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Last Updated on March 29, 2020

All-new Kindle Oasis

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Heavy readers cannot live a single day without reading at least a few pages of a book. In an era dominated by technology, it is only natural to try to do this digitally. Those who are passionate about reading have surely did their part of research. If you are one of those people, you surely encountered other Amazon tablets before this one. Got disappointed? Now is the time to cheer up, as you have found one of the best devices that Amazon has to offer. Being a part of the Kindle series, the Oasis version represents one of the top choices of Kindle fans. Its main competitor is Kindle Paperwhite, another unique e-book reader that will simply conquer your heart. So, what makes this product special? It’s easy: yellow screen.

This might seem awkward at first, but there is some good logic behind Amazon’s change of features. The new model can adjust the color temperature of the display, tinting it yellow. This doesn’t only help you relax your eyes and avoid getting tired prematurely, but it also a psychological element that helps you relax even more. Readers tend to feel more comfortable when holding a real book in their hands. This model imitates that so well, that it has gained a lot of popularity.

This Kindle model is lightweight, small-sized, has a 7-inch display, a thin and ergonomic design, page turn buttons on the sides an e-ink tech for fast page turns. Reading on the Oasis truly is a pleasure.

Display and Audio

The adjustability of the color temperature is this display’s most important feature and exactly what differentiates this model from other Kindles. To start adjusting, you can either use the drop-down settings or by setting it to a timer that automatically enables the desired tone. On this model, the color temperature can coincide with the sunrise and sunset. The intensity of the effect can also be adjusted from mild yellow tint to a full-out amber color.

If you like night mode systems and you feel that your eyes don’t get as tired, you’ll probably be a fan of the warmth feature for reading at night. When activating this feature, the screen practically decreases the blue light, so it isn’t rocket science. It is a good idea to also leave the effect enabled during the day, for a simple reason: it looks like real paper.

The Oasis is a superb e-reader, but it now has to withstand the competition: the Kindle Paperwhite, which packing some of its best features. As for the audio system, there isn’t much to be said. It supports audiobooks that can be both listened to and read. However, the weird thing is that the Kindle doesn’t feature any speakers. Therefore, in order to listen to anything, you must pair some wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker with the device.

Performance and battery life

The Kindle Oasis comes with 8GB storage, which is great for books, giving that no other app can be used. A 32GB model is available, too, and if you are planning on storing very large books or audiobooks, then you must remember that the 8 GB will be gone almost immediately. A 4G connected model is available, too, but if you prefer it over the basic one, you have to be ready to pay more. The only disadvantage when having the 4G device is that the Oasis’ battery isn’t so well optimized for the Internet and it will eat up a lot of battery, fast.

Giving the fact that most people read for more than 30 minutes at once, Amazon’s statement according to which the battery lasts approximately six weeks isn’t necessarily relevant. It all depends on how much you use the device.

Should you buy the Amazon All-New Kindle Oasis?

The Kindle Oasis e-reader is a device that is worth your attention and your money. The only element that stands in the way of its success is the newer and more performant Kindle, the Paperwhite. Even so, it is a quite impressive e-book reader that is easy to use, comfortable to hold, relaxing to read from and highly adjustable.

This is the classiest Kindle in its class and doesn’t have another true competitor on the market right now, except for the Paperwhite version. If you can afford it, you will love it. It has a beautiful display, a gorgeous design and all the usual Kindle benefits, among which the long-lasting battery life. What most buyers complain about is its price. It seems that most people think it is very expensive. Except for the price, other complaints that users have are related to the device’s weight. The device is indeed bulkier than other similar ones in this category, but it isn’t as heavy as you would think. In the end, it is a 7-inch tablet; how heavy can it be? Amazon’s explanation was that the wedge-shaped grip was intended to shift the center of gravity to your palm, so that it doesn’t slip. Other than that, it is the one of the best e-book readers that you can buy.