Le Pan TC970 Review

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Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Very recently, a new player has joined the tablet market and launched a neat little Android tablet at a very reasonable price. Although you may not have heard of Le Pan, they have a support center in California, and online support and FAQ services on their website. They supply a manufacturer’s warranty with their tablets but only sell them through retail outlets such as Amazon and CompUSA, so you will also benefit from the retailers’ refund and return policies.


The Le Pan tablet runs on the Android 2.2 operating speed with 512 MB of RAM, and is a slim half an inch thick with a 9.7 by 7.4 inch HD touch screen. The LCD screen supports 720PHD video playback and Adobe Flash Player 10.2 is also supported so you can watch YouTube and movies in clear high def and the viewing angle of 178 degrees means you can easily share your viewing with someone sat next to you. TC970 is a very well built tablet, and as a consequence is a little heavy at 1.6 pounds, but it is certainly a durable tablet. Built into the tablet is a 2 mega pixel front facing camera, with built in microphone for video conference calls, and high definition speakers in the back deliver a reasonable quality sound. It is supplied with a 2GB SD micro memory card that fits into a slot in the side but it can be expanded up to 32 GB and certainly you will need at least 16GB if you are a movie fan. The Le Pan TC970 comes with full access to Android apps, and integrated Google technology plus it is GPS enabled so in combination with Google maps is a great journey planner. There is an integrated virtual QWERTY keyboard and everything is touch sensitive. Bluetooth for wireless connectivity is also included and you can stream your music in stereo.


The battery life is up to six hours in full use, but customers report it lasting to ten hours if not surfing constantly! The screen resolution is bright, but is tricky in direct sunlight and the fingerprints do show up on its glossy screen. The viewing angle makes most websites easy to see without needing to use mobile versions and the apps load quickly and easily. Le Pan will be releasing an operating system upgrade directly to Android’s new OS Ice Cream Sandwich and there appear to be ongoing updates of apps and other features to respond to customers’ needs.

What customers say

Because of the lower price of this tablet, a few customers have given it quite a rough ride, dropping it etc, and it has stood up well! A number have contacted customer support regarding upgrades and queries and have been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness. Some are irritated by the positioning and size of the power on/off button but all agree that the screen resolution is excellent and very high quality for a tablet at this price point. Le Pan seem to be keen to respond to customer requests and are also improving their features and offering upgrades. A few customers suggest getting a stylus to avoid the fingerprint issue, and if you want to use Skype you will need some support to install it but Google voice will work. Overall this is a good value, well built, responsive and durable tablet with a fabulous screen on which to watch videos, movies, surf and read.