Best Waterproof Tablet

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

With plenty of compact laptops and large smartphones, you probably ask yourself – why would I need a tablet? Tablets have become much smarter these days and more importantly, they come with lots of benefits. They are more portable than compact laptops and they provide great performance.

Whether you enjoy watching films, reading books, browse the Internet before going to sleep or want something portable for your holidays, a tablet can make a good choice. If you get it for your kid or you plan to take it on your seaside holidays, a waterproof or at least water resistant unit will be more suitable.

Now, what do you need to look for when buying one and what is the best waterproof tablet on the market?

Best Waterproof Tablet of 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1' | 64GB & WiFi...

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Samsung’s best waterproof tablet comes with a rugged design for extreme conditions. It has a bunch of sensors and a GPS, as well as a 10.1 inch screen and 64GB of internal memory.

It comes with military-grade durability, so it can take high altitudes, extreme temperatures, shocks, and humidity. The touchscreen is water-resistant. Also, you can unlock it with your fingerprint or eyes – great for those cold times when you need to wear gloves.

The tablet has an impressive battery life – about 15 hours. It charges pretty fast too. It has a 13MP rear camera and a good 8MP front camera. It can be submerged in water and comes with an adaptable S pen for flexibility.

Finally, the POGO pin is great for charging the tablet or establishing various connections with laptops or computers.


  • Rugged design that can take all kinds of conditions
  • Can be submerged underwater
  • Impressive battery life
  • Various ways to access and unlock it


  • Slightly heavier than other tablets in this range

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2 8' Ruggedized Tablet Wi-Fi 16GB,...

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The latest generation of Samsung tablets is less likely to disappoint. The Galaxy Tab Active2 comes with a heavy-duty design and military-grade durability.

It is certified to resist shocks, rain, dirt, freezing temperatures, humidity and drops. It comes with an adaptable S pen, which is more of an extra – you will most commonly use your fingers.

The battery can take about 11 hours on a single run – more than enough and above average. You have a POGO pin for easy charging and connectivity though.

Other than that, the tablet can be submerged underwater and comes with two cameras – 8MP for the rear and 5MP for the front. Biometric access is also available. Use your fingerprint or your eyes to unlock it.


  • Made to take all kinds of conditions, shocks and temperature ranges
  • Can be submerged underwater
  • Long-lasting battery – up to 11 hours on a single run
  • Easy to recharge or connect to a laptop or computer


  • GPS technology activates when connected to a wireless network only

Vanquisher SV-88H

Vanquisher 8-Inch Ultra Rugged Tablet Windows 10 Pro, with...

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Vanquisher might have designed the best waterproof tablet if you are after value for money. It is super thin and measures eight inches, so it is compact and easy to hold too.

It is ruggedized and durable – Corning Gorilla glass panel, IP56 rated housing and military standards against drops and shocks. Despite its size, the battery will surprise you – up to a full day of operation.

In terms of performance, the tablet runs on Windows 10 Professional. It has an Intel quad core processor with 1.92GHz and 2GB of RAM. The internal memory of 32GB is more than enough, but you can also expand it with a classic SD slot.

You can bring in a mouse and a keyboard for an even better operation. Other than that, it also comes with a built in GPS.


  • Military-grade design and durability
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good performance
  • Can take a mouse and keyboard


  • No automatic focus on the camera

Vanquisher Touch

Ultra Rugged Android Tablet Barcode Scanner, 8-inch / IP67...

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Featuring an impressive glass screen and rubberized sides for durability, this tablet is great on the field, on the go or if you are the type who drops things. It is just as handy for kids.

It is compact and easy to hold – eight inches only. It runs on Android and comes with two cameras – 13MP for the rear one and 5MP for the front one.

The tablet runs on a solid 1.6GHz processor with 4GB of RAM. It has GPS, a bunch of ports and can resist extreme temperatures and humidity. It has been mostly designed with working purposes and it has a superior integrated barcode scanner.

However, it is just as handy for everyday uses, children and flimsy people who drop things.


  • Built to take stress and shocks
  • Comes with a superior barcode scanner
  • Good quality cameras
  • Lightweight


  • Not the fastest tablet in the world for new demanding games and applications

Panasonic CF-33AFHKZVM

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Panasonic’s best waterproof tablet can be described as a toughbook. It is a tablet designed like a small suitcase – it has a handle. Open it up and you also have a keyboard.

Practically, it works like a miniature laptop. It is excellent for rough purposes, such as computer based applications on the field – great for all kinds of jobs that demand outdoor operations.

The screen is 12 inches in size (1920×1080 pixels), while the battery life goes up to eight hours. The tablet runs on Windows 10 Professional and features multiple connectivity standards, including wireless. It has a 2.6GHz processor and 8GB of RAM.

Unlike other tablets, it comes with a traditional USB port too – extra connectivity.


  • Designed to work like a laptop – suitcase design with a keyboard
  • Powerful processor
  • Designed to be used in rough conditions
  • Lightweight, considering its design


  • Cameras are not the most advanced ones in the world, but still great for the job

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet SGP771 32GB 10.1-Inch Wi-Fi + LTE...

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Measuring 10.1 inches, Sony’s best waterproof tablet is built like a mini laptop. It looks like it has a case, but it opens up with a keyboard for full functionality. In other words, it is great for working applications on the field.

However, the keyboard design is not included – there is a separate package with it. It runs on Android and supports more types of connectivity – wireless included too.

The battery life is impressive – up to two days in normal usage conditions. The rear camera comes with 8MP. It has an internal storage of 32GB, so you can store all your apps, software and files.

The memory can also be extended with a classic SD card. In terms of performance, you have a superior octa core processor, top end hardware, 4G LTE and waterproofing standards.


  • Designed with one of the most powerful processors on the market
  • Can be purchased in a package that includes a case with a keyboard too
  • Waterproof and easy to use in extreme conditions
  • Plenty of internal storage


  • Keyboard and case must be purchased separately or in another package, meaning they add to the price

What To Look For In The Best Waterproof Tablet

There are a few things to decide on before buying a tablet.

Operating system

Most tablets run on Android. Some of them run on iOS or Windows. Each OS has pros and cons, but Android seems to provide more flexibility and compatibility among gadgets.

Screen size

The screen size affects the overall experience. A tablet under seven inches is great for reading and browsing the Internet. Those up to nine inches are better for games, without adding too much bulk.

Tablets larger than nine inches (even larger than 11 inches) are excellent for working with documents as well, not to mention watching films.


The resolution affects the clarity. If you are after a good gaming experience and high quality films, opt for at least 200 pixels per inch.


The internal storage should be enough for loads of games and films. Get a tablet that allows inserting a card too, just in case you need more. Opt for more than 16GB for a decent storage.

Processor and RAM

The processor is practically the brain of your tablet. A single core processor is basic and suitable for basic applications – like emails and browsing. Dual core processors allow a faster performance, but the quad core processor is what makes the difference.

The RAM will help the running processes. The more RAM you have, the more apps you can run at once – plus, everything will run much smoother.

Connectivity, battery and camera

Finally, do not overlook the connectivity, battery life and camera. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity standards are a must. You can also get 3G, 4G and even NFC connectivity. In terms of battery life, opt for at least seven hours of continuous use. As for the camera, opt for a high megapixel count.


Bottom line, you do have options when shooting for the best waterproof tablet on the market. You have a few more or less famous manufacturers – some of them are better known in industrial working fields. Whether you want something sturdy for your kids, you need a solid piece for your outdoor work or you simply want a tablet that will last for ages, any of the above mentioned products will do.

Just like for anything else in life, make sure the tablet specifications match your personal needs and there is no way to go wrong.