Best Tablet for Visually Impaired

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

Last Updated: 16th November 2021

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Technology keeps getting better and better with each day. There are so many electronics coming out, each time with new features to help us in our daily lives. The best part is that some are specially made for people who need it more than others, like those who are visually impaired. These electronic devices are more important for people who have visual impairments because they cannot use a phone as others normally do.

Some phones are too small for people with low vision to read the text. They need devices with bigger screens, buttons, and easy operating features.

The best convenient electronic device for people who are visually impaired is a tablet. Tablets are very helpful electronics for keeping in touch with family, friends, and doctor appointments. You can video call, hear the news, listen to music, and set reminders with voice commands instead of dialing. Their screens are larger than a cellphone and come with high-resolution displays for clear visuals. They are sleek, portable, and have many easy-to-use features. People with low vision will definitely benefit from using tablets with larger screens and more space to type.

There are so many tablets on the market, which one should you buy? Which one best fits your needs? There are many types of operating systems. What operating system is the best? Choosing the right device is totally up to your needs. Here is a list of the top 5 best tablets for the people with low vision.

Best Tablet for Visually Impaired of 2020


Nexus 7 from Google

Asus Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (Gen 2), 7 Inches (Renewed)

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The first on the list is the Nexus 7 from Google. At an affordable price, the Nexus has a 7-inch stunning display. It is a powerful device made with a clean and simple design. It has a matte cover to sit comfortably on the palm of your hand. Its slim and light design makes it easier to carry everywhere you go.

The screen has an ultra-high 323ppi for high definition visuals and a cinematic stereo sound. Its smooth operations and excellent features make it easy to navigate the web or share on social media. It has an overall helpful setup process with the screen reader on. The battery lasts a maximum of 10 hours for web browsing, sharing, or video chatting all day wherever you go.


  • Android operating system
  • Slim, portable design
  • Beautiful display with crystal clear colors
  • Great, powerful performance
  • Cinematic stereo surround sound
  • Smooth operating features and web browsing
  • Tutorials for set-up


  • Needs WiFi to connect
  • Battery charging takes longer than other tablets
  • Some apps may use a lot of memory
  • Manual only in English

Apple iPad Mini

2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray

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The Apple iPad mini has a screen display of 7.9 inches with True Tone and wide color. It has a thin lightweight design for taking anywhere you need to go and a 10-hour battery life to use it all day. This iPad mini is smaller than a usual iPad but it still delivers fast performance and is very powerful.

Apple offers an iOS operating system that allows users to access features that make it easier for people with visual impairments. They have the option in the settings menu for users with low vision. VoiceOver is a screen reader that can make it easier to navigate your device with speech.

Siri is the virtual assistant that will help you start VoiceOver with voice-activated commands. The screen magnifier increases the size of the text, image, map, or photograph by pinching the area with two fingers. The iPad mini has the best touch interaction and most fluent screen reader.

Its Retina display provides easy reading in any type of light. The iPad mini has a backlit display that makes it very easy to see and use in different light exposure. It has an HD camera for clear video calling and beautiful pictures. It has all the features of an iPhone but is much bigger for people who have low vision. The larger screen makes it easier to type for individuals with vision impairments.


  • VoiceOver screen reader
  • Zoom screen magnifier
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Great operating system
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Easy to use
  • Great for reading
  • Fast charging
  • Writing and drawing capabilities


  • Needs WiFi connection
  • May be too small for typing
  • Limited apps to download
  • Limited space


Nabi Big Tab

nabi Big Tab HD 20'

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The Nabi Big Tab has the biggest screen of all. It is the world’s biggest Android tablet. It has everything tablets offer but bigger. It features a 20 inch HD display that will benefit people with low vision. The Nabi Big Tab can be customized with the Google app store to best fit your needs.

It has a fast Android operating system. Android has a built-in screen reader app that uses speech to read your screen. It comes with the Google Text to Speech Engine pre-installed and ready to use.

The size may be suitable for people with visual impairments, but it may be too big to carry everywhere you go. The Nabi Tab has an adjustable sleek handle perfect for room-to-room portability. It can also be used as a stand to watch movies anywhere you want.


  • Android operating system
  • TalkBack
  • Huge screen
  • High definition display
  • Fast performance
  • Sleek removable handle


  • Needs WiFi connection
  • Too big to carry around
  • Kitkat 4.4 operating system
  • Battery issues


Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 2 in 1

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 2nd Gen 2-in-1 Tablet 20CG000SUS...

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The Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 2 has new technology to boot in seconds and delivers fast processing. It has a crisp clear 11.6-inch display and comes with a keyboard and a digitizer pen. The battery life can last up to 8 hours for web surfing or whatever matters to you. It has excellent audio for listening to music or screen reading.

It is slimmer and lighter than previous versions. It has plenty of storage to download anything you need.
Its added keyboard is a great feature.

It gives you the option to use it as a laptop for traditional typing. You can easily bend or detach the keyboard for your convenience. It gives you the increased functionality and power of a laptop but with lighter weight. You get the feeling of using a laptop but with the benefits tablets offer. It is a tablet when you want it and a laptop when you need it.


  • Windows operating system
  • Screen reader
  • Removable keyboard
  • Digitizer pen
  • HD graphics
  • Fast and responsive
  • Great for handwriting and drawing
  • Big and clear screen resolution


  • Needs WiFi connection
  • May be overly sensitive
  • A little slow for uploading


Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Book 12” Windows 2-in-1 PC (Wi-Fi) Silver,...

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The Samsung Galaxy Windows has a 12-inch cinematic display. It has an incredibly high definition display that gives you the best view. It is fully equipped with excellent features to adapt to your needs. It is a compact device with a keyboard that lights up to help people with low vision.

You can use it as a laptop just by attaching the keyboard. You can detach it for on-the-go. It has great storage and a microSD card slot for extra space. It has an excellent camera for capturing vivid pictures and ideal for video chatting and streaming.

The Samsung Book comes with a pressure-responsive S Pen for easy drawing or writing on your notes. Its battery life can last up to 11 hours and is fast charging. It is a good choice for people with visual impairments. Samsung comes with great features like screen magnifier, high-contrast mode, and text to voice commands to make navigating the web much easier.

This device uses a Windows operating system that has access to Microsoft software. It is engineered to run on Ultra-Fast networks. It is an excellent choice for best quality and performance.


  • Text-to-Speech
  • Incredibly fast operating system
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Adaptive fast charging
  • Light up keyboard
  • S Pen for writing
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Clear AMOLED screen
  • Plenty of memory


  • Needs WiFi connection
  • Higher price
  • Overheating issues


Final Thoughts


Whether you choose the most affordable or the most expensive one, they all do an outstanding job of helping people with visual impairments. They all come with integrated features in their operating systems to help those with low vision. You have the option to use voice commands and screen magnifiers whenever you need them.

You can customize each device to what best works for you. They are more useful than a cellphone to navigate and easier to use. The bigger screens are essentially suitable for people with visual impairments. They allow you to make text and images bigger.

It is up to you to choose how big you need the screen and how much space you will actually use. Also how powerful and long-lasting the battery life is. It can be powered by Android, iOS, or Windows, they will all provide the necessary features to best assist you.

Do you like a bigger screen or a faster operating system? Which one are you buying?