Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

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While it is remarkably similar with the Tab 4 8 and shares a great deal of hardware capabilities with it, this Plus model is significantly distinct in one department – it supports LTE connectivity. You will find a headphone jack at the top of the device, while the left side houses a microSD card slot and the right side hosts a power button. There you will find the volume rocker, too. At the bottom, you will easily observe the USB-C charging port.
The fact that the USB-C was included on this tab by Lenovo is a nice gesture, especially because it ensures the functionality of the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus in the future. The slate’s surface is all metal, a fairly smooth aluminum that we discovered to be prone to bumps, although this may have been just a quirk of the assessment unit.

A 5MP selfie camera and the 8-inch, 1,200x 1,920 IPS screen, protected by a Gorilla Glass sheet, are on the front of the device. It allows for a good first impression with excellent viewing angles–it can also get fairly loud and has a good pixel density.

Display and Audio

There is one issue that we observed and you will probably do, too, so there is no reason to hide behind a nice mask. This is very common with LCD screens and has to do with those whites have been a bit too cool for our liking. In all, while you can get used to it, the screen is rather unsaturated, which may not eventually be a problem for some people. Those used to pop colors will discover, at least to start with, this jarring. With its’ True Tone ‘ display technology, it’s definitely not on the same stage as the iPad Pro 10.5.
It is a strange to choose an 8-inch screen, but certainly not a bad choice. To prevent the crowded feel of bigger displays while being more portable than 10-inch phones, it strikes a nice balance. It is hard to assess a healthy number of speakers. Different people have different tastes and while some users like to hear deep bass, others like to hear clear volume and voices.

The tab 4 8 Plus is doing enough to impress users, especially at its price point. Although a tablet may not be many people’s first option to listen to music, offering an enjoyable experience does a nice job. The Bluetooth audio was one thing we were particularly pleased with, offering enough quantity and amazing clarity. No music player is included to listen to locally recorded audio, but consumers need to depend on Google Play Music, which has its ups and downs. Lenovo also included the Dolby Atmos audio system, which provides a little amplification where necessary.

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Performance and battery life


Here we see the value of the layout of Qualcomm. There is a combination of eight low-power A53 processors operating together when the output demands are big and when the stress drops down. This also guarantees that the chip is very power-efficient in relation to maintaining the cost down and efficiency at an appropriate rate. The interface of the Lenovo camera itself is comparatively smooth and easy. The different modes and features are obviously labeled and simple to see, while an HDR feature is also available in a pleasant contact. For the most part, the app also performs smoothly.

Those of you who are looking for a little more performance from a tablet will not be disappointed. Aided by the relatively large 4,850mAh battery and the power efficient chipset, the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus is a battery champion. With lighter usage (less video) this could stretch to three days of battery life, which is really rather good.

Should you buy the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus?


With the Tab 4 8 Plus, Lenovo has managed to produce something that has its own flavor and something that makes Android’s mid-range tablet industry worthy of attention again. But there’s a huge question mark hanging over it: the new iPad. If you already have an Android device, switch frequently and want something slightly better than an Amazon tablet bog-standard, this is the next apparent move.

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus is a strong proposal as a device that is good at everything, especially for the older generation and those without a home PC or laptop. Had the Tab 4 8 Plus been introduced to the market before the fresh iPad, it would have been very easy to recommend it as a buy. However, a tablet with a stronger display, smoother results and a much more advanced tablet operating system can be obtained for not that much more. As such, it’s really a matter of choice for iOS or Android, and the entire luggage that entails, unless you’re on a rigorous budget.