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New Tablets Announced in 2017




On this page we (theoretically) keep an eye on the new tablets announced in 2017/2018. (I don't update this table much anymore - it's easier to just add new tablets to the database when they're released.)

But since this page was started in 2012 you can scroll down and see some of the key events in the tablet industry in the last few years. That IS updated.

New Tablet Specs

 Tablet PC   Launch   Form   OS   Display   inch   Resolution   ppi   CPU   GHz   RAM   Storage   lbs   kg   Cam 
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)2017-09SlateFire OS 5IPS10.11920 x 1200224Quad Core1.82.00321.100.502.0
Samsung Galaxy Book2017-07SlateWindows 10AMOLED12.02160 x 1440216i53.18.002561.660.7513.0
Amazon Fire 7" (2017)2017-06SlateFire OS 5IPS7.01024 x 600171Quad Core1.31.0080.650.302.0
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017)2017-06SlateFire OS 5IPS8.01280 x 800189Quad Core1.31.5016,320.750.342.0
Apple iPad Pro 10.52017-06SlateiOS 10IPS LCD10.52224 x 1668264Apple A10X2.384.00641.030.4812.0
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)2017-06DetachableWin 10IPS12.32763 x 1824267i7 Kaby Lake2.64.001281.730.788.0
Xiaomi Mi Pad 32017-05SlateAndroid 7.0IPS7.92048 x 1536326MTK8176 Hexa1.74.00640.720.3313.0
Chuwi Hi132017-04HybridWin 10IPS13.53000 x 2000267Lake N34501.14.00642.381.085.0
Teclast X5 Pro2017-04SlateWin 10IPS12.21920 x 1200185M3-7Y301.08.002562.000.915.0
Cube iwork1x2017-03HybridW10/A5.1IPS11.61920 x 1080190X5-Z83501.444.00641.670.762.0
FNF Ifive Mini 4S2017-03SlateAndroid 6.0IPS7.92048 x 1536326RK32881.82.00320.750.348.0
Fusion5 10.62017-03SlateAndroid 6.0IPS10.61920 x 1080208Cortex-A71.82.00161.280.585.0
Lenovo Miix 5102017-02HybridWin 10IPS12.21920 x 1080186i3-6100U2.34.001281.980.905.0
Teclast Tbook 16 Power2016-12SlateW10/A6.0IPS11.61920 x 1080189Atom Cherry1.68.00641.970.895.0
GPD WIN Gamepad2016-11SlateWin 10IPS5.51280 x 720267Atom Cherry1.64.00641.380.580.0
NeuTab N11 Plus2016-11SlateAndroid 6.0IPS10.11280 x 800149A83 Octa2.01.00161.100.502.0
Huawei MediaPad M32016-10SlateAndroid 6.0IPS8.42500 x 1600353Octa2.34.00320.700.328.0
Amazon Fire HD 8 20162016-10SlateFire OS 5IPS8.01280 x 800189Quad Core1.31.5016,320.750.342.0
Teclast TBook 12 Pro2016-09SlateW10/A5.1IPS12.21920 x 1200185X5 Z83001.444.00642.000.915.0
Vido W10 Elite2016-08SlateWin 10IPS10.11920 x 1200224X7 Z87002.44.001281.410.645.0


Tablet Industry News and Events


* Consumer Reports complain about the Surface line - their assumptions seem based on faulty methods
* iOS 11 vs Android O? It's not even close
 Seven years later, we’re still debating what the iPad even is


* The iPhone originally happened because Steve Jobs hated a guy who worked at Microsoft


* Rumors that there won't be a Surface Pro 5 this year...
* First new Samsung tablet in 2 years set to be released in Korea - Galaxy Tab S3
* HP Elite x2 slated for July release - early signs are 'expensive but good'


Sony’s giant, $700 e-paper tablet is a great example of Weird Sony


* SAMSUNG reveals major backing for Microsoft as it throws its weight behind Windows 10 tablets
 Google: Assistant Will Not Come to Tablets


Windows tablets now account for 16% of the market 
* Apple launches worst advert in the history of time and space


January 2017

* I realised I had forgotten to update this page for a while. It was mostly just rumors about iPads and Surface 5... No loss!


* Google rumored to be collaborating with Huawei for new Nexus 7inch tablet
* Much anticipated new Lenovo Yoga Book slated for October launch - looks very cool


* Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 with Android 6.0, octa-core CPU spotted on GFXBench
* Global Tablet Shipments Slide 8% But Pro Models Raise Prices by 9%
 Remix 3.0 released; available for Google Pixel C
* Firmware update fixes Surface Pro 3 battery life
* Astronauts sequence DNA in space using Surface Pro tablets


* Dell bows out of Android tablet production to focus on Windows 2-in-1 hybrids.
* Android 7 to be called 'Nougat'
* Android 7 improves safety vs ransomware


* Galaxy Note 7 likely to include iris scanner. Iris recognition is 1000 times more accurate than fingerprint tech.
* First quarter of 2016 tablet revenues announced. Apple were the big winner with 39% of tablet revenues, while Androids were 64% of sales but only 41% of revenues. Microsoft sold 1.1 million tablets at a value of $950m.
* Lenovo showed off some prototype bendable phones and tablets.
* Brexit!
* Surface 3 stock drying up; manufacturing to cease in December


* Samsung's new tablet has iris recognition
* Microsoft to allow Windows 10 to be used on tablets as small as 7 inches
* Surface Pro 5 rumored for early 2017 release
* Nvidia release fairly astonishing new graphics cards for PC
* J.D. Power tablet satisfaction survey puts Apple a bezel ahead of Microsoft (830 vs 829)

April 2016

* General wailing and gnashing of teeth about falling PC sales (down nearly 10% year on year)
* Blackberry are experimenting with a switch to Android Marshmallow. Wait, Blackberry are still in business?
* Intel released specs for a low-cost 2-in-1 tablet design aimed at Chinese manufacturers
* You can now play Counterstrike on your Android tablet
* Ubuntu Linux tablet BQ Aquarius M10 on general sale
* Intel to rethink its tablet strategy, target high-end devices. End to cheap Atom chips?
* Liquid cooling in a tablet?
* Google Nexus 9 quietly discontinued
* Paul Thurrott muses on the tablet market

March 2016

* Amazon to reintroduce encryption on Fire tablets after controversy
 Barnes and Noble finally discontinues its Nook range
 Sony rolls out Android 6.0 updates to various tablets, including the dreamy Xperia Z4
* Apple launches 9.7 inch version of its giant iPad Pro
* Microsoft starts shipping humongous 55 and 84 inch tablets called Surface Hubs

February 2016

* Apple iPad Pro outsold Microsoft Surface range in the last quarter of 2015; Samsung second-placed tablet brand
* Stock traders are using 99 dollar tablets to replace 20,000 dollar terminals
 Acer plans to integrate Microsoft productivity apps onto tablets starting later this year
* Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 debuts in Indian shops
* Streaming service Hulu comes to Windows 10 - the app will be available for Windows tablets
* The iPad's near monopoly of tablet sales to the US govt is being quickly eroded by Windows tablets (see image).

January 2016

* Samsung Galaxy TabPro S specs released
* Zurich ETH use mobile tablets to map and generate 3D models of buildings
* BBC reports most delegates at World Economic Forum prefer tablets to laptops
* The world's first Ubuntu tablet is expected to be released soon
* New England Patriots blame their Microsoft Surface 4s for conceding a touchdown in the AFC Championship Game (!)
* Microsoft Surface Pro 4 now available with 1TB storage
* Apple said to be working on wireless charging for mobile devices

December 2015

* HP decides to exit low-priced tablets; cites increased competition
* Rumors circulate about new Nexus 7 (Google/Huawei partnership); new Samsung Galaxy S7
* Nextbook Flexx 11 released


November 2015

* Acer Predator 8 - rival to Nvidia Shield series
* First major Windows 10 update
* Surface Pro 4 sells out, garners rave reviews
* Microsoft expected to gain 19% share of the tablet market by 2019
* First iPad Pros are shipped
* Survey says Australians spend more time on tablets than on desktops

October 2015

* Microsoft Surface Pro 4 announcement.
* Samsung Galaxy View (large, 18.4 inch tablet) rumored specs 'confirmed'
* Lenovo unveils 27-inch monster 'Home 500' tablet
* Toshiba DynaPad specs released (on market early 2016)
* HP re-enters tablet market with HP Envy Note and Spectre x2
* Teclast x98
* NVidia Shield Tablet 2 reported to have received certification in South Korea
* Samsung Galaxy Nook 9.6"
* Panasonic attempts to be first to launch a 4K tablet - a 20" Toughpad running Windows 10
* Asus updates its Transformer Book series with the T100HA
* Deloitte says 60% of adults in the UK own a tablet
* Tablet sales thought to have shrunk 4% in 2015, set to grow 7% in 2016

tablet growth

September 2015

* Apple announces large iPad Pro with stylus and dock-in keyboard. Also iPad Mini 4.
* iOS 9 released
* Amazon launches new Fire range.
* Buzz about hybrid devices surge on back of iPad Pro announcement

May 2015

* Asus begin shipping tablets with the new C-type USB port

March 2015

* Sony Xperia Z4 - world's thinnest and lightest 10 inch waterproof
* iPad Pro rumors circulate

October 2014

* iPad Air 2 - described as both 'the best tablet ever' and a missed opportunity. The previous month, Apple launched iOS 8
* iPad Mini 3
* Barnes and Noble teams with Samsung to produce a Samsung-branded Nook

July 2014

Nvidia Shield Tablet - a gaming tablet prone to overheating

May 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Jan 2014

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2

September 2014

* Panasonic Toughpad 4K
* Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
* Microsoft Surface 2

June 4 - 8, 2013

One of the largest computer exhibitions takes place every year in Taipei. This year the most innovative tablet manufacturer on show was Asus with 3 new tablet models. A new tablet OS was presented by Firefox and Foxconn.

February 25 - 28, 2013

Each February, the GSMA Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The latest trends in mobile technology were presented at this event and lot of manufacturers presented their new tablets.

February 5, 2013

Apple added a new model with 128GB storage to its iPad 4th generation line of tablets.

January 8 - 11, 2013

Mid-January saw the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas Convention Center. This is one of the most important shows as plenty of new tablets are announced.

November 13, 2012

The Nexus 10, a tablet developed by Google in cooperation with Samsung was released.

October 29, 2012

New products from Google were announced on 29th of October 2012. Beside a new Nexus 4 smartphone , Google in cooperation with Samsung also extended its tablet line with a Nexus 10 model.

October 26, 2012

Official Windows 8 release date. The same day, various tablet manufacturers released their Windows 8 tablets.

October 23, 2012

At its event in San Jose, California, Apple introduced a new iPad mini and iPad 4th generation.

June 2012

Google Nexus 7

March 2012

Apple iPad 3

September 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire

March 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Feb 2011

HTC Flyer

September 2010

* Samsung Galaxy Tab
* Blackberry Playbook

January 2010

Apple iPad

May 2005

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

November 2002

Various Windows XP tablets released

August 1993

Apple Newton MessagePad

October 1992

IBM ThinkPad 700T


GRiD Systems GRiDPad




RAND Tablet