Apple iPad Pro 11 inch

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

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Lightweight and pleasant to touch, the iPad Pro 11 inch is easy to pick up with one hand. If you are one of those users who carry their tablets around anywhere they go, you will feel a great difference in your wrists. This model is lighter and a bit smaller than the 12.9 inch version. Design-wise, it feels like a notepad and you can easily replace one with this tablet, should you want to do so. Just like tits bigger brother, the iPad Pro 12.9, this tab has a larger screen compared to the previous generation, thanks to the elimination of the home button. To unlock the device, the tab will test your fingerprints or will use Face ID and gesture control. The bezel is smaller and therefore, the tablet looks classier, having an elegant and more practical look.

Apple has decided to replace the previous model’s port, the well-known Lighting with a USB type C port. It is located at the bottom of the device and although it created some frustration among users who resist change, it has also opened a whole new world of possibilities. It allows users to connect the tablet to a monitor, to DSLR camera and a lot of other devices that use the same cable type.

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Display and Audio

There is a tight competition between Samsung, Apple and other brands when it comes to screens. However, Apple’s screen wins the race by far almost every time. The iPad Pro is proof that no Apple device can reach the market without being rated the best in this area. Its Liquid Retina display is impressive, being an upgraded version of iPhone XR’s screen. It delivers rich color reproduction, crisp text that makes reading articles a joy, as and a clarity that turns watching video content into the user’s favorite activity. Although it looks amazing, it is nothing more than an LCD screen, so imagine what it would be like with an OLED screen.

In terms of sound, it is important to mention that this version of the iPad has stereo effect audio playback with four powerful speakers, two on either side of the device. It can easily act as a party speaker. The great thing about it is that no external device is needed when watching movies or videos. The sounds are clear and crisp and aren’t distorted, even at maximum volume. As for the headphones, Bluetooth AirPods are recommended, as the 3.5mm Jack has been completely eliminated. You can buy an adaptor if you want to use your old headphones, though.

Performance and battery life

This tablet wears the iOS 12, which is considered to be the best version of the operating system. Although it can be used instead of a laptop, it is strong, capable and has a smooth operation even when performing complicated tasks, it still lacks some features. For instance, it can’t just unzip files and the file transfer process between cloud-storage services can sometimes be challenging. As far as productivity is concerned, this tab exceeds all expectations, just like its larger counterpart. It has wide viewing angles, options to attach an Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard and responds to many of the modern user’s needs.

Is it capable of replacing your laptop though? Maybe it can, but not in all cases. It really depends on the activity that you are performing on a daily basis, as well as your expectation. Graphic designers, creatives and entrepreneurs who mostly use Apple apps to work and reach high productivity levels will always state that there is absolutely no difference between the two. In the case of other activities, such as copywriting, it is capable to responding to most of the needs, but not all of them. In terms of social media, most apps work well on this device, except for Instagram and Snapchat which users can only access if downgrading the app.

Having a large battery with high capacity, you can count on this tablet all day long. Its battery will last around 10 hours of regular use. If you want to prolong its daily battery life span, avoid keeping multiple heavy-duty apps active at a time.

Should you buy the Apple iPad Pro 11 inches?

There are many reasons why you should choose the Apple iPad Pro 11 inch when looking to buy a tablet. Its battery, OS architecture, screen, accessories, the quality of its finish are just a few of those reasons. Being smaller in size than the 12.9 inch tablet, it is meant to satisfy the needs of users who need more flexibility in their daily routine. It is extremely lightweight, it has insane performance, offers more possibilities for connectivity than ever before thanks to its USB-C port and its display is spectacular. If you are dying to buy the 11-inch iPad Pro, you should know that there are a few things that other users hate about it, too. The accessories must be bought separately and it is more expensive than all other options. These are two of the annoying things that buyers take into consideration. Other
than that, the tablet ranks among the first best models of 2019.