Best Tablet for Nursing School Students

Digital learning has become a necessity in today’s highly technological world. Tablets are useful for a nursing student and other students in general. This is because they can be used for various functions which include taking notes, reading books though Kindle, and other functional apps that are related to their courses and the subjects that they are undertaking in school.

Furthermore, the use of the internet can never be underestimated in digital learning. Functional elements such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and others are essential in digital learning. Therefore, learners must have access to portable and functional single interface devices like tablets. Nursing school functions such as taking notes are conveniently performed through the digital portable gadgets. This is because the learner will be able to access them easily even while performing practical tasks in the field.

Generally, a nursing school learner needs a portable and versatile electronic device. Additionally, this gadget should also be sturdy, light, fast, and efficient. This is because the person attending learning school will most likely be shuffling between, their house, hospital, and college. Consequently, a flexible device with a single interface will be opportune for them. Additionally, it should be uploaded with essential software and programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft Office elements.

Other nursing schools require that their learners should have digital portable devices with features such as microphones, cameras, or a webcam. It should also weigh less than 3 kilos, a quality display with full HD, have a processor that exceeds Intel i5, and a 4GB RAM among other qualities. The operating system should also be fast and efficient. Here are some of the best portable devices for nursing school learners.

Best Tablet for Nursing School Students of 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

Microsoft  Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

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This quality laptop weighs only 3.5 pounds and it features a 12.3 inches screen. The light laptop has several sensors which include a gyroscope, a sensor for ambient light, and an accelerometer. The battery life is durable and it can last for the whole day. It allows a total of 13 and a half hour of playback for videos.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 laptop is quite versatile and it can be used as a single interface gadget and a laptop. To generate a full keyboard feeling, you may opt to purchase a cover made of Alcantara material which comes in various colors. The screen resolution for the laptop is an amazing 2736 x1824 pixels and it uses the Windows 10 Home operating system. The computer’s memory type is DDR3 and the RAM is 8GB. It contains a 128 GB memory capacity. This gadget has been priced at $824.99 on Amazon.

• Excellent screen quality.
• Touch Screen element.
• Best value for your money.
• The quality of the pictures is first-class.
• The battery life is quite high.
• The Microsoft Surface Pro is easily portable because it’s lightweight.
• Fast and versatile performance.

• Expensive extra accessories that are sold separately.
• Difficulty in using the touch element for some software and appliances.
• The bezels located around the display are too thick.
• Limited apps in the Microsoft store.


New Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB)

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray (1st...

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This second-generation iPad has both cellular and Wi-Fi qualities. It has a Liquid Retina exhibit which is displayed on an 11-inch screen. This screen has True Tone and ProMotion. It has a Neural Engine inside its Bionic chip. It contains a front camera that has a 7MP TrueDepth element. This Apple iPad Pro has two rear cameras which include 10MP Ultra Wide and a 12MP Wide camera. It also contains a LiDAR Scanner and a secure authentication that uses Face ID and Apple Pay.

Furthermore, this Apple iPad transmits its audio from four speakers and it has superior microphones that project a five studio element. Additionally, it supports the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, and a Smart Keyboard Folio. It has a maximum battery life of 10 hours, accessories and a charging, USB-C connector. It also contains numerous games that are ad-free. The lightweight iPad costs $899.00.

• Great audio-visual features. This includes the LiDAR scanner.
• Long battery life.
• Portable and easy to carry.
• Extremely fast and it has a large memory.
• Versatile elements.
• Excellent tech support.
• Authentic Face ID identification feature.

• Slow charging system.
• Lack of headphone jack.
• Fragile screen.


Google Pixel Slate 12.3-Inch 2 in 1 Tablets with Intel Core M3

Google Pixel Slate 12.3-Inch 2 in 1 Tablet Intel Core m3,...

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This Google Pixel Slate is an excellent medium to use in viewing videos and movies. It has 6 million pixels and a molecular display of 12.3 inches. With a 1.6 pounds light design and 7mm thinness, the Google Pixel Slate is portable and light. This gadget has exclusive speakers on its front side that convey some of the best sounds.

Moreover, it features a split-screen, slides, browsing in multiple windows, modern apps like slides, sheets, and google docs. The Pixel Slate features a duo camera that has a wide-angle lens. This is instrumental in taking photos and videos in low light and it has a great viewing element.

However, the battery life depends on how you use it and it needs a charge of at least five % for it to be active while charging. The Google Pixel slate updates its security and other features automatically in the background as it is running.

The gadget has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology. Although it has a great storage capability of 64GB, it decreases once it’s formatted. The keyboard has a full backlit that includes a huge trackpad that allows you to perform several tasks simultaneously. Despite this, you can purchase the pen or stylus and keyboard separately.

Moreover, it also has hush keys that allow it to be converted to several functions like a laptop, entertainment, and much more. The Google Pixel has been priced from $439.99.

• Multitasking tools.
• Great audio-visual features.
• Great value for money.
• Excellent quality of the screen.
• Portable and versatile.
• Quality materials.

• Battery performance.
• Separate purchasing of a keyboard, stylus/pen, and other accessories makes it expensive and inconveniences the user.
• Difficulty in using the USB-C ports.
• Lacks sim card compatibility.


Dragon Touch K10 Tablet, 10-inch Android device with 16 GB Quad-Core Processor

Dragon Touch K10 Tablet, 10 inch Android Tablet with 16 GB...

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The Dragon Touch is a functional gadget for all learners. It provides enough storage space for storage for essential elements such as e-books, songs, notes, documents, videos, and pictures. This is because it includes an expandable storage space of 128 GB and internal storage of 16GB.

The Dragon Touch features an awesome 10-inch display and it uses the Android 8.1 Oreo Operating system. This allows for easy online browsing and downloading becomes simple. Other functional features that it has include GPS, BT 4.0, and FM functions. Moreover, the gadget has a high-quality HD Display with a resolution of 1280 by 80. This display ensures that it stays clear in any setting of light. Besides, it also features a sizeable HDMI interface that syncs the video and movies it displays on a TV.

The transmission of data and charging are supported by a micro USB. This gadget also allows you to access adequate entertainment. Furthermore, the Dragon Touch K10 supports the download of apps from Google Play. This is because it has been certified by Google’s GMS, which is a preloaded Android operating system.

The Dragon Touch K10 is priced from $99.99 on Amazon.

• Sufficient space for storage, this includes 16GB internal storage and expandable 128 GB.
• Great audio-visual features that allow you to be entertained everywhere.
• Dual camera.
• Wi-Fi, FM, and GPS support.
• Great battery life.
• Excellent touch screen.
• Great screen quality.
• Simple to use.
• Micro HDMI connection to the TV.
• Affordable and great value for money.

• A micro SD that is hard to locate.


Jumper EZpad 6 pro Tablet with Keyboard

Jumper EZpad 6 pro Tablet with Keyboard 11.6 Inch Touch...

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This electronic gadget features a lot of elements. They include a touch screen and a full-screen resolution of 1920 by 108. This screen automatically ensures that you can watch your videos and view your photos in ultimate comfort. Moreover, it features a brilliant FHD Display on its 11.6-inch display screen.

The gadget has adequate storage space with a 64GB storage space. Furthermore, it is fast and efficient because of its DDR3L and 6GB processor. This allows you to perform multiple tasks proficiently and promptly. Additionally, it also features a 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor and it runs with the Windows 10 operating system. The device is powered by Atom x7-E3950. Consequently, the consumption of power decreases to 4W and this allows you to work quietly while surfing the internet at super-fast speed with a gadget that utilizes power efficiently.

The device has a 2 in 1 feature that allows you to use it as a laptop simultaneously. Additionally, the detachable keyboard will ensure that you can use it anywhere. It is also a portable gadget that transforms seamlessly within its various functions. The Ezpad 6 Pro comes with a reliable warranty that lasts for 12 months and it’s priced as from $249.99.

• Versatile gadget.
• Good value for your money.
• Portable device.
• Efficient battery life.
• Excellent touch screen.
• Adequate storage.

• Difficulty in fixing the detachable keyboard.
• Difficulty in using the touch screen function while the keyboard is fixed.