Best Tablet for Carpenters

Last Updated on February 1, 2021

In the industry of carpentry, it is critical to have tools that offer innovative applications to enhance freehand work. Architects and carpenters spend hours creating the perfect design with freehand work. They use devices and software programs to design and implement their ideas into a physical manifestation.

Nowadays, as technology continues to expand, the carpentry industry is bringing their imagination to life with the use of tablets. Therefore, finding the best tablet for carpenters in the industry is essential.

Best Tablet for Carpenters in 2021

How Popular Is A Tablet?

A tablet has grown in popularity since the dawn of its age. They offer a tremendous amount of power and portability, with an assortment of uses. Tablets enticed architects and carpenters to have options for better proficiency in their line of craft.

The popularity of the tablet continues to expand due to the mobility and wireless network applications that many individuals find resourceful in their line of work. Tablets offer the ability to interact and design while working on multiple projects as well as taking ideas and putting them into a physical presence. A tablet gives a professional the ability to design on the go as well as access and communicate with their work environment.

Tablets offer the ability to accomplish projects with a faster time frame. They have become a vital part of the carpentry industry over the years due to their expansion with efficiency and ingenuity.

Who Can Use A Tablet And Why Would It Be An Essential Tool For Carpenters?

Tablets are used by thousands of individuals across the world. Tablets allow professionals in diverse industries to enhance their line of work. You can find individuals in the educational, healthcare, business, architect, and carpentry industries accessing a tablet to make their work come to life.

Tablets have become an essential tool for carpenters for many different reasons. A tablet is ideal for an architect or carpenter because they are lightweights and they offer a great ability to get an overview of drawings and plans. They also can take amazing field pictures and notes in the beginning stages of any type of project. Carpenters and architects take the time to plan out a piece of furniture or to research ideas to get their creativity and imagination jump-started. Therefore, it is an essential tool for carpenters.

Are Tablets Good For Sketching?

Tablets are fantastic tools to use for any type of sketching. They provide a different type of resource that architects and carpenters can use to design and implement their ideas, all while saving trees. Using a tablet for sketching has many advantages. Tablets can archive digital files that are saved easily and won’t get ruined by physical elements that are prone to accidents. Besides, using the tablet for your digital drawings or ideas can have files dispersed to different locations with a flick of a finger.

Architects and carpenters use tablets to reference different quick drawings and jot down ideas as they’re on the go. Since there are many different drawing applications that a tablet can use, a tablet is an extensive tool that is used for a professional approach. The industry has a large client base, therefore sending a drawing or an idea to approve to a client is way faster than mailing a physical piece of paper.

Since technology in the tablet industry is evolving, the drawing applications are also increasing with different types of tools. Architects and carpenters can easily erase lines, duplicate the line, or add pre-loaded images with the use of different tools from pencils and pens to give it a professional touch. The tablet also allows architects, designers, and carpenters to draw in a creative perspective with the multiple features that tablets offer. They are versatile, quick, organized, and designed for ultimate portability. The sketching features are integrated with software that is constantly changing and evolving to better suit the industry of a carpenter or an architect.

A few other advantages to using the talent for sketching is the alternate features that different types of tablets contain. Some of the features that tablets offer are a larger area space to draw, a higher resolution to utilize colors and details, the ability to use a stylist that can transform between a pencil and a pen, have different commands that can alternate the drawings or save them, the ability to plan, calculate, and mold growing plans, and a professional pressure sensitivity feature that captures the natural drawing process that an architect or carpenter rely on.

Tablets are used daily in the industry. Many tablet for architects reviews have shared a positive experience when using a tablet. For example, one review shared that the tablet they used was easy to carry to different construction sites. They share that the table fits easily into a small carrying case, instead of using a large portfolio to draw. Another shared that the tablet was fantastic at taking notes when going to a meeting instead of using a paper book.

They stated that the tablet offers the ability to scratch, trays, and trash any type of drawing or note that they took. The tablet for architects reviews has thousands of professionals comments that say this is a modern way to accomplish their task with easier fashion and more reliability. 

What Are The Best Tablets For Carpenters?

Before you head into deciding what tablet to use as a carpenter there are a few things that need to be considered to find the best one. A carpenter or an architect will need a solid screen that will have good sensitivity and resolution. They will also need to have a stylist or a pen that allows them to have a good response to the tablets whether they needed for erasing or toggling. The pen needs to be reliable, and it had needed to have the ability to last a duration of time.

Some other considerations may be the types of software for the interface that the tablet uses to maximize professionalism. A view of the best tablets for carpenters are the following:

Apple iPad 9.7inch with WiFi 32GB- Space Gray (2017 Model) (Renewed)

(Refurbished) Apple iPad 9.7inch with WiFi 32GB- Space Gray...

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This tablet offers a 9.7 display with a 64-bit third-generation architecture chip. Tablets have a camera and a 32 gigabyte worth of memory installed. It also uses the IOS 10 operating system and can connect via Wi-Fi.

The item is under a pound and is a cost-effective approach for a carpenter or an architect to use. The size of this tablet is 9.4 x 0.3 x 6.6 in. The reviews that have been written about this tablet share that the tablet is then enough to build and prevent scratches and is built with high-quality.

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet (16GB) 

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet (16GB)

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Starting with an 8 ¼ display and an Android operating system, this tablet is built for speed. The item is 8.50 x 0.24 x 4.90 in. the memory installed on this tablet is 16 gigabytes and the hardware uses a lollipop platform. This tablet also can connect via Wi-Fi but it contains the usability of GPS and Bluetooth with a cutting-edge interface.

The reviews for this specific tablet say that the tablet is one of the best choices on the market as it upholds the screen resolution and can handle media consumption.

 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PS2-00001 12-Inch Pro 3 Intel Core i5 256GB Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PS2-00001 12-Inch Pro 3 Intel Core...

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The Microsoft surface is a higher and tablet that is used for different industries including carpentry. This tablet holds a fourth-generation core processor with a 12-inch display screen. It runs with Windows and the tablet is sold with a power supply and a surface pen.

The memory capacity for this tablet is 256 gigabytes and the item is 11.50 x 0.36 x 7.93 in. it has the capability of using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has integrated different sensors that utilize ambient light sensors gyroscopes and different ports for the tablet functions.

Also, the Microsoft Surface has an average battery life of nine hours and is known for its professional approach. Many of the reviews on this tablet are at five stars due to its speed, portability, and overall functions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1″ Water-Resistant Rugged Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1' | 64GB & LTE (UNLOCKED)...

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The Samsung tablet is a medium arranged device that offers 64 gigabytes of memory and has a 10-inch display. The price is reasonable and that the tablet offers a different rugged look compared to other tablets in the market.

This specific tablet can withstand different types of environmental changes such as water, temperatures, dirt, and mud. It also has a battery life of 15 hours and comes with a stylus included. Samsung is a phenomenal tablet that is built with the android operating system and has cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities.

This tablet is a little heavier than a few of the others as it weighs 2.87 pounds, however, it’s built for durability.

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8″ HD Android Tablet

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8' HD Android Tablet, Quad-Core...

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The Lenovo tablet has a simple style design but is powered by a quad-core processor and the Android operating system. It offers an eight-inch display that can connect with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This tablet is 7.50 x 4.80 x 0.32 in and has two gigabytes of memory installed.

This is one of the best tablets on the market for an architect or a carpenter to get started with. It offers a fair price as well as five-star reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do carpenters use tablets at work?

Yes. The best tablet for carpenters are used all the time at work and they have been well accepted in the industry for years. They are a great tool and resource for carpenters to utilize as they decrease the amount of wasted product and increase the ability to sketch on the go.

Is it safe to use a tablet at work?

Yes. It is safe to use a tablet at work. Many carpenters and architects consider using the right stylist and type of tablets that suit their environmental needs.

Do you need to use a case with your tablet if you are a carpenter?

It is advised to get a case with the tablet if you are a carpenter. You are going to be around particles and different elements outside of four walls. There are many different types of cases that you can get that will fit your tablet, and some of the cases provide additional features that enhance the tablets that you will get.

All of the tablets shown above are a smart choice of tablet on the market for a carpenter architect. Finding the best choice is ultimately up to you, however, keep in mind the considerations that the tablets offer to make your final decision. Below are a few common questions that carpenters have before deciding on getting the tablet for their industry.