Huion H610 Pro

The Huion H610 Pro is a budget graphics tablet that almost sounds too good to be true.
Huion H610 Pro review
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Last Updated on November 30, 2021

The Huion H610 Pro is a low-priced drawing tablet that can be used by many professionals without them having to spend a lot of money on their equipment. In the past, graphics tablets have come with large price tags – until Huion came along and changed this for many manufacturers.

Huion is one of the main competitors to Wacom, which has previously dominated the graphics tablet market. One plus that you might see right away in favor of Huion is how much cheaper their tablet is than the popular Wacom one.

But is the lower price worth it? Can the quality of the Huion H610 Pro hold up to its competitors? Today we’re going to find out.


Drawing Surface

Perhaps the most important detail of a drawing tablet is the active drawing surface. The Huion H610 Pro has an active drawing area of 10 x 5.25 inches, which is slightly larger than a piece of A5 paper.

You’ll have no problem using the drawing surface of this graphics tablet and it feels unrestricted. You can use this seamlessly with monitors up to 20 inches, meaning that you should be able to use it with most average computers and laptops.

The next thing is the coating of the drawing surface. The Huion H610 Pro gets this aspect perfect in our opinion, with a smooth surface that is half-matte. The pencil won’t get stuck or jumpy on this surface, leaving your lines accurate and precise.

The Huion H610 Pro does not include any shortcuts or fingerpainting capabilities that you might find on more expensive graphics tablets. However, for the price we expected these premium features to be sacrificed.


Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the build quality of this tablet. It’s solid and sturdy for the price point. The quality is not as impressive as the Wacom, but this is to be expected with such a steep price drop.

Around the drawing surface is a significant frame that can be used to hold the tablet without interfering with your drawing. This curves up just as other drawing tablets do so that you have somewhere to rest your wrist.

This frame can feel slightly unstable due to the thinness, so you might want to rest some paper underneath it when using it. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but something to think about if you’re heavy-handed.

The lightweight design of the Huion H610 Pro is ideal for portability, so you can take this tablet anywhere. We think that the design is of good quality for a reasonable price.


The pencil has an impressive 2048 pressure levels and two shortcut buttons on the shaft. Out of all of the pencils that budget graphics tablets come with, the Huion H610 Pro comes with an excellent design.

The tip of the pencil has a little bit of give so that it moves smoothly without jagged lines. The pencil is lightweight and thinner than a normal pencil might feel, so you’ll need to get used to this as you’re setting up your tablet.

The pencil is rechargeable so you don’t need to replace batteries. Some prefer this as they don’t need to purchase batteries, while others prefer batteries as they last longer and won’t run out halfway through a job.

However, it’s worth noting that you can still work with the Huion H610 Pro while charging the pencil. The pencil holder is slightly flimsy but does the job.

Function Buttons

There are eight function buttons on one side of the tablet that you can use as shortcuts. You can zoom, undo, and change the brush sizes with a single press of a button. The buttons have embossed logos onto them so that you can feel their function rather than having to look.

You can also alter the functions of these keys in the driver settings to design your own ideal graphics tablet. You also have the chance to set it up to aid your work as much as it can.


While the Huion H610 Pro doesn’t come with any software of its own, it is compatible with the majority of the popular graphics software. For example, you can use this drawing tablet with Adobe Suite, Manga Studio, Zbrush, and Corel Painter.

You can adjust a lot of features on the Huion H610 Pro, such as the active drawing surface to better correlate with your screen. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the pencil, and of course the button functionality.

Make sure that you follow the manual instructions when setting up your tablet so that you don’t run into any issues. A few previous customers have found this process to be more difficult than it needed to be due to not following the instructions.


To sum up our review, we think that the Huion H610 Pro is a good quality graphics tablet for a low price. If you’re looking for a drawing tablet on a budget to learn the ropes before shelling out for a market-leading tablet, the Huion H610 Pro is a good choice for you.

The active drawing surface is impressively large and the pencil has 2048 pressure levels, making it easy for the tablet to determine your movements. You can customize the function buttons which will benefit countless users.

Overall, if you’re on a budget and still looking for a drawing tablet with impressive functionality, this is a good option. Don’t expect the capabilities of a Wacom, but we still don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Huion H610 Pro.

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