Archive of Charts and Comparisons

Display Sizes Compared – A table where you can compare 7-inch tablets or 10-inch, and a guide to which size will suit your needs better.

Operating System Guide and Comparison – Tables comparing Android models, Windows models, and an explanation of the major OSs used on tablet PCs.

Tablets with Great Battery Life – A table listing well-reviewed tablets with 8 hour+ battery life, plus some insight into battery technology and terminology.

Tablets Compared by Price – Prices change, but here are some bargain options that you won’t regret buying.

The Lightest Tablets – All tablets listed weigh less than one pound.

Slates, Hybrids, Detachables: Tablet Forms Explained and Compared – For most of the industry’s existence, which isn’t a very long time, slates were the only Tablet PC format to prosper. Since the rise of the Phablet, manufacturers have started to pay more attention to other concepts, so today there are more interesting hybrid variants.