Samsung Galaxy View

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Samsung Galaxy View

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When looking at this tablet, the first question that should come to mind is: how much do you need a massive tablet? The Galaxy View from Samsung is the largest tablet on the market, with an 18.4 inch display that serves its owners well when they have the right purpose. If what you want is a tablet that is portable and lightweight, then this model isn’t for you. Due to its size and materials, it is heavier than most tablets, but that doesn’t make it unworthy of your attention. It is suitable for desks, presentation areas, commercial areas etc. Some users love it for a TV, giving the fact that it has a nice, full HD screen and plenty of entertainment and video apps.

Although Galaxy View is heavier than your average tablet and probably bulkier, it is still thin and easy to carry when needed. It connects wirelessly, so you can still use it as a smart device any time you want. Its 8-hour battery life wouldn’t be satisfying for someone who wants to travel with their tablet in hand at all times, but then again, this device isn’t built for that type of activity. A versatile tab such as this one can be used at work, at home and even when camping. Are you curious about its capabilities and limitations? Keep reading.


The fact that the Galaxy View is unusually large is both good and bad. Depending on your activity and needs, it is possible to love it or hate it. If you need a large screen that is not a desktop display and some flexibility, you might love this product. On the other hand, if you pay very close attention to details, you might not like the fact that it is covered in plastic. There is no doubt that this tab is heavy, either.

From a design perspective, there are other elements that you might love about it. It has an integrated kickstand, it has a thin bezel, it is stable, sturdy and its stand is easy to twist. Being primarily designed for media playback, it has integrated micro-USB ports and 3.5 mm headset ports on the right side. On the top of the tab you will find 2 microphones, a volume rocker and the power button.

In spite of the general opinion, this tablet’s design is classy and elegant. It is ideal for personal use, especially when a larger screen is needed, for commercial purposes or for modern offices.

Display and Audio

This tablet’s display isn’t QHD, as some users expected before its release. Its reasonable price required some compromises, so Samsung decided to equip it with a Full HD screen. It has good pixel count, very clear image and sharp details. Its Super AMOLED display is great, but will leave you disappointed if you expected to see the highest quality image. The interface is satisfying, looks modern and fresh. It runs Android Lollipop. Most users love the fact that there is a grid system present on the screen, where all TV and streaming services can be found. Just like on a TV’s display, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and many more apps can be easily accessed.

As for the audio technology that Samsung has used, it is important to highlight the fact that sound output is possible using a 3.5 mm stereo jack and the port on the right side of the tablet. When playing audio or video content, the sound is quite good compared to other tablets and even to smartphones. The maximum volume it can play is 89.46 dB, which is not much, but would be sufficient for medium rooms. Users can customize the sound using AdaptSound and SoundAlive+ settings.

Performance and battery life

When measuring performance, it is extremely important to establish the purpose of use and the category of the device. Being a middle-class tablet, Samsung Galaxy View is not expected to integrate the highest quality components, nor to break records in terms of performance. For navigation and entertainment purposes, this tablet’s performance is more than enough. To ensure that, the manufacturer has used an Exynos 7580 Octa SoC with 8 Cortez-A53 cores at 1.6 GHz. It has 2 GB of RAM and Mali-T720 MP2 GPU graphics. It has good heat dissipation and it had a smooth operation during all tests. The device has a microSD card reader that writes 51.02 MB/s and reads 77.95 MB/s.

Galaxy View’s battery gets fully charged in 3.5 hours, has a total capacity of 64.6 Wh and ensures a video playback time of 8 hours. Power saving mode is great at offering extra battery time. After using it for some time, you will probably notice that most of its battery is consumed by the display background illumination.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy View?

Buy the Samsung Galaxy View tablet if you are completely aware of its capabilities and limitations. Its huge display is great for some purposes, but it is definitely not your average tablet. Its design is its most dominating aspect, while the lack of a rear camera, and landscape mode represent some of its more important limitations. It is a great device for someone who needs a large, stable and sturdy display, as well as a good performance. At the same time, although it isn’t comparable to Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9, it has a good battery with a high capacity that will not let you down.
Among its most important pros, you will find the integrated stand, good battery runtimes, wide viewing angles, fast WLAN, USB ports, its fast microSD card slot and its large screen. On the other hand, some things that you might not like are the landscape mode only, the lack of position sensor, the lack of Miracast and its 2.1MP webcam.

To conclude, this is a tablet designed to fulfil the needs of basic users. Despite its size, it cannot be used successfully for graphic design purposes or for complex tasks. However, it is ideal for presentations, commercials, navigation, video watching, entertainment or simple tasks.