Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 Review

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

If you expected the Samsung Galaxy 2 (10.1 inch) to be the better looking, better performing cousin of its predecessor, get ready to be surprised, and by surprise, we mean, not a very pleasant one. Read on, there is something positive though.


The almost identical specs on the Galaxy 2 (10.1 inch) makes you wonder why Samsung even bothered to bring out a sequel. Starting at 16 GB storage, the tablet runs on 1GB RAM, a T1 dual core 1GHz chip and a 1280 x 800 PLS display.

In comparison to the older model, tablet corners are cut and shaped differently. Because of this cosmetic change, tablet looks slightly different from the original Galaxy Tab 10.1. The LED flash on the back side is gone. The tablet is a little heavier and thicker.

The 3MP rear camera does not match up with any of the contemporaries and is definitely among the weaker sides of the tablet.


You will find all the usual ports on this tablet as its predecessor. A new addition is the IR blaster which also finds its place on the smaller Galaxy 2 7.0 inch.

The speaker positions have been shifted to the front giving the user much better audio output. A quick tour around the tablet will tell you that the IR blaster, headphone jack, microSD slot, volume rocker and lock/power button is on the top end when the tablet is in landscape mode.

The charging port is at the bottom. Samsung’s Touch Wiz is layered above Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich and is not the smoothest of the UI’s if you have been used to any high end devices or those running quad core processors.

What customers say

Now, to the positive side of what we mentioned at the beginning of this review, Samsung has shaved off about $100 on the Galaxy 2 10.1 inch as compared to the old model. This brings the tablet into the mid-range, something that can either give the company great volumes or risk being seen as a mid range or low end player.

Some customers have complained of a noticeable lag, and occasional freezing of apps. Overall, for the price that the tablet is available for now, customers find the tablet to be a much better compromise to any of the premium tablets.

If you are buying this tablet for its camera, then we suggest you reconsider your decision. At just 3MP, the pictures will be nowhere near the resolution or quality of a high end camera.

The battery lasts about 9 hours, just about in the acceptable range. However, customers have complained that the charging time is very long.


From the price drop and the slight cut down in features, it looks like Samsung believes that the future of tablet computing is in the more affordable sub $400 category rather than the premium space occupied by the iPad.

If this is your first tablet buy, then the Galaxy 2 10.1 has lots to offer. However, if you are in need of faster, better specs and smoother UI, and you are not really constrained by any budget, then we suggest that you look also at other tablets available on the market.