Best Tablet Docking Station

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

In this age full of technological innovations, we can constantly find newer things to improve our workflow. From different gadgets to their respective supporting items, humans always find ways to make their jobs better.

Aside from phones and personal computers, we now have tablets to do our tasks with ease. What’s even better is that we can now get docking stations to support these tablets.

The purpose of docking stations or ports is to hold our tablets in an upright position. This gives us the opportunity to look at them at a certain angle that is not harmful to us. When it comes to choosing these things, we have to be smart.

That is why we prepared this list for you to find the best tablet docking station that can boost your productivity.

Best Tablet Docking Station of 2020

Sabrent Universal Laptop Docking Station with Tablet Stand

SABRENT Universal Laptop Docking Station with Stand for...

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For the first item in this list, we have the Sabrent Universal Laptop Docking Station with Tablet Stand. Even though it is still early on, I think we just found the best tablet docking station on this list. This is extremely justifiable when it comes to productivity because you can utilize it for your laptop, as well as your tablet. It also comes in a sleek black color, promoting professionalism in all aspects.

The Sabrent Universal Docking Station functions as an external system for your office work. It has a wide space that you can easily place your tablet in. Aside from that, it also functions as separate hardware for your computer. You can work more with the additional USB ports, video connectors, LAN port, audio port, and charging ports for your gadgets.


  • Multiple ports
  • Spacious tablet dock
  • Sleek black design
  • Additional hardware extensions


  • Not fit for all Mac OS
  • Possible glitches for other computers

Poweroni 6-Port USB Charging Station Dock

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Think of a miniaturized horizontal shelf. That is what you will get with the Poweroni 6-Port USB Charging Station Dock! It has a unique design that will definitely catch the attention of gadget geeks out there. It does not matter what type of gadget you have, this dock will surely accommodate it well.

This item features 6 USB ports that you can effectively use for numerous gadgets. They also include the charging cables that come with those ports. For the dock itself, you will see 6 well-spaced partitions to fit your gadgets in, and that includes your tablet. Finally, you can turn off its side switch whenever you are not using it, making sure that you will save energy and ensure its integrity.


  • Organized design
  • 6 USB ports
  • 6 USB Cables
  • Efficient on/off side switch


  • Possible malfunction
  • Faulty cable(s)

OthoKing Bamboo Charging Station

OthoKing Bamboo Charging Station, Wood Charging Station for...

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If you want a minimalist charging station with a more natural look, then the OthoKing Bamboo Charging Station is the clear choice for you. As the name clearly suggests, it has a natural bamboo or wooden design that promotes vibrance in the office setting. It may look it is too small, but you won’t have a problem when placing your gadgets in it. The product has 5 docks that can hold your gadgets with ease, making it efficient both in your home and in the office.

The OthoKing Bamboo Charging Station features 5 charging ports that can cater well to your gadgets. It also comes with 5 cables that will fit to any Android or Apple mobile device. If you have a thicker tablet, you can remove the panels to fit its size.

Finally, you will not have a problem with its technology, because it has a chip that automatically balances out the energy requirements of your gadgets whenever you are charging them simultaneously.


  • Natural look
  • 5 charging ports
  • Built-in chip
  • Removable panels


  • Cheap bamboo material
  • Cannot charge the device with cases

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock

Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 10 (Compatible with 7th...

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If you are using the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet, this is the perfect charging dock that can also boost your productivity. The Show Mode Charging Dock perfectly fits the Fire HD 10 inside it, making it easily accessible while you are juicing up its battery.

The charging dock has a simple black design to promote its simplicity. As soon as you dock your tablet on it, it will switch into Show Mode, making it easier for you to watch videos and do other activities. It has a magnetic feel, so the tablet can instantly snap on the dock with ease.

Finally, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, you can input hands-free commands without the need to make big movements.


  • Show Mode instant switching
  • Alexa hands-free command
  • Magnetic dock
  • Sleek black design


  • Compatible with 7th-gen tablets only
  • Not for all devices

Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

Lamicall Tablet Stand Multi-Angle, Tablet Holder: Desktop...

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The Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand enables you to work on it while you are in a comfortable position. It has a simple, skeleton-like design that promotes sturdiness along with its simplicity. Aside from that, its glossy metal finish makes it compatible for your home, as well as your office. If you have a large tablet, this tablet docking station would be the best option for you.


  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable view
  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Rubber cushions
  • Well-balanced placement


  • Works best for bigger tablets
  • Slight aesthetic issues

ORIbox Compass Pro Portable Display Stand

ORIbox Stand for iPad(Under 10 inches), iPhone, Aluminum...

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The ORIbox Compass Pro Portable Display Stand is another minimalistic docking station you can consider. It is made of sturdy aluminum alloy that perfectly accents its triangular structure, enabling you to dock your tablet on it with ease. The anti-slip silicone protects the entire structure from slipping, promoting your tablet’s protection all the way.

Finally, thanks to its compass-like design, you can easily snap it in its original shape and effortlessly plug it inside your bag.


  • Compact size
  • Adjustable elevation
  • Aluminum alloy and silicone materials
  • Easy to use


  • Too small at first glance
  • Good for bigger tablets

AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand - Compatible...

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The AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand is one of the most minimal docking stations you will find in this list. It has a simple black design, which also resembles the structure of a guitar capo. Its non-skid base is perfect for holding your tablet, and the foldable design is easy to manipulate.

Finally, this item is easy to snap back in its original state whenever you are done using it. It reverts back to a straightened out structure, making it compact and easy to store inside your bag along with your other gadgets.


  • Compatible with most tablets
  • Simple design and structure
  • Non-skid base
  • Easy to use


  • Insufficient securing capabilities
  • Weak adhesive for gripping materials

What To Look for in The Best Tablet Docking Station – Buying Guide

Excellent Design 

Docking station manufacturers come up with unique designs to impress their target audience. If you want to find the most reliable item in this area, make sure to check out this feature.

A tablet docking station with excellent design benefits you and the gadget you are using. If it does not portray those things, then skip out the item you are currently checking.

You can easily spot a well-designed docking station just by looking at its picture. Most online stores place the tablets on the station while taking photos of them. This way, their customers will know what the thing looks like if they ever consider having one in their home or office. If you are planning to buy one of these, take a look at their respective photos first, and decide if you want that specific design or not.

Sufficient Charging Ports

Some docking stations will only hold your tablet in place, but others will have charging ports for maximum efficiency. If you have a lot of gadgets, it is best for you to get the latter. It will save you the time of looking for multiple sockets, which means you can focus more on your work.

When looking for efficient docking stations, check their features to see if they have enough charging ports. Some of them have at least 2 ports, and some of them have more than 6. It really depends on your preference and requirements. If you work with more than one gadget, then getting one with multiple ports is the best option.


Most docking stations have a fixed design, and their only purpose is to hold your tablet. If you are looking for more creative designs, some manufacturers come up with ideas to make their tablet docking stations more appealing.

One of these ideas that makes them the best tablet docking station is the implementation of excellent maneuverability. By having a maneuverable docking station, you can easily change your tablet’s position anytime you want.

In order to ensure excellent maneuverability with your preferred docking station, search for different products online. Some of them will swivel, rotate, or act as an elevating platform. Whatever the case, make sure to get one that provides for your needs.

For example, if you are having a hard time working with a tablet because it is too low, then get the docking station that can elevate it to your preferred vantage point.

Final Thoughts

Tablet docking stations are one of the most sought after office accessories these days. They can help with your multitasking abilities, and you won’t have to deal with stiff necks anymore.

When looking for the best tablet docking station, make sure to check out the items in this list. These products are the best selections in the market, so it would be the best idea to constantly check them out.