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Posted: October 23, 2014

When the original iPad Air was released, it marked the first truly significant redesign in the venerable product line since Apple announced the iPad 2. The result was a fantastic product that other manufacturers have been trying to outdo ever since. The Apple iPad Air 2 is certainly less revolutionary in design, but it's no less impressive a device. The changes are largely subtle, and they begin with a slimming-down of the already ultra-thin original. The iPad Air 2 is 18 percent thinner and, although you may not notice much difference in comparing them side-by-side, it's a small touch that goes even further to cement the iPad Air as one of the most comfortable to use devices on the market.

Perhaps the most notable change is the inclusion of Touch ID. Apple's fingerprint sensor technology not only looks and feels cool, it's also well-integrated into a whole host of apps ranging from Dropbox to Amazon. The iPad Air 2 also sees subtle but significant upgrades to its display, including a fully laminated design and a new anti-reflective coating. Inside the Air 2, Apple claims that a new 64-bit A8X chipset offers 40 percent better performance than the original Air's A7 processor. The battery life is again pegged at 10 hours, and it seems the upgrade in horsepower didn't cost much in terms of power consumption.

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Apple iPad Air 2
 Tablet  Apple iPad Air 2
 Rating  Ratings
 OS  iOS8.1
 CPU  Apple AX8 - 1.30 GHz
 Storage  16,64,128 GB
 RAM  1 GB
 Display  IPS LCD - 9.7 inch
 Resolution  2048 x 1536 px - 264 ppi
 Camera  Front 1.2 / Back 8.0 MP
 Weight  0.44 kg / 0.96 lbs
 Battery life  10.0 hours
 Released  2014-10


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