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Battery life more than 8h

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Almost all the most recent tablets boast a battery life of over 8 hours. Some tablets have ratings as high as 10+ hours, despite having features that eat more battery power than ever before. This is because the battery technology has grown with the other components of tablets.

A few downsides to these types of batteries include excessively long charging times and pure bulk. These batteries are large and many of the tablet designs that try to incorporate them end up looking lopsided or feeling unbalanced. It also causes many tablets to be much thicker than people may want. But no matter what, if you plan to use your tablet heavily or over the course of a full day, then this category of tablets is for you. You need that power to light up those advanced screens and keep those graphic intensive games running with no lag.

Battery life more than 8 hours

 Tablet Pc Review   Batt/h   Release   OS   Display   Resolution   ppi   CPU   GHz   Storage   RAM   lbs   kg   Rating 
Microsoft Surface 214.02013-10Win 8.1 RT10.61920 x 1080208Nvidia Tegra 41.7032,642.001.490.673.9
Nokia Lumia 252013.52013-11Win 8.1 RT10.11920 x 1080218Snapdragon 8002.20322.001.360.623.6
Apple iPad Air13.52013-11iOS79.72048 x 1536264Apple A71.4016,32,64,1281.001.000.474.6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.512.52014-07Android 4.410.52560 x 1600287Exynos 51.9016,323.001.020.464.6
Apple iPad Mini12.52012-11iOS67.91024 x 768163Apple A51.0016,32,640.500.680.313.8
Samsung Ativ Tab12.52012-12Win8 RT10.11366 x 768155Snapdragon S41.5032,642.001.200.552.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.412.52014-07Android 4.48.42560 x 1600359Exynos 51.9016,322.000.650.294.4
Apple iPad Mini 312.02014-11iOS87.92048 x 1536326Apple A71.3016,64,1280.000.730.334.7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.712.02011-12Android 3.27.71280 x 800196Exynos 42101.4016,32,641.000.750.344.2
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"12.02013-11Fire OS 3.08.92560 x 1600339Snapdragon 82.2016,32,642.000.820.374.3
Apple iPad Mini 212.02013-11iOS77.92048 x 1536326Apple A71.3016,32,64,1280.000.730.334.6
Asus Transformer Pad TF70111.52013-11Android 4.210.12560 x 1600299Nvidia Tegra 41.9032,642.001.290.583.7
Apple iPad 411.02012-11iOS69.72048 x 1536264Apple A6X1.3916,32,641.001.440.654.6
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7"11.02013-10Fire OS 3.07.01920 x 1200323Snapdragon 82.2016,32,642.000.670.304.3
Apple iPad 210.52011-03iOS59.71024 x 768132Apple A51.0016,32,640.501.330.604.4
Toshiba Excite 7.710.52012-06Android 4.07.71280 x 800196Nvidia Tegra 31.3016,321.000.770.354.2
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 210.52012-12Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.86642.001.290.583.4
Lenovo Miix 1010.52013-07Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.80642.001.270.573.5
Acer Iconia Tab A51010.52012-03Android 4.010.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 31.30321.001.540.703.8
Asus Transformer Book T10010.52013-10Win 8.110.11366 x 768190Intel Bay Trail1.3332,642.001.210.553.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.110.02011-06Android 3.110.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 21.0016,321.001.260.573.6
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"10.02012-09Android 4.07.01280 x 800216TI OMAP 44601.2016,321.000.870.394.2
Acer Iconia W410.02013-12Win 8.18.11280 x 800186Intel Bay Trail1.8032,642.000.910.413.8
Asus MeMo Pad HD 710.02013-08Android 4.27.01280 x 800216Mediatek1.20161.000.660.303.9
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 810.02013-10Android 4.28.01280 x 800189MediaTek 81251.20161.000.880.404.2
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 1010.02013-10Android 4.210.11280 x 800149MediaTek 81251.2016,321.001.330.604.3
Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.210.02014-02Android 4.412.22560 x 1600247Exynos 54201.9032,643.001.660.754.4
Lenovo Yoga 2 8"10.02014-11Android 4.48.01920 x 1200283Intel Atom Z37451.20162.000.920.414.7
Google/Asus Nexus 710.02012-06Android 4.17.01280 x 800216Nvidia Tegra 31.208,161.000.750.344.0
Apple iPad 310.02012-03iOS59.72048 x 1536264Apple A5X 1.0016,32,641.001.440.654.4
Google/Asus Nexus 7 II10.02013-07Android 4.37.01920 x 1200323Snapdragon S41.5016,322.000.640.294.2
Asus Transformer Prime10.02011-12Android 3.210.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 31.3032,641.001.290.593.6
Nvidia Tegra Note 710.02013-10Android 4.27.01280 x 800215Nvidia Tegra 41.80161.000.710.320.0
Acer Iconia W39.52013-06Win 8.08.11280 x 800186Intel Atom1.5032,642.001.100.503.1
HP SlateBook x29.52013-08Android 4.210.11920 x 1200224Nvidia Tegra 41.80642.001.340.613.3
Apple iPad9.52010-04iOS4/iOS59.71024 x 768132Apple A4 1.0016,32,640.251.500.683.9
Toshiba Excite 109.52012-04Android 4.010.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 31.3016,32,641.001.320.603.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.99.52011-11Android 3.18.91280 x 800169Nvidia Tegra 21.0016,321.000.990.454.4
Asus Eee Pad Transformer9.52011-04Android 3.010.11280 x 800149Nvidia Tegra 21.0016,321.001.500.683.9
Microsoft Surface RT9.52012-10Win8 RT10.61366 x 768149Nvidia Tegra 31.3032,642.001.490.673.8
Asus Transformer Infinity9.52012-07Android 4.010.11920 x 1200224Nvidia Tegra 31.7032,641.001.180.543.7
Asus Vivo Tab RT9.52012-10Win8 RT10.11366 x 768155Nvidia Tegra 31.30322.001.150.523.5
Sony Xperia Tablet Z9.02013-05Android 4.110.11920 x 1200224Snapdragon S41.5032,642.001.090.494.2
Microsoft Surface 39.02015-05Win 8.110.81920 x 1280213Intel Atom Z87001.6064,1282.001.370.624.0
Asus Transformer T90 Chi9.02015-02Win 8.18.91280 x 800170Intel Atom Z37751.4632,644.000.880.400.0
Dell Latitude 109.02013-01Win 8.010.11366 x 768155Intel Atom1.8032,642.001.430.653.4
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.19.02014-04Android 4.410.11280 x 800149Snapdragon S51.20161.501.120.514.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.09.02014-04Android 4.48.01280 x 800189Snapdragon 4001.20161.500.700.324.7
Toshiba Excite 139.02012-06Android 4.013.31600 x 900138Nvidia Tegra 31.4032,641.
Motorola Droid XYboard9.02011-11Android 3.210.11280 x 800149TI OMAP 44301.2016,32,641.001.320.600.0