Apple iPad 9.7 inch

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

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Even from the start, the fact that the iPad 9.7 inch will be underrated has been easy to predict. Apple has presented the public a traditionally designed, medium-size tablet that is capable of satisfying the basic needs of users who need more than a smartphone. It looks too basic compared to the iPad Pro and not attractive enough compared to the iPad Mini, but even so, it is a high-quality tablet with great components and awesome features. Although it can be compared to previous models, especially due to its design, it comes with new and improved features that might draw your attention.

Are you wondering whether or not this tablet is enough for your needs? We recommend it to students, entrepreneurs who must perform basic tasks on it or persons who need a tablet for entertainment purposes.

Display and Audio

The 9.7 inch display of this iPad is more than enough for basic needs. It isn’t small, but it isn’t large, either. Its size and weight make it easy to transport and comfortable to use. Its display is surrounded by the lightweight aluminum frame that Apple has been using in the past few years. It has the same bezel size and feels solid and durable. What isn’t so likeable about this tablet is the fact that it has a reflective screen. This means that it can hardly be used in sunny conditions. Apple has decided to maintain its IPS screen, but even so, its colors are accurate and its levels of black are quite intense.

Although it cannot be compared to iPad Pro, this device has a pretty decent sound. It features stereo speakers, which are great for video watching. Similarly to the iPad Air, this model has kept its Jack 3.5mm connectivity, so you aren’t forced to use an adaptor in order to use headphones, nor to buy Bluetooth ones. It is equipped with 2 speakers which users describe as quite decent.

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Performance and battery life

This iPad model comes with iOS 12.3.1 preinstalled and users will be able to upgrade it to iOS 13 when it comes out in the autumn of 2019. It is often advertised as an iPad for everyone, which or a tablet that is a little less Pro. Both statements are true, as the entire system of the tablet can be categorized as basic, but at the end of the day, it is superior when compared to similar series of other manufacturers. Its 2.3 GHz A10 processor runs smoothly and makes the tab fast and easy to use. It has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage. This model also comes in 128 GB option. It is different from the 2017 model, as it is much faster and on top of that, it can be used with the Apple Pencil. Games can be played smoothly on this tablet, as well as videos and movies.

When used for basic tasks, this iPad’s battery will last up to 13 hours, but if used heavily, the lifespan decreases considerably. The same applies when multitasking. While this tab is capable to handling some complex tasks, as well as to run smoothly when several heavy-duty apps are active, the battery will slowly discharge, so you want to make sure that if you do so, you have a charger with you.

Should you buy the Apple iPad 9.7 inch?

When comparing tablets, users judge basic models by comparing them to top-notch devices available on the market. It is pretty clear by now that the iPad 9.7 inch is weaker than the iPad Pro and that its design is more traditional, too. It doesn’t cause that awe among users that more advanced models do, but it is a tablet that comes at a very reasonable price and offers nice features. The best thing about the iPad 9.7 inch is the fact that it is lightweight and smaller than other tablets, but still large enough to allow users to see clear, crisp content on the screen. It is fast and it runs smoothly thanks to its operating system and processor.

In spite of users’ fear that it will lose its Jack connectivity, it hasn’t, but it will surely be eliminated from the next version. It is compatible with the Apple Pencil, which is amazing, giving the fact that it is such a basic tablet. You get to write notes, paint or doodle directly on your tablet. Although a tab’s camera is rarely used, it is nice to know that you can count on it when needed. This model features an 8MP rear camera that is capable to record 1080 HD videos. Thanks to the front camera, you can use Facetime and take beautiful selfies. Just like the other iPads, this model can connect to the Bluetooth keyboard and therefore, transform into a small laptop.