Cube iwork1x Review

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

In the sea of hybrid tablets that you can find in the market, it’s not easy to make the right choice and buy the most convenient product.

The abundance of 2-in-1 tablet PCs is what makes it even harder, but you should look closely at Cube iwork1x as it stands out from the crowd with surprisingly solid performance at a very affordable price. It could be an excellent option for first-time hybrid users.

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Layout and Looks

Although there is nothing very attractive about its look, the Cube iwork1x is a bit smaller than most tablets with dimensions of 298 mm by 180 mm, thickness of 90 mm and weight of 762 grams, making it easy to handle.

However, it also has some disadvantages such as a single 2.0 MP front camera and built-in dual channel speaker, which provides nice and clear sound until you turn up the volume to 100%, when distortion can occur. It’s not a big deal, as it’s normally the case with low-budget Chinese tablets.


Cube iwork1x Unboxing And First Look

The audio from a 3.5mm headphone jack is quite good without any interference. The keyboard is made of plastic, but it’s relatively firm. The touchpad is not the most accurate one and it’s on the small side.

Overall, the design is not bad at all.

Horsepower, Storage & Display

The Cube iwork1x is powered by the 14nm Intel Atom X5-Z8350 64bit Quad Core CPU, 4GB DDR3L RAM, and 64GB eMMC ROM.

While the processor’s power of 1.44GHz is not very impressive, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology can increase it to 1.92GHz.

The 11.6 inch IPS Multi-Point Touch Screen, which displays a 1920 x 1080 resolution, certainly don’t represent the highest-quality, but the clarity of colors is at the optimal level. Also, it allows you to watch it from different angles, although it’s not very effective in sunlight due to reflections.

OS, UI and Included Software

The Cube iwork1x comes with Windows 10 Home that includes the old-school Start Menu from Windows 7 but also introduces the Edge Web browser, which is excellent. It also comes with some important software including MS Office 2016.

If you decide to use dual operating systems alongside Windows 10, the Cube iwork1z supports Android 5.1. as well.

The fact is that some apps work better on Windows and others are better on Android. That’s why is easy to dual-boot from one OS to another in no time and it will save you the trouble of packing an extra piece of equipment.

Now, if you’re looking for entertainment rather than business, having the Android OS is the right move as you can download plenty of apps and games, which are often free of charge.

Windows should cover your business needs, but anytime you want to relax from the hard-working day, Android will step in and provide the entertainment.

Networking and Peripherals

Like most tablets, the Cube iwork1x has the common dual-band 802.11 Wi-Fi, which can download at 50 MB/s, and it’s surprisingly good.

You’ll also get Bluetooth 4.0, handy in sync with compatible devices as you can use it to wirelessly transfer media between Bluetooth and your phone or MP3 player.

It also includes Micro USB, a full-sized USB 3.0 port, Micro HDMI (excellent for watching movies or photos on a larger screen), and a TF card slot, expandable up to 128GB. The TF card slot is a very good addition, considering that the 64 GB Sandisk Drive might not be enough to satisfy your needs.

The keyboard has two additional USB 2.0 ports.


Cube iWork1x Review - Z8350 2-in-1 Windows 10 Tablet

Performance in the Field

The integrated Intel HD Graphic(Gen8) is surely not best suitable for gamers, but after all, this hybrid is not supposed to support high-demanding video games.

Nevertheless, the Cube iwork1x provides a quality image and can do the trick for Internet use, casual browser games, and basic photo editing. This Intel GPU was designed to use less power, which is normal comparing it with the stronger chips that consume more power.

The 8500mAh battery can last up to 7 hours, while it can give up to 5 hours of video playing time.

Pros and Cons


  • Most definitely, the first thing that should attract the buyers is the more than reasonable price
  • The second upside is the performance of a quad-core processor that works at a satisfying level, considering the price
  • Although it is made of plastic, the good build quality is good, while the keyboard is surprisingly reliable, featuring a magnetic docking interface design for easy connection with the tablet
  • The touch screen is very accurate
  • USB port can power external HDDs.
  • Dual OS
  • Above average wireless range.


  • The facts that this hybrid has only one, basic-quality camera and weak integrated graphics might repel potential buyers, but after all, you can’t expect to get a better deal for $200.
  • The touchpad is rather poor and not very responsive; also it’s small, but that’s kind of expected considering the dimensions of the tablet.
  • Battery does need more time than usual to charge fully.
  • Not designed for gaming; it is only limited to such games as Subway Surfers and Beach Buggy, and even then you need to use lowest details and resolution, so it’s very hard to play CounterStrike or any other good games.

The Ideal Cube iwork1x Buyer

The Cube iwork1x is excellent for office and business but also can be used at home or as the first hybrid for fresh users. People with smaller budgets can easily afford it and will get an excellent deal with price-quality value.


Although the Chinese are not quite known for making high-quality tablets, the Cube iwork1x is an exception and after thorough research and tests, we can recommend it to users who are looking for a low-budget hybrid.

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