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What is the Lightest Tablet?

tablet pc weight compared

Tablets are great for half an hour, then they start to feel heavy. After an hour, your shoulder starts to complain. After four hours your entire arm literally pops out of its socket and plops to the floor.

Well, maybe we're exaggerating. But it's going to make your tablet owning experience much more pleasant if you choose a nice, light one that feels more like holding a piece of paper than a dumbbell. 

About These Charts

On this page, we'll look at the lightest tablets on the market. The first table shows the 50 lightest tablet computers we've had our hands on, and allows you to compare them in terms of display size, processor speed, battery life and more.

As always, click on a column header to change how the table is sorted.

Click on a tablet name to read our review or get more info about that device.

The second chart shows a bunch of tablets ranked by weight in a more visual way.





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The 50 Lightest Tablet PCs

 Tablet   lbs   kg   Release   OS   inch   Resolution   CPU   GHz   RAM   Storage   Cam   Bat/h   Rating 
Dell Venue 70.520.232013-11Android 4.27.01280 x 800Intel Atom1.602.00163.07.04.2
Huawei MediaPad X10.530.242014-03Android 4.27.01920 x 1200Kirin 9101.802.001613.08.00.0
Dragon Touch 7"0.550.252015-02Android 4.47.01024 x 600Quad Core1.21.0082.05.03.8
NeuTab N7S Pro0.560.252015-10Android 5.17.01024 x 600Quad core1.21.0082.05.03.7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.00.580.262015-09Android 5.08.01536 x 2048Exynos 71.903.0032,648.07.54.0
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact0.590.272014-10Android 4.48.01920 x 1200Snapdragon 8012.33.00168.113.04.8
Asus ZenPad C 7.00.600.282015-06Android 5.07.01024 x 600MTK MT8382V1.21.008,
Chromo Inc Tablet0.600.282015-03Android 4.47.01024 x 600Dual Core1.00.5048.04.03.5
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6"0.640.292014-10Fire OS 4.06.01280 x 800Quad Core1.51.008,
Dell Venue 80.640.292013-11Android 4.28.01280 x 800Intel Atom1.602.0016,325.07.04.1
Google/Asus Nexus 7 II0.640.292013-07Android 4.37.01920 x 1200Snapdragon S41.502.0016,325.010.04.2
Amazon Fire 7" (2017)0.650.302017-06Fire OS 57.01024 x 600Quad Core1.31.0082.08.04.2
Asus ZenPad S 8.00.650.302015-06Android 5.08.02048 x 1536Intel Atom Z35802.332.0016,32,648.08.04.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.40.650.292014-07Android 4.48.42560 x 1600Exynos 51.902.0016,328.012.54.4
Acer Iconia Tab 70.650.292014-06Android 4.47.01280 x 800Mediatek MT83821.008,
Apple iPad Mini 40.650.292015-09iOS97.92048 x 1536Apple A81.502.0016,64,1288.010.04.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.00.660.302013-06Android 4.28.01280 x 800Exynos 41.501.50165.07.04.5
MSI Enjoy 710.660.302013-01Android 4.07.01024 x 600Amlogic1.501.0082.00.00.0
Asus MeMo Pad HD 70.660.302013-08Android 4.27.01280 x 800Mediatek1.201.00165.010.03.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.00.660.302013-05Android 4.17.01024 x 600Marvell PXA9861.201.008,
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids0.660.302013-10Android 4.17.01024 x 600Marvell1.201.0083.00.04.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.00.660.302014-04Android 4.47.01280 x 800Quad Core1.201.5083.010.04.5
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7"0.670.302013-10Fire OS 3.07.01920 x 1200Snapdragon 82.202.0016,32,640.011.04.3
Nokia Tana0.680.312013Win 8.07.41920 x 1080??0.00?
Apple iPad Mini0.680.312012-11iOS67.91024 x 768Apple A51.000.5016,32,645.012.53.8
Nokia N10.680.312015-03Android 5.07.91536 x 2048Intel Z35802.302.00328.012.03.5
Cube iWork 8 Air0.680.312016-07W10/A5.18.01280 x 800Atom1.442.00322.05.03.8
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite0.680.312014-02Android 4.27.01024 x 600Marvell PXA9861.201.0082.08.04.4
Chuwi Hi120.680.312016-07W10/A5.112.02160 x 1440Atom Z83001.444.00645.08.04.0
Amazon Fire HD 80.690.312015-09Fire OS 58.01280 x 800Quad Core1.51.008,
Barnes&Noble Nook HD0.690.322012-09Android 4.07.01440 x 900TI OMAP 44701.301.008,
HP 80.690.312014-03Android 4.27.91024 x 786Allwinner A31s1.01.00162.07.04.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.00.690.312015-03Android 5.08.01024 x 768Snapdragon 4101.201.50165.012.04.6
Amazon Fire 7" (2015)0.690.312015-09Fire OS 57.01024 x 600Quad Core1.31.0082.07.04.2
Onda v80 Plus0.700.322016-08W10/A5.18.01920 x 1200Intel Z83001.442.00322.06.03.2
Acer Iconia B10.700.322013-03Android 4.17.01024 x 600MediaTek1.200.508,
Huawei MediaPad M30.700.322016-10Android 6.08.42500 x 1600Octa2.34.00328.010.04.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.00.700.322014-04Android 4.48.01280 x 800Snapdragon 4001.201.50163.09.04.7
Lenovo Tab A7-500.700.322014-05Android 4.27.01280 x 800MediaTek MT81211.301.00165.08.50.0
Nvidia Tegra Note 70.710.322013-10Android 4.27.01280 x 800Nvidia Tegra 41.801.00165.010.00.0
HP Slate 7 Extreme0.710.322013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800Nvidia Tegra 41.801.00165.07.04.3
Huawei MediaPad M10.720.332014Android 4.28.01280 x 800Quad Core1.601.008,
Xiaomi Mi Pad 30.720.332017-05Android 7.07.92048 x 1536MTK8176 Hexa1.74.006413.012.04.2
HP Slate 7 HD 4G0.720.332013-12Android 4.27.01280 x 800Marvell PXA9861.201.00165.07.04.0
Asus FonePad 70.720.332013-10Android 4.27.01280 x 800Intel Atom1.601.008,16,325.010.03.8
Lenovo Tab 2 A80.730.332015-05Android 5.08.01280 x 800MTK 81611.301.00165.08.03.7
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.00.730.332013-04Android 4.18.01280 x 800Exynos 41.702.0016,325.07.04.5
Acer Iconia One 70.730.332014-05Android 4.27.01280 x 800Intel Atom Z25601.601.008,
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.40.730.332014-02Android 4.48.42560 x 1600Snapdragon 8002.302.0016,328.07.04.2
Apple iPad Mini 30.730.332014-11iOS87.92048 x 1536Apple A71.301.0016,64,1285.012.04.7


Tablet Weight Comparison

Dell Venue 7  Dell Venue 7 weight comparison bar 0.52lbs / 0.23kg
NeuTab N7S Pro  NeuTab N7S Pro weight comparison bar 0.56lbs / 0.25kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.58lbs / 0.26kg
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact  Sony Xperia Z3 Compact weight comparison bar 0.59lbs / 0.27kg
Chromo Inc Tablet  Chromo Inc Tablet weight comparison bar 0.60lbs / 0.28kg
Asus ZenPad C 7.0  Asus ZenPad C 7.0 weight comparison bar 0.60lbs / 0.28kg
Dell Venue 8  Dell Venue 8 weight comparison bar 0.64lbs / 0.29kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4  Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 weight comparison bar 0.65lbs / 0.29kg
Google/Asus Nexus 7 II  Google/Asus Nexus 7 II weight comparison bar 0.64lbs / 0.29kg
Apple iPad Mini 4  Apple iPad Mini 4 weight comparison bar 0.65lbs / 0.29kg
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6"  Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 0.64lbs / 0.29kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 weight comparison bar 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Asus ZenPad S 8.0  Asus ZenPad S 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.65lbs / 0.30kg
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7"  Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 0.67lbs / 0.30kg
Amazon Fire 7" (2017)  Amazon Fire 7 0.65lbs / 0.30kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 weight comparison bar 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Asus MeMo Pad HD 7  Asus MeMo Pad HD 7 weight comparison bar 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.69lbs / 0.31kg
Nokia N1  Nokia N1 weight comparison bar 0.68lbs / 0.31kg
Amazon Fire 7" (2015)  Amazon Fire 7 0.69lbs / 0.31kg
Cube iWork 8 Air  Cube iWork 8 Air weight comparison bar 0.68lbs / 0.31kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite  Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite weight comparison bar 0.68lbs / 0.31kg
Amazon Fire HD 8  Amazon Fire HD 8 weight comparison bar 0.69lbs / 0.31kg
Chuwi Hi12  Chuwi Hi12 weight comparison bar 0.68lbs / 0.31kg
HP Slate 7 Extreme  HP Slate 7 Extreme weight comparison bar 0.71lbs / 0.32kg
Onda v80 Plus  Onda v80 Plus weight comparison bar 0.70lbs / 0.32kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.70lbs / 0.32kg
Nvidia Tegra Note 7  Nvidia Tegra Note 7 weight comparison bar 0.71lbs / 0.32kg
Huawei MediaPad M3  Huawei MediaPad M3 weight comparison bar 0.70lbs / 0.32kg
Xiaomi Mi Pad 3  Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 weight comparison bar 0.72lbs / 0.33kg
Apple iPad Mini 2  Apple iPad Mini 2 weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
Lenovo Tab 2 A8  Lenovo Tab 2 A8 weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4  Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4 weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
Hisense Sero 7 LT  Hisense Sero 7 LT weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
HP Slate 7 HD 4G  HP Slate 7 HD 4G weight comparison bar 0.72lbs / 0.33kg
Apple iPad Mini 3  Apple iPad Mini 3 weight comparison bar 0.73lbs / 0.33kg
LG G Pad 8.3  LG G Pad 8.3 weight comparison bar 0.74lbs / 0.34kg
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)  Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017) weight comparison bar 0.75lbs / 0.34kg
Amazon Fire HD 8 2016  Amazon Fire HD 8 2016 weight comparison bar 0.75lbs / 0.34kg
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"  Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 0.74lbs / 0.34kg
FNF Ifive Mini 4S  FNF Ifive Mini 4S weight comparison bar 0.75lbs / 0.34kg
HP Slate 7 Plus  HP Slate 7 Plus weight comparison bar 0.75lbs / 0.34kg
Acer Predator 8  Acer Predator 8 weight comparison bar 0.76lbs / 0.35kg
Toshiba Encore Mini  Toshiba Encore Mini weight comparison bar 0.78lbs / 0.35kg
HP Stream 7  HP Stream 7 weight comparison bar 0.78lbs / 0.35kg
Asus MeMo Pad 8  Asus MeMo Pad 8 weight comparison bar 0.77lbs / 0.35kg
Chuwi Hi8  Chuwi Hi8 weight comparison bar 0.77lbs / 0.35kg
Teclast X80 Power  Teclast X80 Power weight comparison bar 0.77lbs / 0.35kg
Lenovo Miix 2 8"  Lenovo Miix 2 8 0.77lbs / 0.35kg
LG G Pad 2 F 8"  LG G Pad 2 F 8 0.76lbs / 0.35kg
Kobo Arc  Kobo Arc weight comparison bar 0.80lbs / 0.36kg
Hisense Sero 7 Pro  Hisense Sero 7 Pro weight comparison bar 0.79lbs / 0.36kg
Amazon Fire HD Kids 7"  Amazon Fire HD Kids 7 0.79lbs / 0.36kg
Asus MeMo Pad  Asus MeMo Pad weight comparison bar 0.79lbs / 0.36kg
HP Slate 7  HP Slate 7 weight comparison bar 0.81lbs / 0.37kg
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"  Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 0.82lbs / 0.37kg
Dell Venue Pro 5855  Dell Venue Pro 5855 weight comparison bar 0.83lbs / 0.38kg
Asus VivoTab Note 8  Asus VivoTab Note 8 weight comparison bar 0.84lbs / 0.38kg
Acer Iconia A1-830  Acer Iconia A1-830 weight comparison bar 0.84lbs / 0.38kg
Nvidia Shield Tablet  Nvidia Shield Tablet weight comparison bar 0.85lbs / 0.39kg
Sony Xperia Z4  Sony Xperia Z4 weight comparison bar 0.86lbs / 0.39kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7  Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 weight comparison bar 0.86lbs / 0.39kg
Nvidia Shield K-1  Nvidia Shield K-1 weight comparison bar 0.86lbs / 0.39kg
Dell Venue 8 Pro  Dell Venue 8 Pro weight comparison bar 0.88lbs / 0.40kg
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8  Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 weight comparison bar 0.88lbs / 0.40kg
Asus Transformer T90 Chi  Asus Transformer T90 Chi weight comparison bar 0.88lbs / 0.40kg
Acer Iconia A1-810  Acer Iconia A1-810 weight comparison bar 0.90lbs / 0.41kg
Acer Iconia W4  Acer Iconia W4 weight comparison bar 0.91lbs / 0.41kg
Lenovo Yoga 2 8"  Lenovo Yoga 2 8 0.92lbs / 0.41kg
HP Pro Tablet 608  HP Pro Tablet 608 weight comparison bar 0.93lbs / 0.42kg
Google/HTC Nexus 9  Google/HTC Nexus 9 weight comparison bar 0.93lbs / 0.42kg
Amazon Fire HD 10  Amazon Fire HD 10 weight comparison bar 0.95lbs / 0.43kg
Lenovo ThinkPad 8  Lenovo ThinkPad 8 weight comparison bar 0.95lbs / 0.43kg
Apple iPad Air 2  Apple iPad Air 2 weight comparison bar 0.96lbs / 0.44kg
Apple iPad Pro 9.7  Apple iPad Pro 9.7 weight comparison bar 0.96lbs / 0.44kg
Sony Xperia Z2  Sony Xperia Z2 weight comparison bar 0.96lbs / 0.44kg
HP Slate 8 Pro  HP Slate 8 Pro weight comparison bar 1.00lbs / 0.45kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 weight comparison bar 0.99lbs / 0.45kg
Onda v96 Remix  Onda v96 Remix weight comparison bar 1.01lbs / 0.46kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5  Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 weight comparison bar 1.02lbs / 0.46kg
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1  Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1 weight comparison bar 1.03lbs / 0.47kg
Apple iPad Air  Apple iPad Air weight comparison bar 1.00lbs / 0.47kg
Apple iPad Pro 10.5  Apple iPad Pro 10.5 weight comparison bar 1.03lbs / 0.48kg
Toshiba Encore  Toshiba Encore weight comparison bar 1.06lbs / 0.48kg
Sony Xperia Tablet Z  Sony Xperia Tablet Z weight comparison bar 1.09lbs / 0.49kg
NeuTab N11 Plus  NeuTab N11 Plus weight comparison bar 1.10lbs / 0.50kg
Acer Iconia W3  Acer Iconia W3 weight comparison bar 1.10lbs / 0.50kg
Onda v919 Air 3G  Onda v919 Air 3G weight comparison bar 1.09lbs / 0.50kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1  Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1 weight comparison bar 1.12lbs / 0.51kg
Google Pixel C  Google Pixel C weight comparison bar 1.13lbs / 0.51kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 weight comparison bar 1.12lbs / 0.51kg
Asus ZenPad 10  Asus ZenPad 10 weight comparison bar 1.12lbs / 0.51kg
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 weight comparison bar 1.16lbs / 0.52kg
Teclast x98 Plus  Teclast x98 Plus weight comparison bar 1.16lbs / 0.53kg
Pipo x9  Pipo x9 weight comparison bar 1.12lbs / 0.53kg
Acer Iconia A3-A20  Acer Iconia A3-A20 weight comparison bar 1.18lbs / 0.54kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 II  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 II weight comparison bar 1.19lbs / 0.54kg
Astro Tab A10  Astro Tab A10 weight comparison bar 1.20lbs / 0.54kg
Chuwi Hibook 10.1  Chuwi Hibook 10.1 weight comparison bar 1.21lbs / 0.55kg
Toshiba Encore 2 Write  Toshiba Encore 2 Write weight comparison bar 1.21lbs / 0.55kg
Asus Transformer Book T100  Asus Transformer Book T100 weight comparison bar 1.21lbs / 0.55kg
Asus Transformer Pad TF103  Asus Transformer Pad TF103 weight comparison bar 1.21lbs / 0.55kg
Ainol AX10 Pro 4G  Ainol AX10 Pro 4G weight comparison bar 1.23lbs / 0.56kg
Asus Transformer T100 Chi  Asus Transformer T100 Chi weight comparison bar 1.25lbs / 0.57kg
Lenovo Miix 10  Lenovo Miix 10 weight comparison bar 1.27lbs / 0.57kg
Asus MeMoPad FHD 10  Asus MeMoPad FHD 10 weight comparison bar 1.28lbs / 0.58kg
Nvidia Shield Portable  Nvidia Shield Portable weight comparison bar 1.27lbs / 0.58kg
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310  Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310 weight comparison bar 1.28lbs / 0.58kg
GPD WIN Gamepad  GPD WIN Gamepad weight comparison bar 1.38lbs / 0.58kg
Asus Vivo Tab Smart  Asus Vivo Tab Smart weight comparison bar 1.28lbs / 0.58kg
Fusion5 10.6  Fusion5 10.6 weight comparison bar 1.28lbs / 0.58kg
Asus Transformer Pad TF701  Asus Transformer Pad TF701 weight comparison bar 1.29lbs / 0.58kg
iRULU Walknbook 3  iRULU Walknbook 3 weight comparison bar 1.30lbs / 0.59kg
Asus MeMO Pad Smart  Asus MeMO Pad Smart weight comparison bar 1.30lbs / 0.59kg
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10  Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 weight comparison bar 1.33lbs / 0.60kg
HP SlateBook x2  HP SlateBook x2 weight comparison bar 1.34lbs / 0.61kg
Microsoft Surface 3  Microsoft Surface 3 weight comparison bar 1.37lbs / 0.62kg
Nokia Lumia 2520  Nokia Lumia 2520 weight comparison bar 1.36lbs / 0.62kg
Lenovo Yoga 2 10"  Lenovo Yoga 2 10 1.36lbs / 0.62kg
Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+  Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ weight comparison bar 1.35lbs / 0.62kg
Toshiba Excite Pro  Toshiba Excite Pro weight comparison bar 1.39lbs / 0.63kg
HP Omni 10  HP Omni 10 weight comparison bar 1.40lbs / 0.63kg
Toshiba Excite Write  Toshiba Excite Write weight comparison bar 1.39lbs / 0.63kg
Vido W10 Elite  Vido W10 Elite weight comparison bar 1.41lbs / 0.64kg
Teclast Tbook 11  Teclast Tbook 11 weight comparison bar 1.41lbs / 0.64kg
Huawei MateBook  Huawei MateBook weight comparison bar 1.41lbs / 0.64kg
Microsoft Surface 2  Microsoft Surface 2 weight comparison bar 1.49lbs / 0.67kg
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 10  Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 10 weight comparison bar 1.47lbs / 0.67kg
Chuwi Vi10 Plus  Chuwi Vi10 Plus weight comparison bar 1.51lbs / 0.68kg
Onda oBook10 SE  Onda oBook10 SE weight comparison bar 1.50lbs / 0.68kg
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S  Samsung Galaxy TabPro S weight comparison bar 1.53lbs / 0.69kg
Apple iPad Pro  Apple iPad Pro weight comparison bar 1.57lbs / 0.71kg
Cube i7 Book  Cube i7 Book weight comparison bar 1.60lbs / 0.73kg
Samsung Galaxy Book  Samsung Galaxy Book weight comparison bar 1.66lbs / 0.75kg
Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2  Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 weight comparison bar 1.66lbs / 0.75kg
Cube iwork1x  Cube iwork1x weight comparison bar 1.67lbs / 0.76kg
Microsoft Surface Pro 4  Microsoft Surface Pro 4 weight comparison bar 1.69lbs / 0.77kg
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)  Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) weight comparison bar 1.73lbs / 0.78kg
Acer Aspire P3  Acer Aspire P3 weight comparison bar 1.47lbs / 0.79kg
Microsoft Surface Pro 3  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 weight comparison bar 1.76lbs / 0.80kg
Vizio MT11X-A1  Vizio MT11X-A1 weight comparison bar 1.80lbs / 0.82kg
Sony Vaio Tap 11  Sony Vaio Tap 11 weight comparison bar 1.70lbs / 0.85kg
Jide Remix Ultra  Jide Remix Ultra weight comparison bar 1.89lbs / 0.86kg
Teclast Tbook 16 Power  Teclast Tbook 16 Power weight comparison bar 1.97lbs / 0.89kg
Microsoft Surface Pro 2  Microsoft Surface Pro 2 weight comparison bar 1.99lbs / 0.90kg
Lenovo Miix 510  Lenovo Miix 510 weight comparison bar 1.98lbs / 0.90kg
Acer Switch Alpha 12  Acer Switch Alpha 12 weight comparison bar 1.98lbs / 0.90kg
Teclast TBook 12 Pro  Teclast TBook 12 Pro weight comparison bar 2.00lbs / 0.91kg
Teclast X5 Pro  Teclast X5 Pro weight comparison bar 2.00lbs / 0.91kg
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro  Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro weight comparison bar 2.09lbs / 0.95kg
Razer Edge  Razer Edge weight comparison bar 2.10lbs / 0.95kg
Razer Edge Pro  Razer Edge Pro weight comparison bar 2.11lbs / 0.96kg
Cube i9  Cube i9 weight comparison bar 2.13lbs / 0.97kg
RCA Viking Pro 10.1"  RCA Viking Pro 10.1 2.29lbs / 1.04kg
Chuwi Hi13  Chuwi Hi13 weight comparison bar 2.38lbs / 1.08kg
VAIO Z Canvas 12.3"  VAIO Z Canvas 12.3 2.67lbs / 1.21kg
RCA 11 Maven Pro  RCA 11 Maven Pro weight comparison bar 2.80lbs / 1.27kg
Nextbook Flexx 11.6  Nextbook Flexx 11.6 weight comparison bar 2.97lbs / 1.35kg
Samsung Galaxy View 18.4  Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 weight comparison bar 5.84lbs / 2.65kg