Amazon Fire HD 10

In today’s article, we have reviewed the Amazon Fire HD 10.
Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet review
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Last Updated on November 30, 2021

In the market for a new tablet? They are fantastic devices, aren’t they? Provided the increased screen size, a phone simply cannot deliver, but with all the portability! There are so many tablets on the market now; it can be overwhelming to know which is the best one for you to purchase.

From Apple, Google, and even Amazon, every brand under the sun seems to have a tablet on the market. So how do you know which one to pick? Well, you come to your old friends here at tablet comparison, who are more than happy to help!

Today we will look at one of the most popular tablets available, the Amazon Fire HD 10. We will take a closer look at all the tablet features to offer to help you purchase the tablet of your dreams today!


Let’s take a quick look at all you need to know about the Amazon Fire HD 10! 

  • 10.1-inch screen featuring a full HD resolution for a clear viewing experience
  • You get two storage options: 32GB or 64GB and space to add a microSD of up to 512GB. 
  • Released in  2019, it’s the latest model available 
  • It features a 2.0GHz processor and 2GB of RAM for a performance that is 30% faster than its predecessor
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life, allowing you to stream, browse the web, or listen to music with ease 
  • Hands-free Alexa will enable you to control the tablet with ease, and no need to press a button! 
  • Front and rear-facing cameras allow you to take images and record HD videos.
  • Compatible with your favorite apps, allowing you to check emails, write, read, and stream problem-free
  • Range of 4 colors available 
  • Reasonably priced for a tablet of this nature.
  • A lightweight tablet that is easy to hold.

Has that sold you? Well, then pick up your tablet here! For those who want to know more about the  Fire HD 10, just keep on reading. 


Let’s dive into this tablet and take a closer look at the features on offer today. The tablet features a large 10.1-inch screen, packed with a Full HD resolution that will make viewing movies clear and enjoyable. It is compatible with Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services to ensure that you can view anything your heart desires! The sound on the tablet is excellent, too, with dual speakers allowing you to listen to dialogue or music with ease. The sound is fantastic whether you listen through the tablet or with headphones!

In terms of music, you have access to excellent streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube! Downloading apps is straightforward, too, thanks to the easy-to-navigate app store. 

You will have access to a whole host of apps, too, allowing you to check your email, set reminders, browse social media, and make video calls. Zoom or Skype works perfectly, among other video calling apps, allowing you to keep in touch with family and friends easily. The tablet features a 2MP  front and rear-facing camera and 720p HD video recording, allowing you to connect with others easily. 

Storage and speeds: 

In terms of storage, you have two options, a 32GB or 64GB internal storage. It’s plenty for any files you might want to store! Alternatively, if that seems a little small for you, you can pop in a microSD card with up to 512GB of storage! That’s bags of space for anything you want to save! 

The tablet is not the fastest one on the market, but by no means is it a slow one! It features a 2.0GHz octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM to offer a 30% faster performance than Amazon’s previous tablets! 

The speed will be more than enough for streaming movies, music, browsing the internet, or some light gaming! 

Built-in Alexa: 

The Fire HD 10 also features Amazon Alexa built-in! You can use Alexa to make hands-free commands, such as requesting songs, setting alarms, and checking the weather, all without needing to press a button! There is also an on/off toggle that allows you to control Alexa, turning it off when needed. 

Battery Life

You won’t need to worry about a low battery with this tablet, the  Fire HD 10 features up to 10-hours of battery life! Great for long journeys or intense movie watching, simply turn your tablet on, and you are away to go! 

You can also opt for the Fire 10 tablet bundle that features a case, screen protector,  and 15W charger that delivers even faster charging times before! It does drive the cost up but is worth considering if you enjoy quick charge times and don’t want the added stress of buying a case and screen protector separately. 

The standard HD 10 features a USB-C charger using  9W that will see your tablet charged in roughly 4 hours! It won’t take long for you to be up and running again. It is worth remembering, though, that running large tasks such as HD movies or streaming games can reduce the battery, be sure to take your charger on the go with you so that the fun never stops! 


When it comes to purchasing electricals, we always want to know that we are protected should something go wrong. Thankfully, the Fire HD 10 comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you are protected should anything happen to your tablet!

Customer service is straightforward to contact, too, so your tablet is likely to be repaired or replaced with ease, allowing you to continue enjoying it relatively problem-free!

How much?

The Fire HD 10 is exceptionally reasonably priced for a tablet of its size and power. While you might find cheaper alternatives on the market, you are unlikely to match the Fire  HD 10 in terms of its speed and battery life. The increased speed does set it apart from others on the market and makes it a bargain whether it is a tablet for yourself or a gift! 

Final thoughts 

And like that, we have reached the end of our review of the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. While it is not the most powerful tablet on the market, we are sure you will agree that it is an excellent all-around tablet for streaming films, music, browsing the internet, and keeping in touch with family and friends. 

What are you waiting for? Grab the tablet now! 

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