The Best Tablet for Lawyers and Law School

Are you an attorney looking to boost your productivity? In law school and looking for a flexible note-taking device?

Lawyers and law students have special needs and the right electronic hardware helps them to conduct their work duties with ease…or to study law in a more efficient manner.

In our opinion and that of legal eagles worldwide, some tablets are ideal for law work and these include the Surface Pro 4, the iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab 4.

Why Buy a Tablet, Anyway?

Today, we’re going to talk about why these best tablets for lawyers and law school are so impressive.

There are many great reasons to invest in these electronic toys. For example, lawyers who work as civil litigators use tablets in order to decrease the amount of paper that they need to work with. Some legal work typically requires tons of paperwork and using a tablet for certain tasks, such as reviewing legal documents and studying depositions, helps to keep clutter at bay.

When lawyers choose tablets, they are able to avoid toting around files. Instead, they may carry tablets which are loaded with tons of digital documents which may be accessed and searched with total ease. The best tablets are great for scans and for character recognition tasks. So, there’s just no need to use paper if you can access excellent software to use with a tablet (and you definitely can)!

Civil litigators are just one example of lawyers who are increasingly reliant on tablets. Personal injury lawyers also love them. Typical tablets are very light in weight and the convenience of storing document-intensive files on mobile devices is impressive to say the least.


Perform Legal Tasks Remotely

In addition, tablets are great because they allow lawyers to do legal tasks remotely. Since lawyers are so busy, it helps them when they can perform tasks out of the office if they need to. Tablets work well with cloud computing interfaces and this combination of hardware and a cloud-based account allows lawyers to check out documents online.

Case management software is recommended as the perfect link between a tablet and a cloud-based portal.

Most lawyers use tablets for reading and review. They may also create documents. The majority of lawyers who use tablets take them into courtrooms. It’s very helpful to have digital versions of documents available in court and tablets make it easy to create complete archives of relevant legal documents.

Also, lawyers use tablets in order to serve the needs of clients. For example, clients may sign engagement forms via tablets and this is very convenient for everyone. Once a document is signed digitally, it may be saved to a Practice Management program. At this point, it may be mailed electronically to the client who signed it.

The Business Case for the Right Tablet


Surface replaces laptop and iPad for this CTO

Tablets That Lawyers Love


Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

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Created by Microsoft, this tablet features a 12.3-inch display screen which is touch-sensitive and equipped with PixelSense technology for crystal-clear resolution. In addition, this tablet is pre-loaded with the Windows 10 Pro Operating System. Lawyers appreciate the lightweight design of this model, as it weighs just 1.69 pounds.

It also comes with a surface pen which makes it easier to take care of tasks. This tablet is as powerful as a laptop and is the best choice for most lawyers since it will slickly integrate with the PCs back in the office.

While the tablet itself is streets ahead of the competition, one downside is a lack of apps at the moment – there are far more for Apple and Android.


iPad Pro

iPad Pro

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iPads are known for their simple and immersive interfaces. The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch display retina screen and the tablet offers twice the CPU performance of the Air 2 iPad. As well, this tablet comes with multi-touch technology which makes it easy to use and enjoy.

If you like a bigger screen and want the latest features, this design may be right for your needs. It’s definitely popular with legal professionals and law students, thanks to the gorgeous screen and massive range of apps.


iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

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The Air 2 has a smaller screen than the iPad Pro. However, it’s still loaded with appealing features. If you prefer a conventional tablet screen size, this design may be more suitable for you. In terms of features, the display screen measures 9.6 inches and pixel count is 264 per inch.

You’ll get a powerful CPU and long battery life (ten hours) when you choose the Air 2 – one of the best tablets ever made.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

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This tablet measures 7 inches and it’s very easy to tote around from place to place. It features a dual core processor with 1.2GHz and an Android operating system (4.4 OS). It comes with a seven-inch display screen and is equipped with a resolution of 1280 by 800.

If you want something compact which is easy to slip into a pocket or bag, you’ll find that this design is quite appealing.


Useful Websites

Anyone buying an Apple product might find value in a site called iPhone J.D. It’s run by a lawyer in New Orleans who uses an iPhone and iPad to run his practice.


We’ve talked about why tablets are so useful for lawyers and law students alike. We’ve also detailed some tasks which are commonly performed on these devices, as well as the benefits of their mobile capability. Lastly, we touched on the key features of four tablet designs that lawyers love.

Now, you’ll be ready to choose the tablet that is right for you.