Asus ChromeBook Tablet CT100

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Asus ChromeBook Tablet CT100

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ASUS Chromebook CT100PA’s edges and angles are protected by rubber bumps, holding in mind that students are always looking for harsh and hard devices that can handle accidental fall or laboratory tests. That’s why the tablets are called "rugged" because they can handle all ups and downs, and the texture behind the tablet is micro-dimple, meaning to say goodbye to scratches and fingerprints. The tablet also passed the military-grade exam which also implies it can survive in the worst situation of the environment. This tablet will withstand humidity, high and low temperatures, altitude tests and what not. The manufacturer took tests for all of these situations, including vibration and drop tests.

This tablet from Asus provides a basic 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera, allowing you to stay on the go and remain connected to your close friends and family on different social media platforms. Moreover, you can also use the camera without any trouble to capture significant notes and research on the big screen.

Display and Audio

A tablet with a 9.7-inch screen size such as this one here, is perfect for easy learning and exploring new world aspects. Asus Chromebook CT100PA offers you real-time viewing experience with a resolution of 2048x 1536. The Asus Chromebook CT100PA, as they are generally lightweight, is highly lightweight and versatile. It only weighs 568 g and has a strong hold over the tablet to ensure learners can appreciate their job or research well seamlessly.

In addition to the display, it also offers a pen that can tremendously help students, giving them a graceful and natural writing experience. Now you can doodle, sketch, draw or compose readily with this battery-free Wacom EMR pen.

Asus Chromebook CT100PA is fitted with stereo speakers that will fascinate the sound performance, omitting the background noise for a while. Now you can research with complete focus, just plug in your earphones and start the favourite subject with your research. Moreover, Type-C USB 3.1gen, 1 audio combo jack and 1 microSD card slot are included in the Asus Chromebook CT100PA interface.

Performance and battery life

Ten years ago, no one had tablets that they could use in school. Nowadays, not only are they allowed, but they are also encouraged in some schools. Asus comes to help those who promote technology and offers the toughest tablet for students. Although it can be used for general purposes, too, the truth is that it has been designed for the education market, which is why it is only fair so set your expectations right.

The operating system of Chrome has transformed things for the learners. It helps to work more efficiently and intelligently as the built-in apps, security features and automatic updates increase your overall efficiency. Thanks to the OS from Chrome! Now, at this tiny and lightweight tablet, learners can do plenty of things. Not only students, but teachers can also explore different topics and teach students on technical topics such as coding, video production, podcasting, and much more. Asus Chromebook CT100PA opens every door of creativity and opportunity with Chrome extensions and countless apps available on Google Play store.

Using Hexa-Core processor, it is equipped with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. ASUS Chromebook CT100PA is an outstanding platform for maintaining general effectiveness while using the tablet and converting you to a multi-tasker. With just one click, you can easily switch to apps. So if you’ve been studying for two hours, you can move to Netflix or other applications that will entertain you in a distinctive way or work for you as a refreshment.
Collaborating on projects using the same apps, managing projects and using educational apps has never been easier. More than that, this tablet is secured and updates automatically.

Asus Chromebook CT100PA provides an average 10-hour battery life regardless of your activity. If you switch off your data network, however, it may likely stretch up to 112-13 hours. So you can be your best friend Asus Chromebook CT100PA.

Should you buy the Asus ChromeBook Tablet CT100?

The ASUS Chromebook CT100 tablet is a lasting, classroom-friendly tool. It is not only made of premium materials and confirms the standards of military grade, but it also has high quality hardware. For the cost, the display is merely great and the resolution is more than sufficient. Plus the stylus included, which can transform the tablet into a drawing pad. The general set is placed together so well that not recommending it would be hard.

If you’ve previously owned tablets, you’re probably already aware that the life of the battery depends largely on what you’re doing with the tablet. Obviously, with watching videos all day, you won’t have the same battery life as you would by just browsing Reddit. According to ASUS, up to 10 hours of battery life can be expected. But I would tell about 7 to 8 hours on average. This would be sufficient to last a full day at school.