Best Tablet Under $100

Last Updated on March 30, 2020

Even though smartphones are convenient with internet use while still serving as basic communication, a lot of people have often found the need to carry their laptops around. And taking a laptop computer everywhere is not everyone’s idea of convenience. Therefore a middle ground between these two eras needed to be established, thus creating the age of the tablets.

Whether it is for business, entertainment, or studies, tablets are very portable and have less of a physical strain than a laptop while providing more services than the smartphone. The rise in popularity has been fueled by how cost-effective they are. They are cheaper to acquire and are more efficient for light net use. Their prices range from $80 to $300 as compared to laptops which range from $400 to $3000.

However, when picking out a tablet, you should understand that pricy is not always quality. Some brands are costly just because they are popular.

If you are seeking an affordable tablet, here are some brands that sell at under $100, you should give this article a  quick look.

Best Tablets Under $100

1. Fire HD 8 Tablet

Fire HD 8 Tablet (8' HD Display, 16 GB) - Black (Previous...

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This brand comes in colors of punch red, marine blue, canary yellow, and black. The tablet has an HD display of 8 inches and has a quad-core processor of 1.3GHz. The device has an internal storage capacity of either 16GB or 32GB with 1.5 GB of RAM. The front camera is 2MP, and the rear HD camera has 2MP.even with heavy usage, the device can offer up to 10 hours of battery life when used from the last full charge.

The tablet comes with dual-band Wi-Fi, and hands-free Alexa is enabled. This tablet sells for less than $100 on Amazon, and it comes with a limited warranty of 90 days. It ranks at #1 seller on Amazon. There exist second-hand offers of the same tablet going for almost half the price. The tablet is eligible for cost-free shipping, and gift wrap option is available.

You can have it delivered within 24 hours if you select one-day delivery when checking out. This particular tablet is more oriented towards entertainment.


2. Dragon Touch K10 Tablet

Dragon Touch K10 Tablet, 10 inch Android Tablet with 16 GB...

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This tablet also sells for less than $100 on Amazon with current offers of pre-used devices even cheaper. The silver-colored tablet is the latest 2019 edition. The device has a 1280×800 IPS, 10 inches HD display. The resolution remains constant regardless of the lighting. With a micro HDMI interface, you can sync the tablet’s music, videos, and movies to your TV.

For data and transfers and charging, this can be done using a micro USB. The tablet boasts of a 16GB Quad-core processor. The Dragon Touch K10 offers up to 16 GB of internal storage, with the expandable going up to 128GB. With a certified GMS from Google, you can easily download apps and games from the Google play store.

The device is preloaded with an intuitive Android operating system. This tablet can support 5G Wi-Fi. With this tablet, you can source your entertainment from anywhere, regardless of where you are.


3. Fusion5 10.1″

Fusion5 10.1' Android 8.1 Oreo Tablet PC - (Google...

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With bright colors and saturated authentic, high-quality pictures, this tablet has been boosted with the fabulous screen technology of IPS. It has a thinner display panel compared to most devices and has an HD resolution of 1280×800. The rear panel of the device is layered with an anti-scratch coating to protect it from wear and tear.

Nobody likes a cracked screen. The tablet has an Android 8.1 operating system that is GMS certified. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and other unique features such as mini HDMI, WI-FI, and A35 Quad Core processor. It comes with an internal storage of 16GB and with expandable external storage of up to 128 GB. The TF-card is not included in the box, though.

The tablet sells for less than $100 on Amazon and there are also second-hand offers from even a lower price. This product comes in different variations; there is the KD095 Blue, 104Bv2 Pro, KD095 Pink, T099, and 104Bv2 +. Their prices are dependent on the make.

The purchase is eligible for free shopping with the one-day delivery option at check-out, which means you get your tablet within 24hours of purchase.


4. Ematic XL Genesis Prime

Ematic XL Multi-Touch Genesis Prime 10-inch Android 4.1...

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The tablet is an android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has 10.0 inches of display. The storage is not as much compared to most devices, with its internal storage going at 4GB with a RAM of 0.5 GB (500MB). It, however, offers expandable 5GB storage on the clouds so you can stream your movies or music even when you are on the go. It also has an SD card slot that allows up to 32GB of additional storage.

The tablet comes with improved browser experience for the user with Google. The user has access to well over 700,000 apps on the Google Play Store. With the 10″ display, the user can easily write, read, or watch movies and videos without strain. The tablet can support up to 1080p quality HD video. The tablet has a resolution of 1024×600.

With the mini HDMI feature, you can connect the tablet to your TV. The tablet goes for $89.99 on Amazon with the same price for pre-used devices. For shipping, an extra $12.17 is required.


5. RCA Viking Pro 10″

RCA Viking Pro 10' 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Quad Core with...

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If you are on the look-out for a tablet for work or learning but still have good entertainment options, the RCA Viking Pro 10″ would be ideally suited for you. This is a touchscreen detachable- meaning it comes with a separable keyboard. It is an Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a 10.1″/ 1280×800 HD screen display.

The tablet has an in-built storage of 32 GB. A micro SD card supports expandable storage of up to 128 GB. The device has a quad-core processor of 1.3GHz and a RAM of 1 GB. For charging, the device uses a micro USB, and for data transfers, the device comes with a full-sized USB. On a full charge, the device can give a run time of up to 6 hours.

For the cameras, both rear and front cameras are 2megapixel. The device has an inbuilt 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g/n and a Bluetooth v4.0



Buying Guide for The Best Tablet Under $100

Tablets are significantly cheaper than getting a laptop, thus eliminating the problems that are associated with having one. For instance, it takes longer for a computer to start up, as compared to a tablet, which will start up almost instantaneously. You can also use a tablet anywhere, even away from your work station.

You can use a tablet in the kitchen to look up recipes or catching up on reading while on the bus without attracting too much attention. As earlier mentioned, you do not have to get an expensive tablet for your uses. Going for the costly ones does not guarantee a longer life or better features. Therefore, there is no need to stretch your pockets.

However, shopping for cheaper laptops may be a lot more factors you should look into—for example, the primary purpose for the tablet. The service you are looking for will lean in on to the choice you settle for at the end. For instance, is the tablet for work? Is it a learning aid? or entertainment only, Do you use it often?

All these factors are crucial because they guide you while looking into the tablet’s features. It is vital to understand that tablets have their shortcomings, and they are not always a joy to have around.

For a tablet meant for entertainment, your focus will mostly be on the resolution of the screen and the storage capacity it has. The more storage you require, the deeper you will have to dig into your pockets. The battery life and charging options cannot be ignored altogether.

This is because a lot of screen time means the battery will drain faster under such heavy usage, more if you are streaming. Most tablets have good batteries that can offer more extended hours.

If your tablet is for work purposes and involves constant presentations, e-service for clients, etc. you will want to go for one that is presentable but yet work effectively. It is wise to work your talk at the office. A tablet with large RAM will prevent lagging when you use several tabs simultaneously.

For a learner, a tablet with dual-band Wi-Fi and flexible charging options should do the trick.

A learner would, however, need accessories since although it is easier to read and study from a tablet, it is harder to type reports on it.

Consider getting tablet accessories if you plan on using it often. A good example is a detachable keyboard. It can be quite exhausting to type long assignments/reports or emails on a tablet. A wireless mouse may also come in handy when you are in a rush or highlighting a lot of items, and the screen does not seem to cooperate.

A stylus pen could come in very handy when you use a tablet often. The S Pen provides more accuracy, and your input is controllable.

Understand that, just like any other device, pro-longed use tablets will bring about ergonomic distress. Strained wrists, hands, and neck are the most common issues.