Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Review

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Executive Summary

The new iPad Pro from Apple comes as a big upgrade from what we’re already used to. The tablet is bigger, faster, and the screen is simply amazing. Both versions (10.5 and 12.9 inches) released are identical besides the screen’s diagonal. Thinking of buying a new laptop? Think again.

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Layout and looks

When it comes to design, the new iPad Pro sticks to what we’re already accustomed with. It has sleek rounded metallic back, it’s very light (compared with other gadgets in the field), and the back camera is slightly protruding from the overall design.

This new iPad Pro comes with the iPhone 7 camera technology, leaving the camera slightly protruding the back, but delivering astonishing photos and videos for our enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the home button didn’t get the new taptic engine, like the iPhone 7, the tablet’s still benefiting of a second generation Touch ID sensor from Apple.

The speakers are bigger, placed on both sides of upper side of the tablet next to the Power button, and will produce a better high quality sound, unlike the iPad’s predecessors.

Happily, the new iPad Pro does come with a 3.5 audio jack placed on the upper left side of the tablet, allowing us to pair any audio device with it.

The iPad Pro also comes with a built in smart connector laid out on the left side of the tablet, and also a nano-sim tray on the lower right side.

Overall, the design is sleek and powerful, leaving us with a state of the art tablet to use in any way imaginable.


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Horsepower, Storage & Display

Apple’s latest tablet is powered up with the new A10X Fusion chip that has a 64-bit architecture and an embedded M10 coprocessor. This little technological wonder combines processing and graphics power in the same chip, having six processing cores and 40 {cc9a9509f9495fc077e13985dc9e33dda9630fd6d1a92c3cf67be84f810d7dd4} faster graphics, ultimately surpassing its predecessors.

The 10.5 retina display is LED-backlit and multi-touch, with 2224-by-1668 resolution at 264 ppi. The display is also fully laminated, fingerprint-resistant and incorporates an antireflective coating to make this gadget perfect for any environment.

The display is a definite upgrade from what we’re already accustomed with, being highly responsive and offering a wider color range than ever.

The tablet comes with 3 storage options, the 64, 256 and 512 GB.

OS, UI and Included Software

When initially revealed, the new iPad Pro was shown off with the new iOS 11, leaving the audience in a state of awe. However, the tablet comes with the iOS 10, as the previously mentioned iOS is not yet released.

Pending the release of the new iOS 11, Apple hasn’t redesigned the Control Center, but has added some ingenious new features. One of these is the Files app, that improves split screen mode and provides accessibility to the dock at the bottom of the display.

Nevertheless, this iPad offers immense user pain alleviation when it comes to the interface with the possibility of pulling the notification bar from the top, the Control Center from the bottom, and the split screen (slide overview) from the right.

Besides the new Files app, the iPad comes with all the stock apps that any other Apple model comes with, so no surprises there.

Networking and Peripherals

As any other iPad, the new 10.5 Pro comes with an 802.11 Wi-Fi dual band, and support for every cellular technology out there.

Being productivity oriented, the new iPad Pro allows you to connect a smart keyboard through the Smart Connector and also an Apple Pencil that will help you deliver astonishing drawings.


Apple iPad Pro 10.5" - My Experience!

Performance in the Field

The faster processor and various performance improvements easily puts the new iPad Pro 10.5 as a top leader in the field. Not only it surpasses a MacBook Pro, but when it comes to GPU tests, it has defeated all other similar devices.

The GFXBench graphics test reigned supreme leader the iPad Pro, above all other tablets.

Pros and Cons


The new 120Hz refresh can be one of the most important feature to determine you to buy this piece of technology. Others will argue that the 600 nits of brightness (the brightest model from Apple) should be the decisive factor when it comes to this device.

Other reasons that this tablet is the one to buy is its speed, performance and the ability to help you create. The 12 MP camera with a lot of different settings is another reason to have this tablet (it also records 4K at 30 fps). If you’re a Rose Gold fan, I’m here to give you great news – the 10.5 version has this color, unlike its 12.9 counterpart.


It is quite a pricy piece of equipment, and if you already have a powerful laptop, you might want to consider that. It is a relatively heavy tablet (469 grams), and it might be hard to transport from place to place.

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The Ideal Buyer

If you don’t already own a laptop and want to invest into a long-lasting piece of technology, this is the tablet for you. Buyers already accustomed with the Apple family will find this tablet irresistible, but people migrating from other operating systems will quickly get comfortable with it as well due to the ingenious easy-to-use design.

Also, this tablet can be perfect for you if you’re an artist, have a busy life, need to keep your work with you at any time of the day but don’t want to carry around a piece of equipment that weighs a lot.

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