Amazon All-new Kindle 10th generation

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

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At first sight, this device here looks very much like its high-quality counterparts, the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis. Its design is pretty much the same, but there are essential differences between these devices, starting from the price and reaching to performance. This doesn’t mean that this Kindle model isn’t a good product. It is part of a series that has gained a lot of respect and appreciation from Amazon’s fans, but it cannot be included in the Premium category. It all starts from the first touch. Compared to the two other models, this version is covered in a more affordable material, which makes it feel not-so-premium to touch.

One of its advantages is that it is lightweight and has a 6-inch display. It is easy to use one- handed and can be transported in any bag, as well as in a larger pocket. The life of a reader becomes much easier when owning a device such as this one, as you can take it with you anywhere you go. This way, you can respect your daily rituals and not let a single day pass without having read at least a few pages.

The total size of this e-book reader is 160 x 113 x 8.7mm. There are big bezels with a lip included, that keeps them raised above the screen, so that the screen is less likely to scratch. Although they are very practical and they have a clear purpose, many users consider them to be too big for the device.

Display and Audio

The All-New Kindle’s display is plain. To turn it on, you will find that there’s a button on the bottom edge, right next to the micro USB port. As there is no other port, you will be using the micro USB cable to recharge the tablet. No other buttons are present, so you will be able to hold the Kindle comfortably for hours. What most users appreciate about this model’s display is the fact that it is not reflective. This is a 6-inch glare-free screen that can be used in powerful light conditions without having to strain your eyes. Very few Kindle models have this feature, but as technology evolves, we are hoping that Amazon will give us all reflective displays.

What makes Paperwhite superior is the fact that its display has 300 pixels per inch, while this model only has 167 pixels per inch. This difference becomes noticeable when reading comic books or other materials that are filled with small details.

An upgrade that we wouldn’t have expected on this model is the fact that Amazon included a backlight in the display’s system, allowing readers to continue their books in the dark. The tablet’s battery life isn’t awful, but once you will start to listen to audiobooks, it will start dropping faster.

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Performance and battery life

Just like all Kindle models, this version also has company’s own software running, which is heavily integrated with the Amazon e-book store. Once the home screen is accessible, you will start receiving recommendations for other books and audiobooks. Navigating around the software is intuitive. You must pressing on either side of the display when wanting to change the page within the book. More features can be adjusted and the settings will be displayed if you simply press at the top of the page. Here you will find the Settings screen, a direct link to Goodreads so you can review the book you’re reading and page display settings.

In regards to the battery life, if we are to be convinced by Amazon’s statements, we would say that the device’s battery lasts for about a month, with 1-one of reading per day. The truth is that it depends how you use the device. Browsing the store is the activity that eats up the most battery, so try to strategize if you know that you will be traveling for a long time. Explore the store and download books before the trip and then only use the Kindle to read.

Should you buy the Amazon All-new Kindle 10 th generation?

You should buy the All-New Kindle 10 th generation version if you are eager to find a Kindle model that is cheap, durable and encompassed various modern technologies. This device has a lot of benefits to offer. However, there are things that aren’t as expected. For instance, while the Paperwhite and Oasis offer at least 8 GB of storage, this model only offers half of that. If you are careful about the size of your books or you simply keep a few at a time, 4 GB will be enough. However, it would have been nice to know that there is an option to add more internal storage if needed.

Audiobooks also take up more space, so you might want to avoid downloading more than one at a time. The connection seems to be solid and easy to set up. All of the books are downloaded through Audible. To conclude, this is a low-cost tablet from the Kindle series that can be used for weeks and that can be used in the dark. It is definitely worth it if the features presented in this article are enough for what you need.