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Android Operating System

 Tablet PC   Rating   Release   OS   inch   Resolution   ppi   CPU   GHz   Storage   RAM   Bat/h   lbs   kg   Cam 
Xiaomi Mi Pad 34.22017-05Android 7.07.92048 x 1536326MTK8176 Hexa1.7644.0012.00.720.3313.0
FNF Ifive Mini 4S3.72017-03Android 6.07.92048 x 1536326RK32881.8322.004.00.750.348.0
Fusion5 10.63.92017-03Android 6.010.61920 x 1080208Cortex-A71.8162.
NeuTab N11 Plus3.42016-11Android 6.010.11280 x 800149A83 Octa2.0161.
Huawei MediaPad M34.22016-10Android 6.08.42500 x 1600353Octa2.3324.0010.00.700.328.0
Teclast TBook 12 Pro3.72016-09W10/A5.112.21920 x 1200185X5 Z83001.44644.
Chuwi Vi10 Plus3.82016-07Remix 2.010.81920 x 1280214Intel Z83001.44322.007.01.510.682.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.14.52016-06Android 6.010.11920 x 1200224Exynos 78701.6162.0015.01.160.528.0
Onda v96 Remix3.62016-06Remix 2.09.61280 x 800157Octa A83T2.00161.
Astro Tab A103.82016-01Android 5.110.11280 x 800149A83 Octa2.0161.
Nvidia Shield K-14.62015-11Android x 1200283Tegra K1 2.2162.005.00.860.395.0
Acer Predator 83.22015-11Android 5.18.01920 x 1200283Intel Atom x71.6322.008.50.760.355.0
Google Pixel C3.62015-10Android 6.010.22560 x 1800308Nvidia Tegra X11.732,643.0010.51.130.518.0
NeuTab N7S Pro3.72015-10Android 5.17.01024 x 600170Quad core1.
Samsung Galaxy View 18.44.62015-10Android x 1080120Exynos 75801.6322.008.05.842.658.0
RCA Viking Pro 10.1"4.42015-10Android 5.010.11280 x 800149Quad Core1.3321.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.74.02015-09Android 5.09.71536 x 2048264Exynos 71.9032,643.007.50.860.398.0
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 104.42015-09Android 5.18.01280 x 800189Atom 5-Z85002.24322.0018.01.470.6713.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.04.02015-09Android 5.08.01536 x 2048320Exynos 71.9032,643.007.50.580.268.0
LG G Pad 2 F 8"3.92015-08Android 5.08.01280 x 800189Snapdragon 4001.216,321.509.00.760.355.0
Jide Remix Ultra4.32015-08And x 1080190Tegra 41.81642.008.01.890.865.0
RCA 11 Maven Pro4.02015-07Android 5.111.61366 x 768135MT81271.4321.008.02.801.272.0
Sony Xperia Z44.92015-06Android 5.010.12560 x 1600299Snapdragon 8102.00323.0015.00.860.398.1
Asus ZenPad C 7.04.02015-06Android 5.07.01024 x 600169MTK MT8382V1.28,
Asus ZenPad S 8.04.02015-06Android 5.08.02048 x 1536320Intel Atom Z35802.3316,32,642.008.00.650.308.0
Asus ZenPad 104.02015-06Android 5.010.11280 x 800149Intel Atom X31.208,16,322.
Lenovo Tab 2 A83.72015-05Android 5.08.01280 x 800189MTK 81611.30161.008.00.730.335.0
Nokia N13.52015-03Android 5.07.91536 x 2048324Intel Z35802.30322.0012.00.680.318.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.04.62015-03Android 5.08.01024 x 768160Snapdragon 4101.20161.5012.00.690.315.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.74.52015-03Android 5.09.71024 x 768132Snapdragon 4101.20162.0012.00.990.455.0
Chromo Inc Tablet3.52015-03Android 4.47.01024 x 600169Dual Core1.040.504.00.600.288.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 10"4.72014-11Android 4.410.01920 x 1200226Intel Atom Z37451.20162.0012.01.360.628.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 8"4.72014-11Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Intel Atom Z37451.20162.0012.20.920.418.0
Google/HTC Nexus 93.92014-11Android 5.08.92048 x 1536299Tegra K12.3016,322.009.50.930.428.0
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro3.92014-11Android 4.413.32560 x 1440220Intel Atom Z37451.20322.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6"4.42014-10Fire OS 4.06.01280 x 800252Quad Core1.58,
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact4.82014-10Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Snapdragon 8012.3163.0013.00.590.278.1
Amazon Fire HD Kids 7"3.72014-10Fire OS 4.07.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.581.008.00.790.360.3
Nvidia Shield Tablet4.12014-07Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Nvidia Tegra K12.2016,322.0010.00.850.395.0
Nvidia Shield Portable4.52014-07Android 4.45.0720 x 1280294Nvidia Tegra 41.9162.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.54.62014-07Android 4.410.52560 x 1600287Exynos 51.9016,323.0012.51.020.468.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.44.42014-07Android 4.48.42560 x 1600359Exynos 51.9016,322.0012.50.650.298.0
Asus Transformer Pad TF1033.92014-06Android 4.410.11280 x 800149Intel Atom Z37451.338,
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.14.52014-04Android 4.410.11280 x 800149Snapdragon S51.20161.509.01.120.513.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.04.52014-04Android 4.47.01280 x 800216Quad Core1.2081.5010.00.660.303.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.04.72014-04Android 4.48.01280 x 800189Snapdragon 4001.20161.509.00.700.323.0
Sony Xperia Z24.22014-03Android 4.410.11920 x 1200224Snapdragon 8012.3163.009.50.960.448.1
Acer Iconia A1-8304.22014-03Android 4.27.91024 x 786162Intel Atom Z25601.60161.007.50.840.385.0
Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.24.42014-02Android 4.412.22560 x 1600247Exynos 54201.9032,643.0010.01.660.758.0
Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.14.32014-02Android 4.410.12560 x 1600299Exynos 54201.9016,322.0010.51.030.478.0
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Android OS History

The Android operating system, was initially released in 2008 as the operating system for several mobile platforms. Developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of several technologically-based companies. The first commercial version released was 1.0, and came equipped with many of the main features seen today: the Android Market, Google synchronization, Youtube, etc. Since that time, there have been numerous updates. The versions have been named for food, in alphabetical order: cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cram etc

Android OS General Information

The Android OS is Linux based, meaning that it is open-source; anyone with the know-how can design and test applications for the Android, as the software used for developing the apps is free of charge, as is the Android Compatibility Test Suite. In fact, an endeavor known as the Android Open Source Project, or AOSP, is led by Google in an effort to encourage third party developers to design applications for the Android, as well as to maintain and improve the system.

Competitors and Features

The main competitor of the Android OS is by far the Apple Operating System, or the iOS. The Android was once touted as the 'iPhone killer,' but with the vast availability of both systems, it can be hard to tell which one is actually better. With the advent of the Honeycomb version, the first tablet-only Android OS, the iPad has some real competition.

The Android OS is more flexible than the iOS, allowing for more customization (as mentioned before, Android OS is open-source; iOS is not.)

Another advantage that the Android tablet has over many others is price. Some Android tablets are sold under 100 US$, few times less than the cheapest iPad from Apple and othe Windows based tablets.

Recently Android tablets are catching up iPads in development. Some Android based tablets offer advanced features (like 4G LTE), sooner than Apple. Other features include full-sized USB ports and micro-SD slots, not seen on tablets such as the iPad and iPad 2. All Android tablets include wireless internet connectivity and headphone jacks, and the vast majority include at least one camera, and sometimes two.

Disadvantages of Android Tablets

Many users have complained of connectivity issues when using the Android OS tablets, citing slow speeds, particularly when loading flash content. Others have issues with the processor speed, claiming that it doesn't live up to similar products. A few of the major websites do not appear properly on all Android tablets, and do not fit to the proper screen size, appearing small even on a large tablet. The size of the app store is a disappointment to many, since the Android lacks the quantity of applications that the iPad possesses.

Google Play - Android App Store

The Android App Store has been re-branded as Google Play as of March 6, 2012. Available in 131 languages, Google Play is is available worldwide, with a listing of 450,000 different applications to choose from, and about 4.5 billion downloaded. Moving beyond just games and productivity applications, Google says that thousands of movies are available for download within Google Play, along with 3 million eBooks and millions of songs.


The Android OS has its advantages over the competition, but it also has disadvantages. The differences between the various systems are too small to make much of a difference in choice, and it really all comes down to personal preference.