab S – the screen. It’s simply breathtaking. Whether you’re looking through your family photos or streaming Family Guy, this tablet will only add to the pleasure.

It’s a premium product that stands toe-to-toe with the Apple range. If you’ve got the budget, this will take pride of place in your home, whether it’s in the office or living room. And since the screen is so good, it’s one of the few tablets that you’ll be able to enjoy in the glare of the sun – perfect for warm days in the garden.

Microsoft Surface 3

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This is one of the best hybrid tablets – stick it onto the keyboard (sold separately) and it turns into a laptop. Such flexibility makes the Microsoft Surface 3 a perfect home use tablet. It’s as easy to watch a movie on it as it is to update a spreadsheet.

The kickstand is useful, too. Being so adjustable adds a lot of value in terms of the uses it can be put to in the home.

There are newer, more powerful models out, but at twice the price. For now, this stays our choice for general family life.

Amazon Fire HD7

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Unique profiles for every family member, safe content sharing (no social media for the kids!) and tens of thousands of games, movies, and apps suitable for children make this a dream tablet for parents. For older family members, there’s easy streaming of content from the tablet to a big screen.

The Fire HD7 is fantastic value for money, too, being much cheaper than the other models.

NeuTab N7S Pro (2016 Version)

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This item is rarely reviewed by major tech sites, but has quietly become one of the best-selling tablets in America. It’s got good enough specs – quad core, Android 4.4, an HD display of 1024×600, but its main selling point is its price.

At $49.99 (at time of review) it’s staggeringly affordable. It solves the problem of having two children sharing, and if Dad wants to check his Fantasy Football lineup, well why not buy three?!

Amazingly, and uniquely at that price point, it comes with Bluetooth, and Google Play is pre-installed. It is also one of the best value tablets with USB ports.

The NeuTab N7S Pro isn’t a high-performance machine, but most people don’t need one. Given the price and the range of options you can use it for, the N7 Pro might just be handy to have around the home.