Best Tablet for Reading Manga

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

Last Updated: 16th November 2021

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Manga is one of the popular comic books with its origin traced in japan. It depicts Japanese arts developed around the 19th century. In Japan, Manga is typically used to reference a cartoon or the act of cartooning. The Japanese Manga is unique from the way it read right to left different from the ordinary left to right.

The comics are highly graphical with illustrations. There are various factors why you might consider reading Manga from a tab. A tablet will offer you a personal touch, and you can control multiple features with ease than in other devices. Most of these devices out there come with stunning graphics, hence making Manga easier to ready and display most of its graphical illustrations with much ease.

The speed at which tabs load up various pages is quite impressive, with some devices having super computer compatibility features.

Screen resolution and imagery display in many of these gadgets are impeccable, and such experiences make reading and display of highly graphical Manga easier to read. Tabs are not as expensive as computers, and their outputs are highly impressive, and they do not distort images.

All these make tabs the favorite choice for reading Manga. The following are some of the best devices with great customer reviews, and they are all available at amazon.

Best Tablet for Reading Manga of 2020


 Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Generation

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Generation - Wi-Fi, 256GB -...

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This great tablet from Apple comes with some huge benefits, especially when reading Manga. iPad Pro 12.9 boasts in size as it stands among the most prominent tabs in the market worldwide. It comes fully loaded with Wi-Fi that usually goes up to 512 GB. Such an incredible speed can only get compared to supercomputers.

iPad Pro 12.9 can only get compared with a paper book in terms of size, but the experience with this tab is far much better and more fulfilling. The graphics in this Pro tab are modern and of the highest quality, sharp, bright colors making it the best tool for artists.

iPad Pro screen is one of a kind as to its composed of the liquid retina and spreads from edge to edge. It as well comes with high quality four stereo speakers with an excellent sound system.

The battery life is quite long, and you can usually read for long before recharging again, and the tab comes guaranteed quality and durability. iPad Pro 12.9 comes with the latest technologies like Augmented Reality capability.

  • iPad Pro 12.9 primarily makes it suitable for reading Manga.
  • Secondly, the iPad consists of a high-quality retina screen with super high graphics.


  • IPad Pro 12.9 is among the most expensive tabs in the market today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro – 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, 32GB (Wi-Fi), Black

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This tab as well falls in the league of the essential gadget in the market currently. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro comes with an expanded memory consisting of 32 gigs of flash memory and high speed three gigs of RAM. Its graphics are exceptionally high quality and modern, making it favored for readability and comfort.

The rate at which this tab loads or fires up will amaze you, something many of us like about it. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro gets powered by an android operating system, but this tab is compatible with most reading apps that you many need when viewing various manga types.

With Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, you can even forget its charge as its battery life can go up to 13 hours without a recharge. Its screen resolution is quite high, with its 12.2 screen size. This size and resolution make this tab a darling to many, primarily if you frequently work from your

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro or play around with it. This gadget is available at Amazon at an affordable price.


  • This tab comes with a very high-resolution camera, which captures precise crystal details.
  • Secondly, the Samsung Galaxy Pro is suitable for high-resolution video content and editing materials with excellent capabilities.


  • The tablet runs only on the Android operating system keeping out its iOS fanatics.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5in

Apple iPad Pro 10.5in -64GB Wifi - 2017 Model - Gray...

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This phenomenon product is from Apple and comes with a screen size large enough to accommodate all Manga graphical needs. iPad Pro 10.5 comes with cellular capabilities and is Wi-Fi enabled. It comes loaded with 65 GB internal memory, and you can bet on its super-fast speed with no buffering and unnecessary delays.

When it comes to loading is graphics which Manga utilizes with speed, this tab offers the best quality, yet modern graphics for all your reading needs. You can zoom in and out of any image or content with a lot of ease. The color pigmentation and resolutions are outstanding.

IPad Pro 10.5 comes with a battery life that lasts approximately 10 hours when fully charged. It is quite a good time to do all your things on this tab without battery warnings. Not only the battery quality does this tab boasts of, but iPad Pro 10.5 also comes fitted with four speakers’ stereo systems, offering you high-quality sound.


  • Comes backed with a high-quality 12-megapixel camera at the back and a seven-megapixel front camera.


  • Its screen size is a bit smaller and, at times, requires zooming your contents to capture some details.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 64GB, 4GB RAM (WiFi + Cellular) 10.5'...

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Meant to compete with iPad Pro 10.5, but this product from Samsung comes with some unique features and capabilities you cannot resist. It runs on the Android Operating system.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 comes with different internal mics that are vice responsive with capabilities of picking your voice from a distance. It is a fantastic feature that makes this product quite a darling to many. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5, utilizes Dolby Atmos, a surround sound technology to offer its uses high-quality sound.

The images from this tab are stunningly colorful due to the quality of the graphics.

It as well comes with a stylus pen, perfect for recreating your drawings and graphics. This tab is ideal for reading Manga as it transforms itself into a mini supercomputer with all the office functionalities and programs necessary for you to work with or even play.


  • With this tab, you can enjoy a variety of Manga books as it comes with various reading apps that are super compatible with this app.


  • Its screen size is smaller, and you may get forced to zoom some contents.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A -10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 32 GB Wifi Tablet Black (2019)

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It is yet another fantastic product from Samsung and comes with some of the best screen resolutions approximately,1920 x 1200. On top of an excellent screen resolution, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 accords you 16 GB worth of internal memory and 32 GB in the memory card. Consequently, this tab comes with 2 GB worth of RAM just to speed up things for you.

When it comes to memory and space, this tab leaves your tongue wagged as it comes with an extra 256 GB micro SD slot. Such kind of features is not readily available in many niches.

The tab is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and runs on the Android operating system. It comes with a battery life that can last up to 13 hours, giving you all the time you need before it starts giving warnings.

In terms of speed, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is super-fast and incredibly vibrant, offering you an experience that is worth your hard-earned money.


  • The tab is quite light and weighs approximately a pound.


  • This tab is only compatible with android reading apps.


Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7'; 8 GB Wifi Tablet (White)...

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This Galaxy tab though it’s among the smallest, offers the best capabilities for reading manga. It’s a proud product from Samsung, and its only 7-inch-long in screen size. The screen is wonderfully bright, and this makes it even more comfortable when reading from such a small screen.

With Galaxy Tab Elite 7, readers get forced to zoom in and out to get the full content of manga book as its screen is smaller than the manga book. The tab is straightforward to carry due to its small size and its lightweight, making it easy to fit in your pocket or even a purse.

This super-powered tab lasts quite some time, as its battery life is estimated to go up to 9 hours of use when fully charged. It comes with a micro SD slot that offers you an extra 24 GB worth of memory.


  • Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 is highly portable due to its small size and its lightweight features.


  • The small screen size makes Manga not fit perfectly on the screen, and you will get forced to zoom in and out now and then.


Final Thoughts

When deciding on which tab to purchase for your Manga reading purposes, you must pay attention to some details, which will make your reading easy and comfortable as well. One such factor you have to put into consideration is the screen size of the tab; it’s not a pleasant experience to keep on zooming in and out of your content.

Choose a gadget with a screen that fits the manga book perfectly on its screen. Similarly, consider screen resolution and graphics of your preferred device. Go for the device with the highest resolution and modern, high-quality graphics as these two will go a long way in making your reading life more comfortable.

Other features you might pay attention to is the RAM size and the speed at which the tab loads up; you do not want a slow gadget on your hands; such experience is disturbing. Make sure you go through all reviews not to fall in the trap of purchasing a device that will cost you much and give you poor performance.

Lastly, you should be considerate of tab weight as the last option, but this should not be a factor to dismiss the right quality tab. But if you want a lightweight device that fits in your pocket or purse, then be ready to sacrifice some of the features stated above.