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People think that a tablet PC is out of their price range. Admittedly, there are plenty of expensive tablets out there, but there are also many budget tablets available. It's not impossible to find a tablet with full functionality and many bells and whistles and not have to spend all the money in your pocket to get it.

Most tablets in the sub-$200 price range come loaded with the Android operating system. Because Android has such a robust feature set, budget tablets don't have to feel like watered down versions of their more expensive counterparts. Because the Google Play market has so many apps that add extra functionality to any tablet, then users do not have to fear that their cheaper tablets can't have some of the same programs the more expensive ones do.

It also depends on what you want to do. All budget tablets are capable of web browsing and email. Most run apps such as games and productivity programs. Many also function as e-book readers. If your needs are simple, then a budget tablet may be just what you are looking for. They can also serve as a relatively cheap entry into tablets in general. You may find that after using your budget tablet for a while, you will want to upgrade to a more mid or high range tablet.

Prices up to 200 US$

 Tablet PC   Release   OS   inch   Resolution   ppi   CPU   GHz   Storage   RAM   kg   Batt/h   Rating   MSRP 
Amazon Fire 7" (2017)2017-06Fire OS 57.01024 x 600171Quad Core1.381.000.308.04.249.99
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)2017-06Fire OS 58.01280 x 800189Quad Core1.316,321.500.3412.04.579.99
FNF Ifive Mini 4S2017-03Android 6.07.92048 x 1536326RK32881.8322.000.344.03.7199.00
Fusion5 10.62017-03Android 6.010.61920 x 1080208Cortex-A71.8162.000.586.03.9199.00
Amazon Fire HD 8 20162016-10Fire OS 58.01280 x 800189Quad Core1.316,321.500.3412.04.589.99
Astro Tab A102016-01Android 5.110.11280 x 800149A83 Octa2.0161.000.545.03.8179.99
Nvidia Shield K-12015-11Android x 1200283Tegra K1 2.2162.000.395.04.6199.00
RCA Viking Pro 10.1"2015-10Android 5.010.11280 x 800149Quad Core1.3321.
Amazon Fire HD 82015-09Fire OS 58.01280 x 800189Quad Core1.58,161.000.318.03.9149.99
Amazon Fire 7" (2015)2015-09Fire OS 57.01024 x 600171Quad Core1.381.000.317.04.249.99
LG G Pad 2 F 8"2015-08Android 5.08.01280 x 800189Snapdragon 4001.216,321.500.359.03.9189.99
Asus ZenPad C 7.02015-06Android 5.07.01024 x 600169MTK MT8382V1.28,
Lenovo Tab 2 A82015-05Android 5.08.01280 x 800189MTK 81611.30161.000.338.03.7129.99
Chromo Inc Tablet2015-03Android 4.47.01024 x 600169Dual Core1.040.500.284.03.542.99
Toshiba Encore Mini2014-10Win 8.17.01024 x 600170Intel A41.33161.000.3510.02.3120.00
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6"2014-10Fire OS 4.06.01280 x 800252Quad Core1.58,
Amazon Fire HD Kids 7"2014-10Fire OS 4.07.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.581.000.368.03.7189.00
HP Stream 72014-09Win 8.17.01280 x 800216Intel Atom Z3735G1.33321.000.357.04.0153.97
Nvidia Shield Portable2014-07Android 4.45.0720 x 1280294Nvidia Tegra 41.9162.000.585.04.5199.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.02014-04Android 4.47.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.2081.500.3010.04.5163.88
Acer Iconia A1-8302014-03Android 4.27.91024 x 786162Intel Atom Z25601.60161.000.387.54.2132.99
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite2014-02Android 4.27.01024 x 600169Marvell PXA9861.2081.000.318.04.4159.99
HP Slate 7 HD 4G2013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Marvell PXA9861.20161.000.337.04.0164.65
Asus MeMo Pad 82013-11Android 4.28.01280 x 800189Cortex A91.60161.000.358.03.9159.99
Nokia Lumia 25202013-11Win 8.1 RT10.11920 x 1080218Snapdragon 8002.20322.000.6213.53.699.99
Dell Venue 82013-11Android 4.28.01280 x 800189Intel Atom1.6016,322.
Dell Venue 72013-11Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Intel Atom1.60162.
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7"2013-10Fire OS 3.07.01920 x 1200323Snapdragon 82.2016,32,642.000.3011.04.3179.00
Nvidia Tegra Note 72013-10Android 4.27.01280 x 800215Nvidia Tegra 41.80161.000.3210.00.0199.00
HP SlateBook x22013-08Android 4.210.11920 x 1200224Nvidia Tegra 41.80642.000.619.53.369.95
Asus MeMo Pad HD 72013-08Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Mediatek1.20161.000.3010.03.9134.99
Lenovo Miix 102013-07Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.80642.000.5710.53.5164.65
Hisense Sero 7 LT2013-06Android 4.17.01024 x 600170Dual Core1.6041.000.330.03.869.95
Hisense Sero 7 Pro2013-06Android 4.27.01280 × 800216Nvidia Tegra 31.3081.000.368.50.0149.00
HP Slate 72013-04Android 4.17.01024 x 600170ARM A91.6081.000.378.04.0164.65
Asus MeMo Pad2013-04Android 4.17.01024 x 600170Via WM89501.00161.000.3610.04.0134.99
Coby Kyros MID 70652013-03Android 4.07.01024 x 600170Amlogic1.2081.000.340.03.6150.00
Asus MeMO Pad Smart2013-02Android 4.110.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 31.20161.000.599.03.8179.99
Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx2012-12Win 8.011.61366 x 768135Intel Atom1.80642.000.646.03.4164.65
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 22012-12Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.86642.000.5810.53.4164.65
Kobo Arc2012-12Android 4.07.01280 x 800215TI OMAP 44701.5016,32,641.000.360.03.0164.65
Acer Iconia Tab A1102012-10Android 4.07.01024 x 600170Nvidia Tegra 31.2081.000.390.03.9124.99
Lenovo IdeaTab A21092012-10Android 4.09.01280 x 800168Nvidia Tegra 31.20161.000.596.03.9164.65
Lenovo IdeaTab A21072012-10Android 4.07.01024 x 600132Allwinner A91.004,8,161.000.406.03.3149.99
Barnes&Noble Nook HD2012-09Android 4.07.01440 x 900243TI OMAP 44701.308,161.000.329.04.4199.00
Lenovo IdeaTab S21092012-07Android 4.09.71024 x 768132TI OMAP 44301.00161.000.587.03.7183.00
Toshiba Excite 7.72012-06Android 4.07.71280 x 800196Nvidia Tegra 31.3016,321.000.3510.54.2188.96
Coby Kyros 70422012-04Android 4.07.0800 x 480133Allwinner A101.0041.000.340.03.2109.99
Sony Tablet P2012-03Android 3.25.51024 x 480206Nvidia Tegra 21.0041.000.376.53.9190.00
Acer Iconia Tab A2002012-01Android 4.010.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 21.008,161.000.728.03.8199.99