Best 4G Tablet

Last Updated on October 4, 2020

The spectacular rise of the internet has entirely changed how we live our daily lives. With a single click of a finger, you can send messages to a distant relative, peruse the news for global developments, manage your online banking and finances, learn about new academic subjects and even keep yourself amused with cute cat videos. It has become in some form, a lifeline that allows us to stay in touch and connected with the wider world around us.

Everyone wants to stay connected online but the reality is no matter how great the internet becomes; it remains quite tricky to bring it along with us throughout our day. However, there is a fix – one remedy to this problem is through using mobile devices, namely: tablets.

Just think about it for a hot second. With 4G you will be constantly tethered to the internet. This means whether you’re relaxing at home, walking to class, lounging in a nearby cafe or even using the washroom, countless modes of entertainment lay right upon your fingertips. Netflix? You got it. YouTube? Why not. Facebook? Instagram? Amazon? Snapchat? No problem. The question then becomes why wouldn’t you want a 4G Tablet? Convenience, after all, is the name of the game when it comes to these devices.

So, you’re sold on finally getting a 4G tablet for yourself but now you’re overwhelmed by the inexhaustible list of options out there. This is where we come in – we’ve compiled and reviewed six of the best 4G tablets out there so just kick back, relax and read on.

But before we get to our list, one word of caution. If you are considering getting a 4G Tablet, be warned: you have to purchase a device with Built-in 4G from the start, it’s not something you can simply top-up later down the line. We suggest you think about your needs properly before taking the plunge.

Best 4G Tablet of 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 128 GB Wifi Tablet Black (2019)

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First up is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Featuring a vivid and beautiful 10-inch HD screen coupled with a bewildering resolution of 1920 x 1200 (more than enough for just 10-inches) and coming into the market with a hugely affordable price, we firmly believe that the Tab A is an excellent gateway tablet into the tablet market.

Delving into the Tab A’s design, you will be delighted to know that it is composed of mainly aluminum. There are, of course, some remnants of plastic here and there but overall, the device will feel premium and solid on the hands with minimal flex – a steal considering its price. If variety is your thing, it also comes in three colors: gold, black, and silver. Complementing all this, it boasts a lightweight of just under 460g which is fantastic by any tablet’s standards.

Looking inside the tablet reveals an octa-core processor composed of dual 1.8GHz and Hexa 1.6GHz cores along with 2GB of RAM. Storage options are equally impressive, coming at a base capacity of 32GB though this is expandable to 512GB through a microSD card. These features combined make it fully capable of running almost any application whether it be gaming or iMovie – though you may notice a very slight drop in performance when compared to higher-end tablets.

Coming with a battery capacity of 6150mAh, you will be able to use the Tab A without the need for recharging for up to 11.5 hours of usage. However, do note that our reports indicate slightly fewer hours if you’re constantly using 4G. 

Finally, coming to the cameras, the Tab A comes with an 8-megapixel camera on its rear and a 5-megapixel camera on the front for all your ‘selfie’ needs. While these certainly don’t hold a candle when compared to certain phones (cough like the iPhone 11), it should do the trick for day-to-day casual photography and video calls.

2. Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray (1st...

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In tablet-speak, you can be sure that when the words Apple and iPad Pro are used together, your wallet is in danger. Costing nearly a thousand dollars, is this slick yet thin device worth its premium price tag? Well, yes in our opinion. This tablet may be one of the finest in the market and paired with 4G, it washes away most of the competition – provided you’re willing to pay for it.

First off, the screen is massive. Standing at 11-inches, its size isn’t just for show. With a display resolution of 2388 x 1668 and an IPS LCD, this tablet is bright, beautiful and sharp. Whether you’re zooming into the finer surface details of a Picasso or ironing out the details on a corporate presentation, your eyes are in for a treat. Breaking down the iPad’s specs reveals more than meets the eye.

It comes with near-laptop processing power with an A12X Bionic processor, Neural Engine, Embedded M12 coprocessor and 4GB of RAM, it dominates the market. We tested this iPad in many ways, from browsing on Safari to streaming Netflix to using various benchmarks and this thing beats even certain laptops. With all this, a difficult balance has to be struck with battery life.

Tablets often sacrifice battery for power. But somehow in the iPad Pro, we still found casual usage peaking at a staggering 13 hours.

The iPad’s design needs no introduction. Apple flat out leads the market when it comes to this aspect and the iPad is no exception though it takes a bolder and sharper approach. Apple has done away with rounded edges and softer elements, going towards sharper corners and thinner bezels. Pull this device out and you’ll be noticed by eyes all around.

The camera certainly pulls its weight as well with a 12-megapixel front camera capable of taking HDR pictures and 4K videos up to 50 FPS.

While we aren’t privy to why somebody would use a tablet over an actual camera or even phone to snap pictures if it’s your thing you can rest assured that quality is in your hands. On that note, portability is no issue with its weight of 1.03 lbs.

3. Apple iPad Mini

Apple 2019 iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray

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While still treading within Apple’s domain, taking a step down the ladder of price but a step further into portability, we encounter the iPad mini. A deceptively small powerhouse that punches well above its weight class (0.66lbs to be exact) that well encapsulates the phrase: tiny is mighty.

The screen may seem small standing at 7.9-inches compared to the other tablets in the list but with a Retina display and resolution of 2048 x 1536, this thing has the highest pixel density among all of Apple’s tablets. 

It’s no stretch to say that with this, the iPad Mini comes close to bringing videos and photos to life. Now looking at the iPad Mini’s design, if you’re looking for a smaller version of the iPad Pro you’d be left with disappointment.

It comes with a more outdated model based on previous iterations which aren’t entirely a deal-breaker. It’s still a beautiful device, it’s just erring more on the old-fashioned side of things.

This tablet is fast, mean and slim. Like its sibling on the list, it holds an A12 bionic processor with 64-bit architecture, an M12 coprocessor, and Neural Engine. A beast like this can handle even the meanest and most demanding applications Adobe can whip out from Photoshop to Premier Rush to Fresco – while promising a day’s worth of use standing at around 10 hours of battery life. True, it’s doesn’t last quite as long as the iPad Pro, but it does have a Lightning port that will charge this tablet up faster than you say Think Different.

The front camera also comes as a 7-megapixel installation which given the size of the device, is a surprising addition though it won’t impress anyone at this point.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- 10.5' 128GB, Wifi Tablet -...

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Venturing back into Samsung’s domain, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a fine flagship alternative in a market heavily dominated by Apple. With a composition that is thinner and slimmer than previous Samsung Tab models, the Tab S6 comes with rounded edges and thinner bezels that can be almost mistaken for a minimalist Apple product upon first glance.

What will catch your eye immediately is its gorgeous display. Spanning 10.5-inches with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600, the AMOLED display will give its competitors a run for their money. With a variegated display like this, it is no stretch to say this thing is so sharp it can cut.

Its vibrant range of colors will give an extra aesthetic smothering to anything from still photos to lengthy videos and will even bring out the sharpness in the words of your eBooks. 

Its processing power is not to be taken lightly as well. With a Snapdragon 855 Processor and up to 8GB of RAM along with 256GB of internal storage (expandable with a microSD card), it is, by all means, a speedy devil. We’ve tried everything on this tablet from the Geekbench 5 CPU Benchmark to multitasking on Chrome and everything ran without a hitch.

But the question to then ask is can it last long given all these demanding specs? The battery’s 7,040mAh capacity easily crushing up to 11 hours of solid usage easily answers the question in this case. 

The camera as well, while it doesn’t match up to certain phones and, stands high atop the hill with a 13-megapixel rear camera – the highest quality among all the tablets on our list. We don’t usually understand why someone would use a tablet for photography but with the Galaxy Tab S6, we’ve taken a step closer to reaching an understanding.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″

SAMSUNG SM-T290NZKAXAR, Galaxy Tab A 8.0' 32 GB Wifi Android...

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If the steeper prices of the above products don’t really suit your fancy, look no further. The Galaxy Tab 8.0 is another affordable entry into the 4G Tablet market. With a much humbler construction the Tab A 8.0 is still slick and trendy in terms of design. However, the cost of its cheaper price comes in its build: it’s far more plastic-y than say, the iPad.  

Regardless, while some may complain about its cheaper feeling on the fingertips, the product is still very portable at just 0.69 lbs and is surprisingly durable. The display too is fine given the price point though this may seem poor for some. With a resolution of 1280 x 800 across 8 inches and with a TFT display, compared to the competition you will have to deal with low pixel density and resolution.

Videos, images, and text will seem comparatively blurry, but we didn’t feel this to be a big issue when testing the device. Just be sure to manage your expectations.

Stripping down the tablet to its insides reveals a Snapdragon 429 processor along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. These aren’t high-quality when we consider every tablet out there but for its low price point, it will do the job. It’s not fast but it is steady so lighter tasks including video streaming and light gaming will work just fine though more demanding tasks will certainly cause lag.

Surprisingly, the camera also comes as an 8-megapixel installation with Full HD capabilities which was a pleasant addition.

6. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Tablet

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1' Full HD Wi-Fi Tablet with Pen,...

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The final installation on our list comes from Huawei and is the cheapest on our list.  Make no mistake however, while it may be cheap, the Mediapad M5 Lite cuts no corners in delivering a high-quality product. 

Offering a full HD experience across 10.1-inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, this is by our standards, a great bang for your buck given its low price. It also comes fitted with an IPS panel which will bring out the vividness in colors. The design of the tablet was interesting. Not only was it modern and sleek but it was composed of a full metal body.

Under the hands it felt like a much more expensive product and weighing just 1.05 lbs, you could be forgiven for making that mistake.

Running on a HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in memory, along with a sturdy battery that lasts up to 11 hours of usage, you will face no issues in everyday usage. We did face some issues when playing with more demanding games such as PUBG though we found that reducing the settings to medium and low made things run smoothly again.

Regardless, for streaming, mailing, texting and reading, this tablet will do just fine. Before we forget, even the camera is solid at 8-megapixels which blows even some Samsung products out of the water.

Before you buy: Things to consider for 4G Tablets

All that glitters is not gold – nothing rings more true than in the technology market. While we have listed some of the best 4G tablets above and truly believe they are great devices to own given our increasingly mobile world, they may not be right for everyone. There are very important questions you have to ask yourself before making any purchase so here are two points you should take careful note of.

First off, ask yourself the following question: Do you need 4G? Having a 4G capable device affords many benefits in the way of flexibility, convenience and mobility in your daily life but whether you actually need it or can make do with just Wi-Fi is an important question to ask yourself.

If you plan to use your tablet only in the comfort of your home or office or even school, where Wi-Fi is readily available, 4G probably won’t be as worth it for you.

However, if you plan to treat your device like a portable workstation and intend to bring it along with you to places where Wi-Fi may not be available (e.g. while driving) then 4G could be right up your alley. Additionally, if you already have a mobile phone with 4G, it could render the idea of getting a 4G tablet obsolete. Just be honest with your unique requirements and you’ll do fine.

And secondly, are you aware of the additional costs? All tablets come with baseline Wi-Fi capabilities and there is no extra cost for this. Conversely, for a 4G capable device, you will be required to fork out extra money on both hardware and phone bills – remember, you are inserting a SIM card after all to access the 4G network. Whether this is worth the cost is a question only you can answer. It also is worth noting that 4G technology isn’t perfect.

It’s a relative newcomer to the playing field of mobile networking so depending on where you live, you may experience difficulties, so we suggest you consult your local provider prior.