Best Tablet for Outdoor Use

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

Last Updated: 16th November 2021

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Whether you work in a rough environment, you need to compute while outdoors or you simply want a tablet to enjoy on your days out, finding the best tablet for outdoor use can be a bit challenging. Sure, if you think about it, every tablet out there can get the job done on a sunny day.

But then, there are small things that make the difference between a general tablet and one made for outdoor uses.

First, it is all about the screen. The light outdoors is different from the light indoors. You do not want to cover the screen with your hands in order to be able to read something. You want less reflection and great adjustability in order to be able to use the tablet in a comfortable manner. This is the main aspect to pay attention to.

Second, you want a bit of extra protection. Water resistance is a plus – waterproofing standards are ideal. Weather resistance is also important. Plus, if you can find a tablet made of more durable materials, you are a winner. Now that you know the main requirements for an outdoor tablet, what are the most important aspects to keep in mind when buying one?

Best Tablet for Outdoor Use of 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7'; 32 GB Wifi Tablet (Black)...

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You can never go wrong with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2. It is ideal for outdoor uses due to its rich colors and SuperAMOLED display. It has a digital optical zoom too – 4x. The screen measures 9.7 inches – it is somewhere between the small tablets and the large ones.

It is easy to hold and comfortable to use. Other than that, just like all the other Samsung devices, it runs on Android. This one comes with Android 6.0.

The performance is not to be overlooked either. You can play music for around four days. If you want to play videos, it will run for about 12 hours. It has a superior octa-core processor, 32GB of internal memory, and a slot of SD cards – up to 128GB of memory.

Furthermore, it connects to other Android devices without too much hassle. The rear camera comes with 8MP, so it can take clear pictures.


  • High-quality screen
  • Powerful processor
  • Good cameras
  • Good internal memory


  • Multi-Window does not support all applications

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (2018)...

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Apple might have designed the best tablet for outdoor use and not only. iPads have always dominated the market and this product makes no exception. It comes with a solid 11 inch screen, which is way above average – great detail and sharpness. The Liquid Retina display promotes wide colors, crisp results, and true tones. It is excellent for outdoor uses and the low reflection will ensure great uses – even in direct sunlight.

The unit comes with a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera. You have wide stereo sound due to the four speakers, as well as the classic security standards – such as face authentication, Apple Pay and so on. It has 64GB of RAM, so you can use multiple applications at once with no worries at all. In terms of battery, it can go up to 10 hours on a full charge.


  • Superior screen and color brightness
  • Face ID secure authentication and Apple Pay
  • High quality cameras
  • Available in more colors


  • Battery life could have been longer

Fire 7 Tablet (7″ display, 16 GB) – Black

Fire 7 tablet, 7' display, 16 GB, (2019 release), Black

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Whether you are after music, movies on Netflix in the backyard or a few electronic books under the shade of a tree, Fire 7 is the best tablet for outdoor use if you want functionality, rather than fancy features.

You have a seven-inch display and an internal memory of 16GB or 32GB – it can obviously be expanded with a card. The quad core processor brings in 1.3GHz and you have 1GB of RAM.

The tablet can go for seven hours if you watch videos – more if you use it to read. You can run it hands-free with Alexa. It has two basic cameras – 2MB each, as well as dual-band wireless connectivity. It comes in a few different colors and just like you have probably guessed already, it comes with excellent value for money.


  • Great value for money
  • No fancy bells and whistles that only add to the price
  • Good screen for outdoor uses
  • Good internal storage


  • Not the best cameras in the world

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

SAMSUNG SM-T290NZKAXAR, Galaxy Tab A 8.0' 32 GB Wifi Android...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes with an eight-inch display – not the largest on the market, but extremely rich in detail. It has a small bezel, so you get more content. The tablet is slim and comes with a premium metallic finish. It has dual speakers for surround sound too. It makes a good option for both indoor and outdoor uses, whether you use it to read, work, relax or watch some movies.

When fully charged, the tablet will go for about 13 hours. With 32GB of internal memory, you can store your favorite movies and music on it. It has a quad core 2.0GHz processor and multiple types of connectivity. It is compatible with other Samsung devices, but it also connects over Bluetooth and wireless. Obviously, it runs on Android.


  • Good battery life, even if you only use it to play or watch movies
  • Good internal memory that can be expanded
  • Rich and sharp colors, as well as double speakers for surround sound
  • Can be purchased in more sizes


  • No wireless charging options

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis – With 7” display and page turn buttons -...

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Kindle’s best tablet for outdoor use is excellent in all lighting conditions. You can use it at night, but you can also read a book without too much hassle in direct sunlight. It is, after all, the ultimate device for electronic books.

It comes in more options – more colors, different connectivity options, with or without ads and 8GB or 32GB of internal storage. If you tend to drop books once you are done reading them, the 8GB option could be more than enough.

It reads like real paperback books due to modern electronic ink technology. It also works with Audible, so pair with speakers or headphones. It is IPX8 waterproof, meaning you can read by the pool or while relaxing with a bath.

Other than that, the unit measures seven inches, so it is ergonomic and easy to hold with one hand. It is also quite lightweight and provides access to millions of books.


  • Available in more options based on your personal needs
  • Waterproof for reading books by the pool or in the bath
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to hold with one hand
  • Adjustable warm light


  • Only good for books – no games or other entertainment options

Buying Guide For In The Best Tablet For Outdoor Use

Apart from the screen and weather resistance, there are a few other general considerations to pay attention to.


A bigger screen will give you a better resolution, more detail, and clarity. But at the same time, it will be more difficult to hold. Most tablets range between seven and 10 inches, yet you can also find tablets larger than 11 inches. This aspect is nothing but a matter of personal preference.

Operating system

The operating system makes a difference for those who are more involved with technology. Android is more diversified than other systems, but iOS provides a bit more quality and extra protection. Windows has also built a good reputation in the tablet industry.


Whether you want this tablet for your work applications, lots of books, applications or movies for picnics, the internal storage should be good enough to accommodate all these. Opt for at least 32GB of internal memory. You can usually expand it with a classic SD card though.


The more powerful the processor, the more efficient your tablet will be. You will be able to run multiple applications at once and even handle demanding games. Opt for 1.6GHz or more. As for the speed (RAM), get over 16GB of RAM and you should be able to run anything.

A quad-core processor is needed for high-end applications, while some brands have taken it to another level – octa core processors.


Whether you can throw a SIM card in, connect wirelessly, run 3G or 4G on it, the connectivity is a matter of personal needs. Make sure you have Bluetooth and wireless connectivity before anything else.


In terms of extras, two aspects stand out in the crowd. Double-check the camera. Even if you have a professional camera or a good smartphone, you will take occasional pictures with the camera.

Second, make sure you have good battery life. You do not want the battery drained after a couple of hours.


As a short final conclusion, deciding on the best tablet for outdoor use depends on a few different factors. Each tablet comes with its own specifications – small details that will make the difference in your experience.

What truly matters is matching these specs to your personal needs. Are you interested in reading only? Are you a music freak? An avid gamer?
Do you want a tablet for your holidays?

How about a tablet that the whole family can enjoy? The good news is you do have options, but you still need a bit of research in order to determine the most suitable option for your necessities. From that point on, making a final decision becomes a matter of time only.