Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 Review

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Aimed at the new breed of ‘edutainment’ users, the 18.4 inch Samsung Galaxy View is a giant in the world of Android tablets. The device is powered by Android Lollipop and comes packed with 2GB of memory, 32GB internal storage and a 1.6 GZ Octa-Core (5x) processor that runs incredibly smooth.

Retailing at $599 the device is a little on the expensive side. Weighing at a hefty 5.8 lbs, the Samsung Galaxy View is quite a handful to move around. The Galaxy View’s flicker and shudder-free performance is also impressive.

The multimedia apps on this device open instantly, at a touch of the screen, and at no time did they ever show any sign of lag.

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Unconventional Features

Some of the more unconventional features of the tablet are the affixed, semi-detachable stand and the carrying handle integrated into the plastic casing that enables it to stand upright on flat surfaces, or if you prefer, to be laid down at an angle almost like a keyboard.

And speaking of keyboards, the Galaxy View has a full touchscreen keyboard that fills almost the entire bottom half of the screen and is large enough to comfortably write a whole novel, if you’re so inclined.

The default homepage underlines the primary use for the media tablet and provides easy access to Netflix, Hulu, CNN and much more.

It comes with

  1. …a Micro SD card slot to up the storage capacity where required
  2. …a USB slot to charge your phone,
  3. …a handy headphone jack for when you want to crank up the volume in private
  4. …the loudest on-board speakers of any tablet available today, for when you’re alone in the house and want to totally immerse yourself in that movie.

Gaming on the enormous screen is an absolute joy when compared to the phones and tablets we currently use. It also considerably enhances the viewing pleasure on apps like Netflix and YouTube.

The battery of this device provides a good 8 hours of surfing, viewing and gaming experience while in stand-by mode it can last for 3 to 4 days without needing a boost.

Who is it for?

This multimedia device is an excellent choice for people that want to watch TV in the kitchen, looking up recipes maybe or watching a movie while dinner roasts in the oven. Or if you’d like to play games or surf the web for a couple of hours in the privacy of your own room, the Galaxy View is your new best friend.

This over-large tablet would also serve well with users who are perhaps struggling with their eyesight.

Final Call

The Samsung Galaxy View is a bit pricey and a tad heavy.

Yet its excellent performance will ensure hours of enjoyable and undisturbed viewing and gaming pleasure.

Although the 1080p screen resolution is adequate enough for movie buffs and gamers, it’s definitely not the best when compared to some rival products and hopefully, besides lowering the price, the screen will be the first thing Samsung improves in future models.

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