Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A50

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Acer Iconia One 10

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 The cover of this tablet aims to provide a high-quality presentation. This cannot, however, hide the fact that the whole cover was built using cheap materials. This is easy to observe from the first touch. Touching the tablet easily produces a sensation of lack of stability, which is reinforced by the attempt to tackle the device: at every corner and rim, it cracks and crumbles.

The volume buttons are not placed as normal on the bottom, but on the left side next to the screen. While using it, these buttons can easily be pressed by mistake, ue to their positioning. The same applies to the special button between the right speaker for fast access to special multimedia features. During our experiment, the strange shape and configuration proved to be very inconvenient. Such shortcomings do not make it difficult to use the tablet, though. Besides minor nuisances, it is easy to hold and easy to use.


Display and Audio

The Acer Iconia Tab 10’s transparent IPS screen is good enough for the price. It corresponds to what is required in this price range, having a resolution of 1920×1200. Just 320 cd / m2 of brightness and the rather uneven distribution of brightness are less compelling. Both candidates seem to be at a comparable level for the overall ranking of the comparison candidate screens.   Lenovo and the iPad 2017 are almost the same. There are however significant variations in size. Although the Acer is particularly poor in brightness and color accuracy, the iPad is clearly ahead.

The Iconia tries to make a simple multimedia claim with 4 speakers prominently on the front table. A contrast with the Huawei MediaPad tends to be the most appropriate for four speakers. Although the outcome is less convincing than anticipated. The integrated sound generators will perform well in some ways-in terms of volumes and tones, for example, but a convincing sound picture would look different. There is a lack of bass as with all mobile devices, and the majority of sound quality is fairly average. Nonetheless, because of the visual appearance of the speakers, the subjective audio experience is better than any other device.

Performance and battery life

The Acer Iconia Tab10 is well suited with respect to power reserves for this price range with the MT8176-CPU and the PowerVR-GX6250-GPU. While the GPU first appeared in 2014, this is still one of the favorites and top performers, although it does not support interfaces like Vulkan. The decent 4 GB RAM and the 64 GB solid-state memory (about 51 GB of which are still available ex works) complement that.  All comparators are on an equal footing. The relay winner’s crown travels erroneously from one candidate to the next throughout the tests so that there is no clear recommendation. Only the iPad seems to be competing in a totally different league-despite slightly higher road costs.

Regarding browser quality, the Acer app can distinguish itself somewhat from competitors in Android. As with the Antutu test, the Huawei system drops dramatically in some situations, while the iPad distinguishes itself once again by far. The heat of this tablet originates from the upper back or from the right.  This section is heated under pressure to over 40 ° C (~104 ° F) and the rest of the plastic case is almost cold. It sounds subjectively uncomfortable, even without alarming temperatures.

When it comes to energy consumption, the Acer Iconia should equate the red lantern with Android. But the iPad is worse still. This is explained by greater power (brightness) and also by a larger battery. Compared to rivals from Ios, the Acer phone can’t gain more points here either – the opposite is true.

Because of the poor balance of energy consumption, battery life is certainly not the best. The Iconia slides behind the competition even further here. It is only a short distance to the Amazon Fire HD, but it can deliver a much more affordable price.

Should you buy the Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A50?


 The Acer Iconia Tab 10 A3-A50 is a solid tablet that offers the right quality at a higher price., when you look at it from afar, without comparing it to other similar products. There is no reason not to buy the tablet from this point of view. On the plus side are the “internal characteristics” of the CPU and GPU and are distinctly far from the Android rivalry for some benchmarks. The screen and sound quality can also be counted as points plus. Nevertheless, in the less trustworthy case there are many minor defects that range from the odd arrangement of the buttons and speakers to the wobbly low cost plastic stand. These are problems that make the option simpler for a rival to use, such as the Huawei MediaPad with a solid metal back, or the Lenovo Tab 4 with a glass cover, which isn’t really worse. Apple’s iPad also costs 30 Euros(~$35) more with just 32 GB of space. Nevertheless, in terms of performance and processing, it beats Iconia by far.