HP Envy X360

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

HP Envy X360

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Once the Envy x360 is taken out of the bag, you can tell that HP has done an outstanding job of making a beautiful laptop. The aluminum shell is sturdy and highly prized, with a minimalist design that suits well with this laptop class. You certainly wouldn’t feel guilty if you pulled it out of a box at a conference or carried it to university lectures. The 13-inch model of the HP Envy x360 comes in the Silver Dark Ash shade, while the 15-inch version is available in a Natural Silver second edition.

The color lack for the 13-inch model may arise a lot of questions, but we think that it’s a beautiful color that suits the device’s aesthetics, and if we had a choice between Dark Ash Silver and Natural Silver, then we would still do the second. The bezels on each side of the screen are impressively small, helping to minimize the laptop’s overall footprint when positioning the front and middle of the screen. It’s an imposingly thinner and lighter device, but it doesn’t look inconsequential, because the hardened aluminum casing makes it look sturdy, and Corning Gorilla Glass covers the screen. HP is interested in showing that the HP Envy x360 2018 is not only a productivity tablet but also a great entertainment tool. It has a Full HD IPS screen with a 178-grade viewing angles (with the above-noted micro-edge bezels).

Display and Audio

This device’s screen is an easy-to-use touchscreen for laptop use (which Windows 10 automatically detects when the HP Envy x360 is in the tablet mode, adjusts the screen orientation and configuration for improved touchscreen experience), and switches off the keyboard to stop you unintentionally from typing items into the device.

Bang & Olufsen customized the quad speakers on the HP Envyx 360. Although we are not quite sure of’ audio flawlessness,’ the produced sound is quite good, although the bass does not have depth. It’s a step up from the tinny little speakers that we used to talk to in a few laptops, but we wanted to be more impressed.

Performance and battery life

The touchpad is not the largest we use, but for most people, it’s big enough and it’s perfect for quick movements and gestures. The real performance of HP Envy x360 2018 is great but not exceptional, so you can test your expectations. It is not efficient enough for games or for heavy work, such as video editing, but it does the job well for most other activities, although without excellent work.

It is rather frusty that in the performance department a laptop with such a good design is rather weak, but there’s something that you probably do not know.  The configuration with the Intel Core i7 Processor 8th Generation and the RAM of 16 GB will ensure design-worthy performance. The HP Envy x360’s battery life is reasonably good, but there’s nothing outstanding about it. The x360 lasted three hours and 29 minutes during medium to high use, which is not that impressive. That may be very deceptive, but it should be noted that this measurement involves skype calls and other activities that can lead to battery drainage in a rapid pace. The HP Envy x360 is a beautifully designed laptop that is small and lightweight enough to take you easily throughout the day.

It is therefore great to see setups with AMD hardware that enable potential buyers to choose more. Our HP Envy x360 with Ryzen 7 has fallen somewhat below our expectations of laptops in the price range, but thanks to HP’s wide range of configurations for the Envy x360–at least in the USA –an Intel powered version can be obtained which, while slightly more expensive, is more efficient.

Battery life is not really the best thing we’ve seen, so if you’re looking for computing every day, you want to look elsewhere. The HP Envy x360 is a fantastic2-in-1 machine with a beautiful model, but with some settings slightly underpowered.


Should you buy the HP Envy X360?

The HP Envy x360 13 is an attractive hybrid at a lower cost than the average laptop. The 2-in-1 computer offers good quality for daily tasks with its AMD Ryzen 7 3700U and AMD Radeon RX Vega 10. It’s also possible to play older games smoothly on the AMD SoC iGPU, which provides a better 3D quality than a current Intel SoC.

This machine already feels good based on its graphics, which look rather sleek thanks to its thin bezels. Those who can do without a large number of connections are well served with the three USB connections. On the other side, we would not disapprove about Thunderbolt’s Type C relation either. Nevertheless, at least the standard USB Type-C interface DisplayPort is present. We wouldn’t expect that because there are no direct HDMI or DisplayPort links.

Good energy quality and effective speakers should be acknowledged positively. The four-speaker model offers a great listening experience, regardless of the device used (notebook, sit, tablet or tent style).

Sadly, the HP Envy x360 13 could not turn the low power consumption into a better lifetime of the battery. A good battery life of seven hours may not last for a full workday.